celeste (no one else is suggesting so celeste it is) wishes y’all a happy pokemon day and shares some cake!!

i wanted to include a lot more pokemon, originally i wanted to do all dailies following me + some faves who aren’t but i overestimated the hell out of myself in drawing speed, so sorry for bad shading as it is 4:37am as i post this

now i hope i won’t forget anyone:

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bonus; will i ever draw like a serious person


More crossbreeding variations!! This time’s with Riolu. You can get these pups by breeding a female Lucario with the father mons listed in the brackets. I used a superheroes/villains theme for a lot of these designs, so I had to come up with cheesy names to go with them haha. 

Again, i’d love to hear which one of these you would adopt! ^Q^