Some things you just can’t unsee, like this bizarre Rio Mints ad from Hong Kong. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Rio Mints Sweet Mango: Bring out Your Individuality

Last October 20, Rio Mints introduced its newest flavour Sweet Mango, a tropical flavour launched so fittingly in a relaxing outdoor party at the W Residences in Fort Bonifacio.

The concept of this event excited me since it was a backyard party so I expected a chill carefree vibe and upon arriving at the venue, I was really impressed. I can say that the place was perfect!

Known to be the mint for the stylish and trendy, Rio Mints did not fall short in living up to their reputation. With its latest flavour, Rio Mints continues to encourage individuals to express their distinct personalities. As such, the event was filled with so much creative energy, from the program to the activities, and even to the decors and giveaways.

Hosted by Alexis Go, the event started off with a reintroduction of Rio Mints by JCP Group Business Unit Manager Joni Ong. Coming all the way from Switzerland, these mints are sugar-­‐free, low in calories and contain active nutritional ingredients. They also contain Xylitol, which keeps your teeth plaque free. Packaged in sleek and stylish tins, they’re practical since they can easily fit into your pockets.

Rio Mints also comes in seven unique, refreshing flavours that fit everyone’s different personalities. People can relate to a specific flavour depending on their mood, interests and quirks. There’s a Rio Mint flavour for everyone. In line with that, Ms. Ong shared how Rio Mints has sought to be a part of different individuals’ experiences by partnering with different organizations that immerse and push people to discover their distinct personalities and interests –whether that be fashion, music, arts, travel, food.

During this launch, Rio Mints partnered with the School of Fashion and the Arts. What better way to celebrate individuality than through a spunky and edgy fashion show inspired by the new Rio Mints Sweet Mango. But unlike other fashion shows, this one showcased the works of four individuals from different professions and backgrounds. They were asked to express themselves and how they were inspired by the new flavour through the plain white tee.

The pieces were cut, dyed, twisted, sewn together with scraps of cloth, and they all turned out worthy of everyone’s attention.

The Sweet Mango fashion show was a prelude to what would be the main activity of the event. To everyone’s surprise, each individual in the event got the chance to design his or her own white tee using the various materials provided such as beads, sequins, sewing kits, paint and scissors.

The activity was really fun and we enjoyed it.

And guess who won Php5,000 worth of gift certificate from Topman and a lomo camera?

Yes, it’s Paul! Congratulations! He deserved it :)

Thank you so much for the fun event The List Group and Rio Mints PH!

With blogger friend Margaret of All Loving Chic. Thanks for the photos! :)

To further encourage people to express their personality, Rio Mints starts its first ever “Mint-To-Be Workshop Series” this November. This workshop series aims to be an avenue for individuals to learn and improve on their various creative interests and skills. The series will be composed of three workshops on entrepreneurship, fashion illustration and photography. Participants will be mentored by up and coming talents who have established a name in these industries. Anyone interested will be free to join. Details will be posted on Rio Mints’ Facebook page.

Rio Mints really is the mint for the stylish, and on-the-go Filipino. It’s more than just mints. It’s a lifestyle accessory that’s there with you every step of the way to help you be whoever you want to be. Rio Mints are available at leading retail outlets nationwide.

Rio Mints X Entrepreneur Workshop

I started my online shop (Ethnicity) last September 16 2012. Since it’s my first time managing an online shop, I really find it hard to market and endorse it. As a newbie in an online shop industry, it’s really a struggle for someone to have his product known. I am always looking for strategies on how I can make my pieces better and be the best-seller. Good thing, I have read an ad by Rio Mints about their Entrepreneur workshop. I grabbed the chance to attend the event and learn new things to make my shop better.

After we shopped for good things on Bloggers United 4 event in the World Trade Center, we headed straight to Saint Alp’s in the Fort for the workshop (again, not in Katipunan).

Our first speakers was Mr. Wilmer Lopez and Thor Balanon of Space Encounters. Just a brief history, their shop was opened on November 28, 2009. They started as aspiring interior designers and craft the idea to make the business come to life. All throughout the years, they’ve been cited and known for their superb creations of furniture.

As furniture makers, they discussed about the struggles of their business, how they managed to make it big and their trademark as a brand. One thing I have learned from them is the idea of not giving up when you are starting in the business.

Here are their collections from 2010-2012:

Our 2nd speaker was Bernadette Lim of BC Fragrance/The Fragrance Specialists, co-owner with Caroline (her sister). The history of their store started as a test try giveaway to an event. People who received the giveaway fell in love with the scent and started ordering. As years passed by, their brand marked and boomed up out of high demands.

As scent specialists, they always provide accurate perfume preference for their customers, good packaging and branding too. The best thing I learned from her speech was the treatment of customers and the need for suggesting something for them.

Aside from personalizing perfumes for individual customers, they also provide personalized scents for establishments.

Our third speaker was Lorraine Cuyegkeng of Saint Alp’s. It’s already 5pm and were past due the time limit. She immediately started discussing her interpretation of managing her store and her idea of business. She admitted that she didn’t have any Entrepreneurial degree but stood to the idea that “business is for people with heart and dedication”.

From this workshop, I learned that struggles are always the partner of a successful business. Second, for starters, always be hardworking, consistent and focused on the things you are doing and you’ll be rewarded soon. Lastly, in business, giving up should never be an option.

Thanks Rio Mints for the experience, God bless you guys.

Again guys, thanks for reading my blog post for today. Have a great day.:)

Photos are what sets the good blogs apart…” says Bjorn Bedayo, a well-known blogger and professional photographer, who happens to be our mentor for the day at the Rio Mints Mint-To-Be Photography Workshop.

Being noobs to taking pictures, my boyfriend and I decided to attend the workshop to learn more about the basics of photography.

Outfit: Striped dress transformed into a top, Gray pants, Black bag, Straw fedora hat with coral ribbon, Spiked bangles, Schu coral boots.

The workshop, held at Torch Restaurant in Greenhills, was open not only to those who uses SLR , but to point-and-shoot owners as well.

Bjorn’s famous Macbook:

Aside from Bjorn, I was happy to meet new people at the workshop… Clarisse, Grace, Franz, Kaiye, Kuya Vaughn, Jhessy, Sarah, and Ms. Joni Ong were the ones I remembered: (photo from Rio Mints Facebook page)

Karl Garcia & Sef Tiburcio! It was awesome to see my fellow bloggers again!

Adjusting the settings of our cameras: (Photo from Rio Mints Facebook page)

After the lesson, it was time to for the CHALLENGE, which was, to come up with a photo that would advertise Torch Restaurant as the most fashionable restaurant in town. And we have to finish the task in 15 minutes or less! Challenge accepted!

We were divided into groups of four.

Group number 1: (photo from Rio Mints Facebook page)

Shot by Clarisse and Kuya Vaughn, modeled by me and my boyfriend. Haha: (photo from Rio Mints Faceboiok page)

After the shoot, we were asked to explain details about the photo:
(Photo from Rio Mints Facebook page)

And guess who’s group won the challenge?!

The reward: 500-peso Robinson’s GC for each of us four. Yay!

Chow time!

And my favorite part: FREE RIO MINTS! ♥

Having a blog, I really have to develop my skills in taking pictures and this workshop takes me a step closer towards my blogging dreams!

Thank you so much Rio Mints and The List Group for conducting events such as this.

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” -Henry Ford

Rio Mints and The List Group once again held a Mint-To-Be Workshop, this time, something that would really hone my creativity and imagination - Fashion Illustration Workshop!

The seminar, conducted by the very talented blogger Tin Iglesias, was held at Thaipan Restaurant in QC, and was attended by more or less 20 participants.

Boyfie and I were late for the lecture as we were still at the Oxygen Pop of Colors Party the time the workshop started. Good thing we were able to make it to the last part of the workshop - which was the drawing time! *haha*

With the gorgeous Tin Iglesias:

Lecture by Tin: (photo from Rio Mints Facebook Page)

It was hagardness day again (isn’t it obvious? haha), and I had no time for outfit shots! I started drawing right away after eating my meal. *sorry for that, eh*

The drawing challenge: Create an illustration that would signify Rio Mints’ latest flavor, the Sweet Mango!

And again, I was classmates with my co-BangGang members, Karl Garcia and Ayah Capalungan: (photo from Rio Mints Facebook Page)

And teacher Tin drew her own design too:

What a prodigy: (photo from Rio Mints Facebook Page)

So here are some impressive artworks from our workshop, drawn by my fashion illustration classmates: (Photos of the illustrations are from Rio Mints Facebook Page)

Awesome right? But wait ‘til you see my masterpiece, which could easily be drawn by nursery students! (yes, I suck in drawing - photo to be uploaded soon)

And we ended the workshop with bye-byes and picture taking!

Karl and Grace wearing bright colors!

Rio Mints’ Ms. Joni Ong (the tall one) with The List Group team and Tin Iglesias:

And the team of fashion illustration workshoppers: (photo from Rio Mints Facebook Page)

Once again, thanks to Rio Mints and The List Group for this skill-enhancing activity!

I believe that for us to continually grow, we must keep on learning and exploring new things! ♥