Rip Offs


Reasons why everyone should Stan NU’EST’s Ren 

MC: “You are like a girl.”

 🐰::“Thank You very much

Thank You Mingi for tearing down Gender norms since the tender age of 16 ❤️


Haste bends time to increase the speed of the entire party. 

Resurgence calls on benign spirits, who restore you and your allies to continue the fight.

so this is it, the big secret! one card per companion, based off their focus abilities ♥ mages got priority, egg will be done soon.


Here have a dancing Patton in these trying times

If the sides were dancers, I imagine Patton’s favourite styles would be around Charleston, Tap, and Swing!

Here’s the music I was listening to when i made these!

Here’s my inspirations!

–> oh and pssst… Roman’s next ;^)

This week’s episode in a nutshell