Photos by Cosplay Close-Up and ChEsHiRe-K

Rin Kagamine: ValdaValsha

Len Kagamine: OztheNekoMaster

from Banzai!Productons

The second set of photos from our Story of Evil shoot!  These pictures portray the story.  As you look at these, the effect is best as you listen to the songs.

Don’t cry too much.

The first photo set can be found here!



Composer: レタスP (RetasuP)

Illustrator & Movie: なじょ(Najo)

An amazing LenxRin song. I’m surprised that this only has a few views.

This is for the fans who want a happy ending for the Kagamines~ (no dying, sad stuff, etc.)ヽ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ