Rip Off records

i’m watching an mst3k ep someone ripped off a vhs tv recording and they’ve paused during the adbreaks so this was only on screen for 2 seconds but i feel like it is an aesthetic i want on my blog


Billie Piper - Rare Pipers Collection

 ↳ Angel - The Calcium Kid [2/?]


The Rip Offs-Hooked On Phonics

Gilgongo In The Garage Vol. 1-3 (Gilgongo Radio Mixes 018-020): 3 hours of tracks garage / punk from 7"s on the Crypt / Estrus / Rip-off / Sympathy / Dionysus era (w/ some before and after of course).

BLACK TIME “Girls In The Garage” Dance Party 7” (Bancroit)
THE NEW BOMB TURKS “Up For A Downside” I Wanna Sleep 7” (Demolition Derby)
THE MAKERS “I Get Scared” I Get Scared 7” (Rat City)
THE LIDS “Something To Do” Too Late 7” (Die Slaughterhouse)
THE MIGHTY CESARS “Aint Got None” Cowboys Are Square 7” (Get Hip)
SUPERCHARGER “Don’t Mess Me Up” Don’t Mess Me Up 7” (Estrus)
REGISTRATORS “T.V. Hell” T.V. Hell 7” (Rip Off)
THE MONARCHS “Wanted Man” Meet The Monarchs 7” (Bulb)
THE’s “Edie Is A Sweet Candy” Edie Is A Sweet Candy 7” (Gasatanka)
TEENGENERATE “Wild Weekend” I Don’t Mind 7” (Dionysus)
THE DEVIL DOGS “Get In Line” FTW 7” (Sympathy)
THE SPASTICS “Cherry Pop”  Cherry Pop 7” (Rip Off)
THE DRAGS “Well Worth Talking About” Well Worth Talking About 7” (Rat City)
THEE HEADCOATEES “I’m Happy” I’m Happy 7” (Sympathy)
GIRL TROUBLE “The Track” s/t 7” (Estrus)
HASIL ADKINS “Big Red Satellite” Big Red Satellite 7” (Norton)
GORE GORE GIRLS “I’m Gonna Get You” Keep Your Hands Off My Baby 7” (Get Hip)
THE FALL-OUTS “Don’t Want The Sun” Don’t Want The Sun 7” (Estrus)
THE DONNAS “Let’s Rab!” High School Yum Yum 7” (Radio X)  
TOKYO ELECTRON “Put A Charge In You” Will Put A Charge In You 7” (Shattered)
STILL LITTLE FINGERS “Gotta Gettaway” Gotta Gettaway 7” (Rough Trade)
THE RIP OFFS “Make Up Your Mind” Make Up Your Mind 7” (Rip Off)
THE OUTSIDEINSIDE “California Earthquake” Under The Covers 7” (Get Hip)
THE TANTRUMS “See You Later” See You Later 7” (Bulge)
THE BUSY SIGNALS “Do What You Want” s/t 7” (Douchemaster)
THE EAT “Communist Radio” Communist Radio 7” (Last Laugh)
THE VIRTUES “Guitar Boogie Shuffle Twist” Guitar Boogie Stomp 7” (Sure)
THE HUMAN SWITCHBOARD “Prime Of My Life” Prime Of My Life 7” (Square)
THE HUSBANDS “What The Fug is the Frug” Two More Hits From 7” (Goodbye Boozy)
THE NO-TALENTS “Quelle Crise Betsy” Quelle Crise Betsy 7” (Broken Rekids)
THE ZEROS “Hungry” Hungry 7” (Small Wonder)
ESTRELLA 20/20 “Brown Quenie Yeh-Yeh” Estrus Sessions 7” (Estrus)
THE DEMOLITION DOLL RODS “You Gotta Do That Do!” Power Cruise 7” (Wantage USA)
THE KEGGS “To Find Out” To Find Out 7” (Priority Male)
OBLIVIANS “Show Me Again” Kick Your Ass 7” (Sympathy)
WEIRDOS “We Got The Neutron Bomb” We Got The Neutron Bomb 7” (no label)
THE BOBBYTEENS “Hot City Boy” Hot City Boy 7” (Super*Team)
MR. AIRPLANE MAN “Drive Me Out” Johnny Johnny 7” (Sympathy)
ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT “Lie” Ghetto-Box Rock 7” (Snap! Crackle! Punk!)
THE GESTURES “Run, Run, Run” Run, Run, Run 7” (Soma)
BABY SHAKES “Stuck On Blue” Stuck On Blue 7” (Shit Sandwhich)
TIGER SHOVEL NOSE “Stupid Stupid” Cappuccino Twist 7” (I Don’t Feel A Thing)
THE GORIES “You Little Nothing” You Little Nothing 7” (Get Hip)
THE PINKS “You’re Tearin’ Me Apart” USA 7” (Radio Beat)
THE KODIAKS “Cherry Blossom” Cherry Blossom, Evil and Alcohol 7” (Super Secret)
THE HIPSHAKES “Never Enough” Not Oblivians E.P. 7” (Goner)
THE SHANGRI-LAS “It’s Easier To Cry” Remember 7” (Collectables)
BUZZCOCKS “Harmony In My Head” Harmony In My Head 7” (United Artists)
THEE HEADCOATS “I’m A Confused Man” I’m A Confused Man 7” (Sympathy)
DESTROY ALL MONSTERS “What Do I Get?” What Do I Get? 7” (IDBI)
LE SHOK “So What” So What 7” (Tiger Suit)
COCOCOMA “Take My Time” 6 ¼ - 125 7” (Goner)
THE PIRANHAS “Redundant” Garbage Can 7” (Tom Perkins)
VIVA LA AMERICAN DEATH RAY MUSIC “Bombs” Bombs 7” (Shattered)
THE ROYAL FINGERS “Speed Crazy” Speed Crazy 7” (Estrus)
EATER “You” You 7” (The Label)
THE SWINDLERS “You’re Drivin’ Me Wild” You’re Drivin Me Wild 7” (Rip Off)
THE JET BOYS “I Wanna Die” I Wanna Die 7” (Dionysus)
NERVOUS EATERS “Just Head” Just Head 7” (Penniman)
NIKKI CORVETTE AND THE CONVERTIBLES “Young And Crazy” Young and Crazy 7” (JD)
THE LOTTIE COLLINS “Electric Surfer Girl” Electric Surfer Girl 7” (New Type Research / Skippy)
THE RANDOMS “Let’s Get Rid of New York” ABCD 7” (Dangerhouse)
THE STOOL PIGEONS “I’m The One” I’m The One 7” (Sympathy)
THE PRETTY THINGS “Midnight To Six Man” Midnight To Six Man 7” (Norton)
GRANT AND THE GEEZERS “Man She’s Crazy” Swamp Shack 7” (Skull Blaster)
LOLI & THE CHONES “Summer of Love” Weenie Choker Rock N Roll 7” (Repent)
MAGNITUDE 3 “Melvin” Melvin 7” (Goner)
BANANAMEN “The Crusher” Play Songs Made Popular By The Cramps 7” (Ace / Big Beat)
THE DRONES “I Just Want To Be Myself” I Just Want To Be Myself 7” (Valer)
THE BROOD “I’ll Come Again” Knock On MY Door 7” (Estrus)
CECILIA ACCOMPAGNEE PAR LES ENNUIS “ Avec Les Garcos” Avec Les Garcons 7” (Hillsdale)
THE TROGGS “You’re Lying” Give It To Me 7” (Fontana)


i LOVE this record. more ppl should listen to this band


Supercharger featuring Russell Quan (Mummies) - Lost Cause

Rip-Off Records. (Edited 5-16-12)

So, there’s this record label called, “Rip-Off Records”. It’s kind of my favourite record label. I’ve made it a goal to collect every release that Rip-Off has put out so I thought I’d use Tumblr to document my progress.

This= I own it.
This= I don’t own it..yet!

  1. The Statics, Theme 7"
  2. The Spoiled Brats, Jackie’s Never Coming Back 7"
  3. The Rip-Offs, Now I Know (It’s You) 7"
  4. The Rip-Offs, Make Up Your Mind 7"
  5. The Statics, Rat City LP
  6. The Rip-Offs, Got A Record LP
  7. The Makers, Bust Out 7"
  8. Teengenerate, Out Of Sight 7"
  9. The Cryin’ Out Louds, Bloodhound 7"
  10. The Rip-Offs, Go Away 7"
  11. The Motards, King Of Blues 7"
  12. Captain 9’s & The Knickerbocker Trio, Scum Of The Earth LP
  13. The Registrators, Monkey 7"
  14. The Stipjes, Ripping It Off 7"
  15. Loli & The Chones, Makeout Party 7"
  16. The Stipjes, Out To Lunch LP/CD
  17. The Problematics, Bad Habit 7"
  18. The Infections, Kill For You 7"
  19. The Registrators, Monkey 7"
  20. The Swindlers, You’re Driving Me Wild 7"
  21. The Spastics, Cherry Pop 7"
  22. The Chinese Millionaires, Heart On A Chain 7"
  23. Loli & The Chones, P.S We Hate You CD
  24. The Spites, Stayin’ Out 7"
  25. The Registrators, T.V Hell 7"
  26. The Brides, Here Come The Brides 7"
  27. The Statics, Punk Rock & Roll CD
  28. The Infections, Kill The Infections LP
  29. Young Losers, That’s It 7"
  30. The Chinese Millionaires, Detroit Double Cross CD
  31. The Spastics, Live CD
  32. The Problematics, The Kids All Suck CD
  33. The Intimate Fags, Break The Back 7"
  34. The Brides, Bad Attitude 7"
  35. The Metros, Hot-Wired 7"
  36. The Shifters, Don’t Care 7"
  37. The Chronics, First Time Best Time 7"
  38. Rip-Off Records, The Early Ones LP/CD
  39. The Zodiac Killers, The Most Thrilling Experience CD
  40. The Metros, S/T CD
  41. The Wongs, Reanimate My Baby LP/CD
  42. The Reds, Under Control 7"
  43. The Registrators, Sixteen Wires To The New Provocate CD
  44. The Reds, S/T CD
  45. Kill-A-Watts, Mutant Brain 7"
  46. The Exploders, Electric Power 7"
  47. The Registrators, The Singles CD
  48. The Zodiac Killers, Have A Blast CD
  49. The Intimate Fags, S/T LP/CD
  50. Teenage Rejects, Don’t Care About Anything 7"
  51. The Reds, It’s About Time CD
  52. The Dirty Sweets, Bubblegum Damaged CD
  53. The Atomsmashers, Alright! 7"
  54. The Tyrades, Stain On Me 7"
  55. Kill-A-Watts, Electrorock CD
  56. The Registrators, Rare Tracks CD
  57. Rip-Off Records, The Singles Second Strike
  58. The Flip-Tops, All Worked Up CD
  59. Supercharger, Singles Party LP/CD
  60. The Marked Men, S/T CD (Yes!! The original, not the dirtnap reissue)
  61. The Atomsmashers, Drop The Bomb LP/CD
  62. (Un-named Rip-Off Record I can’t find information on.)
  63. The Zodiac Killers, Societys Offenders CD/LP
  64. Supercharger, Live At The Covered Wagon LP/CD
  65. Rip-Off Records, Third Wave Of Hits LP/CD
  66. Los Reactors, Dead In The Suburbs (Re-issue) LP/CD
  67. The Lids, S/T CD
  68. Kill-A-Watts, Circuit Breaker Love CD
  69. The Zodiac Killers, Radiation Beach CD
  70. The Kidnappers, Neon Signs LP/CD
  71. The Suspicions, S/T CD
  72. The Shop-Fronts, S/T LP/CD
  73. The Glazers, High-Heel Romance 7"

Number of releases total: 73
Number of releases I own: 53 (Bumped up 13 since the last up-date, 6-07-10)

THE REDS - Yeah, I just got this one because I’m kind of a MARKED MEN completist, but I don’t really like this record when you really get down to it. Also, if I was really a completist, I would have way more REDS records, right? This is like the MARKED MEN if they were more of a punk band. I’m selling it. 

REPLICA - Demo Flexi - Flexis are such a joke, but I love REPLICA and I love their demo, so I got this. 5 songs packed onto one side of a record. One of the best hardcore bands in Oakland. I can’t believe the New York Times wrote about them.  

REPLICA - Strings - The shortest band in hardcore. Still REPLICA. Still ruling. On “Big Black Boots”, I appreciate using “AAAACCCCKKKK” as a lyric and I always hear the last line as “…and you’re white!!”, even though its not. 

REPLICA - Beast - Living up to its name, this one is a beast of a record. Probably the most fully realized and polished record by them. Best bass tone. I hope they start playing shows again soon so I can watch their singer Dharma mow down idiot dudes in the pit. 

THE RETARD BEATERS - Pulling Jive - I used to live with these fools and when they set up their only tour, the singer was calling around for shows using a fake band name, understandably, because she was embarrassed of it. These songs still sound really good to me, all out of tune and shoddy and barely held together. I might be their biggest fan. (interested in finding other fans of this band) (not really…don’t contact me)

REVOLUCION X - I tracked down this record after hearing this song in a documentary and deciding its one of the best punk songs in the history of the world. The insert has a lot of info about the EZLN in Spanish, French and English. The other songs pale in comparison to that one that I bought it for, but they are not bad by any stretch of the imagination. It’s more in the hardcore vein than anthemic punk. I’ll never let this record go.