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Kennel Vaccinations

Summer vacations are on their way, so make sure you book your kennel stay, and check for the proper vaccinations. After all, you would rather be packing then running around at the last minute trying to make sure your pet is taken care of. If you are not sure of the required vaccinations, give us a call. Your pets well being is our number one priority, with 25 years in the dog business we know how important your furry family is to you.

There are a few different vaccinations that one will want to have  their pet get so that they can ensure their safety at any pet kennel. Some kennels y require that your pet get these vaccinations before they come to stay at their kennel, if you call a kennel and don’t ask if your pet is vaccinated or do not require vaccinations please take your pet someplace else. Not all kennels are the same so make sure you double check with them.

Here are some of the most common vaccinations, and why you get them for your pet.

 Distemper protects your pet from canine distemper; this is a virus that affects the nervous and immune systems. It usually strikes puppies, but adults can be infected as well. Distemper is transmitted through the air.

 Parvo,   this virus is fatal if not treated immediately. It affects the intestines and bowel and is spread through the stools of infected dogs.

 Bordatella This vaccination will help protect a pet from kennel cough. Kennel cough is common in kennels, or anywhere there are a large number of dogs.

Hepatitis, Canine Hepatitis affects the liver and can lead to kidney disease. Canine Hepatitis is usually spread through infected dog’s urine, stool, and saliva.

Remember they do not know not to lick, sniff eat things they shouldn’t, that is why they have you to protect them and, they are lucky to have you!