Part 1

I guess if you watch too much of something and then play too much of the other you end up wanting to do a Mash-up/cross-over so here’s My Hero Academia UA’s Class 1-A students as Pokemon.

I tried to fit them all based as closely to there quirk and if i couldn’t find similarities i just searched for similarities (shoto is half/half so i made him both types of vulpix). and i know i don’t have all of class 1-A, i do plan on making them later but i didn’t make them because i a having problems finding a perfect mach for them.

Ps: if you would like to see more of this please send me a note, also if you think some of them should be a different Pokemon also send me a note with the reason why, and lastly re-blog with your favorite mine was Tsuyu as Frogadier

Part 2