Rip Offs

Shu Headcanon (Quick Facts Edition)

Shu likes to fuck hard and fast.
He teases and tries all his kinks on you.
Well done if you pass his tests…

He will also be lazy, so if you want IT work for it.
If he stays awake; congratulations you just had sex with Shu.
If he’s still asleep…awkward.

Shu isn’t one to care what you wear in the bedroom.
So long as you look sexy and it’s not too difficult to take/rip off.

Do not pester him if he doesn’t want to play.
If Shu says no he’s not in the mood, then stay away!
(Like a cat..)

He won’t admit it but he likes gentle kisses. I mean come on this boy needs love!

i just forgot i’m wearing fucking screws in my ears. i went to dry my hair. oh my god it hurt. why.

i’m fine now, the pain was quick and i didn’t rip my ears off or anything. just ow.

Ok but how is the mean girls musical gonna avoid ripping off parts of Heathers? Like how are they gonna show Cady becoming friends with the plastics without totally copying beautiful?? And then in the end when Cady brings the whole school together, I feel like it’s totally gonna be way too similar to Seventeen reprise. Idk I’m sure this musical will be good but I’m lowkey salty bc Heathers is like…the only musical about bitchy high schoolers and I feel like it should stay that way BUT who knows

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Type 1 diabetic here. I can explain why I am not excited about inhalable insulin. What drives me nuts is the constant thinking about "when did I last eat, how much did I last eat, am I going to exercise later..." and that I still get it wrong and end up high or low every week. Something which decreases the accuracy of my dose is not my friend. Pinpricks you get used to -- at this point, ripping off the adhesive that holds my pump in place bothers me more than the injection that puts it in.


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I'd be very skeptical about that dress masterpost... at least one of the listings, all their photos of the dress they're selling are ripped directly off other sites.

I was kinda wondering about that, because those photos did look awfully familiar to me.

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Do I have a right to be upset that my boyfriend didn't talk to me the whole day before my birthday and didn't send me a happy birthday text or even a goodnight text at midnight? It's also our 2 year anniversary. I'm also on my period so that makes me super emotional. Like sorry I just wanted attention on my birthday? Also we were supposed to see each a week after my birthday and he postponed and I'm super frustrated. I just wish he would talk to me more and put in a little effort

Uuuuum, YEAH you have a right to be pissed off. I would literally have ripped his head off. Birthdays are the ONE day a year that everyone is legally obligated to be nice and pay all of their attention to you. I would’ve dumped his ass on the spot but I too am also PMSing so that may be a little dramatic but at the very least, you need to ask him what the fuck his problem is and he needs to make it up to you.

And if he can’t/won’t, then you dump his ass 😅

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a - age: 19.9
b - biggest fear: Bugs that have the power to hurt you! And parasites!
c - current time: 2:13 am
d - drink you last had: Dr. Thunder, which is rip off Dr. Pepper
f - favorite song: Oh boy! Oh boy I cannot pick a jam. Though my song of the day is “Empire Ants” by the Gorillaz, going back through my Gorillaz phase. 
g - ghosts, are they real: Yes
h - hometown: I was born in New Jersey :o
i - in love with: people
j - jealous of: EVERYONE so easily I thrive on constant validation and reassurance when i think ppl are friends without me being involved i gotta wedge my way in because im TOXIC
k - killed someone: perhaps
l - last time you cried: ommmggg I think the real like obnoxious cry was in January?
m - middle name: Rosalie
n - number of siblings: 2 sisters
o - one wish: economic stability and being able to travel the world :o
p - person you last called/texted: My last iMessage was from my sister by my last message received to my phone was from @gowther on snapchat about to kill my roommate who may have insulted Gowther
q - question(s) you’re always asked: I can’t really think of a constant one? On my kingdom hearts blog I’m asked for recs a lot. In real life I’m asked where the bathrooms are in DIsney World. 
r - reasons to smile: I have good friends! 
s - song last sang: Another Day of Sun from the LalaLand soundtrack I’m awful
t - time you woke up: 5 am for work :,)
u - underwear color: black!
v - vacation destination: I’d love to go to Japan for my weeb heart, I wanna go to pretty much every South American country (next looking at Argentina!)
w - worst habit: I’m an awful speller when I’m typing quickly. Also I tend to cut people off a lot when they are typing/talking which I try to control.
x - x-rays you’ve had: My back, I live that scoliosis life
y - your favorite food: Buffalo chicken !
z - zodiac sign: Aries!

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Is nobody going to acknowledge the Chinese rip-off version of The Amazing World of Gumball? It’s called “Miracle Star” but it’s literally a photoshopped Gumball

Like it’s the exact same animation style albeit at a worse quality. Literally the same characters but slightly tweaked. Even the dialogue is ripped straight from the Carton Network original

They literally just redrew over the original animation

Why is nobody talking about this

i told myself i was gonna finish that really old sketch of maevaris and i finally did it :’0)