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in my story world i have a ring surrounding the planet a la saturn, and it's red. what would it look like from the planet's surface? how bright would it be at night? would it cast a reddish glow down on the planet? thanks

I love planets with rings. I think that any planet would look good with a ring around it.

So, let’s take a planet like Earth (hey - here’s one we call Earth) and put a rings around it right above the equator. What would they look like?

It’d be so very beautiful.

Kevin Gill has rendered several images of what the sky would look like if Earth had rings. He took Saturn’s rings and scaled them down for Earth. Here’s what he did:

Illustrator Ron Miller did the same thing.

Yeah, I know. Absolutely gorgeous.

If the rings around your world are made of a reddish substance, they would reflect that red light back onto the planet, causing things to have a reddish tinge. Probably not enough to make a big difference (rings like these would be about as bright as several full Moons) but it would be noticeable, especially at night. Imagine that the planet is constantly bathed in the reddish light of a sunset all the time - day and night.

There would also probably be many more species active at night than on our ringless Earth.

Mind you, our rings won’t look exactly like Saturn’s - with all the gaps and things - but would look more solid. The gaps in Saturn’s rings are the result of the gravitational influence of moons that orbit outside the rings pulling debris into certain orbits. Also, Saturn’s rings have several shepherd moons that actually orbit inside the rings that keep the rings herded into certain areas..

Rings would also play merry hell with any space program your planet has. Anything in orbit lower than about 18,000km (Earth’s Roche limit) will be in trouble because it will be flying through the rings twice every orbit. It’d be like having a small natural Kessler event. Not quite as bad, because all the debris would be confined to one plane, but a space pilot would have to be careful anyway, and it means no spaceports at the equator, and no satellites in orbit at less than 18,000km. That means your cell-phone satellites (which generally orbit from 600km to 1200km) would need to be more powerful and more expensive.

People might be reluctant to visit your beautiful, ringed planet, as they don’t want their pretty, shiny spaceship to get battered by space debris. It happened with our shuttle, and NASA didn’t have to worry about any rings.

Insurance rates for spacecraft are literally astronomical.

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How about Sans with life with 8 kids, everything is good, and then a reset? (LETS GET THE ANGST TRAIN ROLLLLLLLLING)

Why you do this to me anon. Also this is UT!Sans

He’s exhausted in a good way, feeling his bones ache pleasantly as he sinks down further into the couch. The house is unusually quiet, the only sounds being the TV and your quiet breathing and occasional shuffling on the couch. The baby monitor next to him lets him know that one of the kids are talking in their sleep, and he smiles a little at the cute gibberish his son is saying.

He feels content. And when he turns to look at you he can’t help but smile. You’re spread out on the couch, legs in his lap and head on the armrest opposite him. Your face is relaxed, something unusual considering how hectic both of your lives has been recently. But even though living with eight children wasn’t something he ever imagined he could do, he wouldn’t trade the past few years for anything. Not even the chance to sleep in on weekends. 

He can feel himself slowly drift off, and suddenly his head is filled with a loud buzzing. He opens his eyes, he didn’t even know they were closed, and the buzzing grows louder and louder until it turns to ringing. 

The world around him is moving so fast. Shapes are moving around him, and after a while he catches a glimpse of you, of his kids. Of himself. 

It’s like a movie rewinding, he’s moving through different parts of his life, standing in the middle of it all. And he starts to panic because no. This wasn’t supposed to happen ever again they- they promised.

He’s helpless. And tears are streaming down his face as he watches the life he worked so hard for slip away. After a while he can’t see his children anymore, and a sob shakes his body. It’s just you now. But then you’re gone too. And he braces himself because it’s almost over. 

Finally the ringing gets louder, it builds up into a noise almost too loud for him to hear. And then the world fades to white. And just as he thinks that his skull is going to crack from the intensity, it’s like he passes out.

When he wakes up he’s in a room he didn’t think he’d ever see again, in a house he swore to never return to. The walls are empty and the place is a mess. He sits up and feels the sobs build up, and suddenly he’s crying. Tangled in a mess of unmade bedsheets and clothes he couldn’t bother to put away, he cries his soul out. 

He’s interrupted by a knock and a voice.


He doesn’t leave his room for the next few days. 


Pairing: FakeAH!Michael x Reader

Word Count: 1,244

Warnings: Violence, swearing

Part Two (One) (Three)

You weren’t sure how much time had passed, it could’ve been days, or maybe only a few hours. Only one other person had come in since the medic left, and all he did was inject something into your upper arm, with little resistance due to your bound limbs. You’d been fading in and out of consciousness since then, barely able to process the thirst and hunger paining you as you fought to keep your eyes open. By the time the commotion started outside, you were barely able to process any of it.

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Fugientibus-Part 15

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Characters: Y/n, Professor Snape, Harry

Pairing: Draco x Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL)

Warnings: Angst, sadness, Professor Snape being all sweet, character death!!

Word Count: 1372

Summary: Y/n loses the only person left. 

A/N: Ok, fifteenth part!! Only two more parts left!! The next part is gonna sorta follow the final battle in the movies. And then the last part is gonna be a flash-forward thingy. But it’s all coming to an end!! Hope u like it!!

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Fugientibus Masterlist

“Why am I here?”

The Professor ignored your question, walking around the office and into a small alcove, which was holding some sort of bowl.

You watched as he swirled the liquid around, staring into it as it glimmered, face blank, yet full of pain.

“Professor! Why did you bring me here?”

“I need you to do something for me, y/n. Something important”.

You scoffed, getting ready to leave, but he spoke before you could do anything.

“These people-they hate me, y/n. All of them. And rightfully so. I’ve betrayed. I’ve killed. I’ve hurt. I’ve done it all. But I need you to show them all something. Something that people need to see. I need you to do this one thing for me”.

You watched in silence as he put his wand to his temple, before pulling out a strand of silver from his head, bottling it up.

“W-what is that?”

The Professor grabbed your hand, placing the vial into it and holding them closed.

“Y/n, whatever you do, you need to give this to him. Give this to Harry”.

You stumbled with your words, trying to say something, but too confused to produce a cohesive sentence.

“Do you trust me, y/n?”

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dramatical weddings get me going

aoba and mink probably didn’t actually have a wedding, they probably just got married at the court house and then came home and had their own little ceremony from minks religion and they probably wear rings mink forged with his bare hands or smth (imagine tae’s surprise when her grandson calls her up and says “yeah im married now”)

on the other hand. aoba and noiz have the most extravagant wedding you have ever seen. sort of at the wish of noiz’ parents, sort of at the wish of noiz who wanted to spoil aoba. noiz probably flies aoba’s entire family to germany for it. they prob have super expensive rings and honeymoon around the world for a year (whaT if aoba just coincidentally RAN INTO HIS PARENTS)

nd then like koujaku and aoba probably had this smaller ceremony, bc koujaku honestly doesnt make that much money and neither does aoba but thats ok bc they have each other, koujaku probably breaks down into tears the second aoba comes into the venue and fumbles putting on his ring bc hes so god damn in love. probably honeymooned on the mainland so koujaku could tell his mother about the man he’s spending his life with

and clear probably saw some reality show about weddings so he proposed to aoba as soon as he knew about them (admittedly a bit early but aoba went with it,) they couldn’t be legally married bc u know clear is a robot but they went out to the beach and they had a small ceremony that basically bound them for the rest of aoba’s life then they probably went to an aquarium or something

i feel like ren and him got married rly early… their bond was a tight one so like they just got married bc ren said it would give them tax benefits or smth

virus and trip never legally married aoba bc wtf…. you cant do that…. but i feel like at some point in their torture they had this mock ceremony bc like they love aoba (or as much as theyre capable of loving) so trip officiated virus and aoba and virus officiated trip and aoba and the two of them like to think they’re a domestic blissful family but we know they aint


So, could you write a Jungkook smut where he has a crush on you since a long time but you doesn’t know it. And you are always with your best friend Jaehyo and he thinks you two are dating, and he gets super jealous?

~Here you go sweetie I hope you enjoy! Again i’m sorry it’s so long!~


Jungkook had been fighting with his parents, who have been refusing to let him become a singer. They’ve been telling him he had no talent and he was a fool just for dreaming. He lashed out one night making his parents belittling into a yelling match between him and them.

His anger mixed with tears blinded him. He remembered yelling “Then don’t call me your son anymore! I don’t care I hate you anyway!” The whole room fell silent. He regretted the words instantly. He clenched his fists, wishing he could take the words back, but no form of apology came out his mouth. Everything after that was blurred he just remembered the cold winter air biting his cheeks.  

He came back in the morning his parents car was missing he didn’t give much thought to it, thinking that they went to work. He was pouring a bowl of cereal, humming to himself when he heard the phone ring. The world around him froze when listened to the phone on the other side. Without letting the voice finish he hanged up. He held the phone tight in his hand trying to process everything that was just said to him.

I’m sorry but your parents died after a car crash last night. The words replayed in Jungkooks head while fell to the floor, shaken by his tears. The phone rang again. For a quick second anger replaced his sadness, he threw it at the wall and watched it break into a million pieces before he started sobbing again.His parents had gone looking for him when they hit an ice patch and skidded off the road. He regretted even dreaming.

He started drinking, getting lost in the alcohol so he could forget that he even had parents. That didn’t change the fact that he did and that they were still dead even when he reached the end of the bottle. It was to the point where he didn’t even recognize himself.

When we finally returned to school, ready to resume his life. All he heard was whispers behind his back  

Did you hear that Jungkook sabotaged the breaks on his parents car? The police couldn’t find enough evidence to charge him for the crime.”

He didn’t try denying the rumors because it was his fault that his parents died that night, It was all his fault, he killed them.

People stared at him like he was a murderer, avoided him at all costs, even if it meant eating lunch by the trash. Except for this one girl who smiled at him across the room. The smile wasn’t full of happiness like most smiles, it was full of sadness almost like telling him everything was going to be okay. Maybe he was looking in it too much, but it still filled him with warmth.Three years later and people still avoiding him. He was lucky if a new kid who didn’t know any better talked to him once.  

Jungkook sat at the table on the other side of the courtyard watching everything around him while he etched random drawings on a wooden table. No matter how hard he tried his eyes always converted back to you and Jaehyo laughing with each other, bumping each other.  

He hated the sight, he hated Jaehyo, he hated himself for loving you, the girl with smile. He was stupid for even thinking you guys could even be friends not when you guys came from different worlds. You were the girl that everybody loved, who was in the top of every class, he was just a boy with regrets that everybody avoided out of fear.

He hadn’t even built up enough courage to talk to you. Every morning he told himself today, he has been saying that for three years. He kept watching you and your boyfriend.  

Really she could have any guy in this school and she picks this ass hat?

He had no good reason no dislike Jaehyo, the only reason he had was jealousy. He wish he could take Jaehyos spot next to you, making you laugh, having you look at him like you did Jaehyo.

He watched as your boyfriend moved an out of place hair away from your face, placing it behind your ear. He couldn’t watch anymore he briskly. picked up his backpack, slinging it over his shoulder he allowed it to hit his back with a thud. The other students became aware of his anger and slowly moved out of the way.  

He went to the bus stop. He stood there as rain drops dropped on him, making plop noises when they hit his dark red leather jacket. He got out his pack of cigarettes and his lighter. He opened the pack  

only one more left  

He dug through his pockets until he found his lighter. He cupped his hand around flame and the tip of the cigarette. protecting it from the rain and wind

He put the cigarette to his mouth, the familiar taste of smoke invaded his mouth. He focused on how the back of his throat and lungs burned slightly. He hated smoking, he hated everything about it, but yet there’s a part of him that doesn’t want to stop, that won’t let him stop. This is punishment. He looked up and down the street for the bus as he blew smoke out into the air.

Finally the bus came. He dropped the cigarette on the ground and stepped on it, pulling out a pack of mint gum. He popped the small piece of green gum in his mouth as the bus pulled up in front of him and opened the doors. He stepped on the bus and handed the bus driver the money. He took a sit at the front of the bus. Usually he was the only one on the bus at this time but this time there was an elderly woman sitting in the seat behind of him.

He put his earbuds in his ear, wanting to drown out the sound of the bus mixed with the sound of the raindrops hitting the window. The sound of music filled his ears while he looked out the window, splattered with rain, at all the people outside. One lady was walking her dog with an in her other hand umbrella, he watched the kids play without coats in newly formed puddles.

He heard a distant voice “Sir.”

“Sir.” he snapped back into reality  

“Sir.” He removed one of his earbuds “Yes?” He answered back  

“I’m sorry to bother you I know you were listening to music but are you okay?” The old lady behind him asked. Her hair was curly with strands of black in it, She had laugh lines  

“I’m fine but thank you.” He answered with a smile  

“Are you sure? I see sadness behind that smile.”

“I promise you I’m fine.” he said while trying to make his smile more believable

“I see.” she said leaning back leaving it alone.

he placed his earbuds back as she left him alone with his thoughts again  


Jungkook’s alarm went off, mixing with the sound of rain hitting the roof and his window. He shot up his black hair stuck to his forehead drenched in sweat, he wiped the sweat off his forehead with his arm. He licked his cracked lips, his mouth was dry, his throat hurt. He looked to side to see a plastic orange bottle of pills spilled across his nightstand.He turned on his table lamp illuminating that part of the room. He slowly raised himself  from his bed, his legs shaking.

He grabbed two of the pills that were spread across his nightstand along with an already opened bottle of water. He put both pills in his mouth with some of the water and swallowed them easily. He walked over to his bedroom door, the floor boards creaked with each step he took. He opened the door, the sound of his Aunt frying eggs drifted up to ears. He went down the hallway, it had long cracks in the walls. He slowly went down the stairs to the kitchen, which was dimly lit by a flickering hanging light. He sat down and the table, it was cluttered with bills and junk mail.  

His Aunt divided the eggs from the skillet equally on two plates. She handed a plate to him, he nodded a thank you and she smiled in response. She took a seat with her plate across from him, Jungkook could barely see her plump face over the towers of mail.  

“Did you take your pill today sweetie?” She asked  

“Yes.” He answered, chewing some eggs

She opened her mouth, about to say something else but quickly closed it.


Jungkook kissed his Aunt on the cheek goodbye as he left for the bus stop. Mist clouded the landscape, his black boots were shiny with rainwater as he made his way up the hill. His backpack hanged off of one shoulder. It felt like hours before he reached his destination. He saw I female figure in the mist, she was messing around on her phone. He stopped and took a big breath before putting a piece of watermelon gum in his mouth.


He walked up to you “Hey.” he said looking down

“Hi!” You said with a smile. You couldn’t believe he was talking to you. You felt your heart in your throat. “I notice you left early yesterday is everything okay?”

She noticed?

“Yeah, just wasn’t feeling well.” he said with an awkward laugh while kicking his feet, still looking down. There was a moment of silence before he spoke again “Maybe you would like to hang out tomorrow at my place?” He asked  "If Jaehyo doesn’t mind.“ He nervously added.

"Why would he care?”

“Because you guys are dating, I wouldn’t want him to get jealous.”

“We’re not dating.” You laughed “He’s just my best friend.”

“Oh so is that a yes?”  

“Yeah, I would love to.”

“Cool.” He said trying to hide his excitement  


Jungkook had four hours until you arrived, he had been cleaning all day. He covered the cracks in the walls with plaster and paint and right now he was trying to clear some of his Aunts junk that scattered around the house out. He decided to start small, he sat his Aunt down at the table to go through some mail. He had been there for at least two hours .

“No, no, no we can’t throw that away I might need it!” She said while grabbing the catalog out his hand.

“Mount, it says 1972.”

“I still want that jacket.”

“The store isn’t even around anymore.”

“What’s your point.”

Jungkook cocked his head to the side and raised an eyebrow. She sighed and handed the catalog to him, he put it in the black plastic bag, which before then was completely empty.

“Okay where getting somewhere!” He smiled

“What the rush? It’s only three you got plenty of time.”

“I got to get as much done as possible in that time. By the way I’m going to need you to leave the house.”

“What?! Why!? This is the first girl you ever brought home I want to meet her!”

“Mount, please.”

A knowing smile spread across her face “Oh I get it.”

“What?..No! It’s not like that!”

“Uh huh sure, I was a teen once to you know. So you’re finally going to lose it.”

“Oh my god.” he said burying his face into his hands

“Don’t worry I’ll be gone before she gets here!”

“…Thanks…” He said turning his attention back to the table.

“Do we have to this? You can just put it all in my room, we don’t have to throw anything away.”

“Mount, you have to climb to get into to your room, it’s dangerous. We’re going to take care of it tomorrow.”


It was 6:55, 5 minutes before you had to be at Jungkooks house. You parked your car down the street from his house, Not wanting to look desperate. You sat there feeling butterflies at the thought of him.

Jungkook just got done cleaning the house and now he only had five minutes to get ready. He ran up the stairs and found the only clean shirt he had, which was a black one with a graphic of a syringe filled with rainbow liquid. He quickly did his hair, letting it show his forehead  

3 minutes  

He ran back downstairs, hearing the oven beeping. He pulled out the meatloaf the was stuffed with cheese. Of he didn’t make it, Mount did She it in the oven before she left.

Shit, what if she’s vegetarian?  

He got the two bottles of wine out placing them in the middle of the table, next to the red rose. He lit the candles sticks that stood at both sides of the table.  

What if she doesn’t want to drink because she’s underage?

He picked the wine bottles back up, to put them back down again then to pick them back up again. He ended up putting the bottles back and just making some tea instead. He just put the teapot on the gas stove when he heard a knock at the door.

He practiced his greetings while he walked to the door. He took a deep breath before he opened the door “Hi y/n! ” he said with a loving smile “Come in!” he said, opening the door wider. You smiled and walked in. He took your coat and hanged it up in the closet that was next to front door.

Should I do something else? Should I hug her? Should I shake her hand? Why would I do that this isn’t a business meeting.

You hugged him, greeting him.  

“My Aunt is out, but she made dinner before she left.”

You saw his rip jeans, he looked so hot in them. They fitted him perfectly. You studied his facial features, his defined jawline, his eyes that gave away any emotion. “No, that’s okay I’m not that hungry right now sorry.”

“No, it’s okay don’t be sorry.” He said guiding you to the couch “Do you want some tea?”

“Yeah.” you said nodding your head, a little bit distracted by what was in front of you. You crossed your legs, feeling your arousal build up  

Jungkook was in the kitchen making the tea, trying to keep his thoughts at bay. He walked back out of the kitchen holding two mugs. “Here you go.”

“Thank you.”

You guys sat in silence, drinking you teas and catching glances at each other. One those glances your eyes meet, he took the tea out your hand seating next to him on the wooden coffee table. He stared into you eyes, taking in your beauty.

He suddenly smashed his lips against yours. Pushing you on your back, he held both your arms with one hand. He instantly fell in love with your lips felt against his. You feel into the rhythm of the sloppy yet passionate kiss. You bite his bottom lip, making him pull back in surprise “You’re so fucking hot.” he said before smashing his lips back into yours, this time with even force.

You felt your panties get soaked from your ever building arousal. He let his free hand explore the lining  of your jeans. He found the lining of your Lacey underwear. He slid a finger under it only to let it snap back against your skin, stimulating the skin. You felt his lips leave yours, you whined at the lost. He kissed down you jaw line, the toxic kisses turned into a lick as he reached your neck. The lick quickly turned back into toxic kisses that made your skin numb.

You felt your body heat up as his finger found your slit. His kisses sweetened as he started rubbing it teasingly slow. You moaned, you could feel smirking. He couldn’t deny the fact that he was proud of wet he made you so quickly. He started to tease your entrance meanwhile the kisses were starting to turn into sucks. You pushed yourself up against his finger, he just pulled back, you could hear a chuckle. Finally he slid his finger into you. Pumping it in and out of you, curling them up. You moaned in relief as his finger worked wonders. He suddenly added another finger into you, making you gasp with surprise. You felt him lightly bite down on your neck, trying to make the darkest hickey possible.

You felt your orgasm building up in your stomach due to all the different euphorias. You heard Jungkook whispers dirty thoughts in your ear but they didn’t make it through you sex crazed skull

“I can’t wait to hear you scream my name kitten.” he whispered before nibbling on your earlobe.  

He found your g-spot making you moan loudly. He hit it with his fingers again and again until your orgasm overtook you, leaving you breathing hard. He felt your fluid flow over his fingers. He took them out and sucked on them seductively as he could. He them brought them to your mouth. You happily took them in, sucking on them like they were the real thing.  

“Do you like sucking on me?” he asked. you moaned in response. “Strip for me baby.”

You quickly got on your knees. You slowly started taking off your shirt as he watched with hungry eyes. You could feel his animalistic stare on you, burning right down to your core. He bit his bottom lip while you removed your bra.

You removed your pants, kicking them to the side. You teased your entrance through the fabric of your lacy panties. He got harder a the sight of you touching yourself. “Keep doing that.” he said dominantly, he started to unbuckle his belt. You removed your underwear, giving him a stare that made his knees week.

When you finally took them all the way off you threw them Jungkook’s way, making sure his went over his head. You started touching yourself, rubbing your own clit in slow circles. You moaned at your touch as Jungkook teased himself through the fabric of his boxers. He stopped and pulled you to his side of the couch, on top of him “Only I can make you moan.” he sad before pulling you into to another heated kiss, this one had even more pent up desire in it.

He traced your back crease as you held his face to deepen the kiss. You felt his member twitch between you. You started grinding in circular motions, making his breathing hitch. You bit your lip as you watch his face contort in pleasure. He threw his head back once you started adding more force. “Stop teasing.” you ignored him, adding even more force instead.  

With a moan that sound more like a roar he changed the positions so that he was on top. You noticed the beads of sweat on his forehead, glistening. He kissed down your neck to your right breast, kissing the hard bud. He stopped to roll it in between his teeth. He continued down your stomach, admiring your body. He kissed over your belly button, making you shiver.

He kissed down to your left thigh, sucking on the skin making sure to leave marks. He went to the other thigh giving it the same attention, teasing your slit with a kiss along the way.  

“Jungkook please.” You whined  

“You can tease me but I can’t tease you?  That’s to fair.” he said going back to your slit anyway. He licked his lips. He gave it swift lick followed by fast flicks with his tongue. “Oh shit jungkook!” You moaned, arching your back. You entangled your fingers in his black hair as he started sucking. A long flow a curses and moans mixed in with his name came out of your mouth. Each suck brought you closer and closer to your climax. He moaned in you slit, sending vibrations up your spine. “Cum in my mouth kitten.”. You moaned at his sinful words as you came to you climax.

“You taste so good kitten.” he moaned as he brought you into another kiss so you could taste yourself once again.  

“Take off your underwear.” you breath still coming down from your high.

He quickly obeyed. You smirked at how you were now the one in control or so you thought. You got on top of him a lined yourself up with his member. You slowly brought yourself down, you guys fitted together like puzzle pieces. He moaned at the feeling of your warmth around him. He grabbed your hips and brought you into the speeds he wanted. You screamed his name with over sensitivity.

“Fuck kitten, do that again.” he breathed, his eyebrows scrunching together as he got lost in the euphoria.

You did as you were told. He brought you back down hard, finding your g-spot once again. He rolled his hips to meet yours. You felt your climax rising in the pit of your stomach. He picked up the  pace, bringing you down even harder as his grunts got louder.

He was digging his fingers into your skin. You knew you we’re going to have bruises but you couldn’t care less right now. You were melted into the feeling of having him inside of you. You could that he waited many years to do this.

“Oh shit kitten, you’re so tight.” He praised  

His word brought you over the edge. You came hard for third time that night. The feeling of you pulsing around him brought him to his climax. You quickly got your knees in front of the couch. With a moan that could have been mistaken for roar he spilled his seed in your mouth. You sowallowed every drop. He brought you into a loving kiss.

“Want to spend the night?” He breathed, smiling.


Jason never really stopped getting profit from the time he became a crime lord, in fact, Gotham wasn’t the first city where he took control of the drug trade, he took control of various drug rings around the world while he trained. He doesn’t know how much money he has now, but he’s sure that he surpassed Bruce’s wealth, he gives a lot of it to charities and shelters, only Talia and Alfred know about this.


Royal engagement rings of various royals around the world (as requested by anonymous)

in order to get a closer look, just right click the image and view the image and you can get a better look

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Reverse Boss battle

To Clash With The Sadist - What Tunes Shall Their Blades Sing? (Accepting)

         So — this was how it was to BE in the end, for one such as she
         to have to clash with one as beautiful as the BLOOD MOON’S 
before her now. Such a conflict wished to be avoided, but 
         nay, that won’t be happening it seems. Sad, indeed it was, though
         the SADIST wouldn’t allow the other to merely KILL her.

                    Tips of digits shall brush ever so softly upon hilt of arm as she
                    drew forth the ONYX steeled weapon, lashing the tip downwards
                    as it’s edge scraped across the stone floor, sparks flashing through
                    the beautiful lit clearing. 

          Hues gently open, narrowing APATHETICALLY upon the other’s very
          form as left orb is ignited with a burning azure flame, heels clicking
          ‘pon the ground as she began an approach, leisurely and calm towards
          the female before her. 

                               ❝ …I shan’t HOLD BACK on one such as you…

                                         And nay should YOU do such for me.

                               Not if it is LIVING you wish for in the end of such, Luna. ❞

          At once, perhaps the other had been TRUSTED to a point, but now?
          All of that was lost to she, resulting in a PAST self taking hold of her
          blade now — no MEMORIES to get in her way as she fights. Nothing
          to STAVE OFF her animalistic nature of fighting. No…just the SADIST
          to rip apart the BETRAYER

                              ( Song To Play During Their Conflict )


“We got a special fighter in the house! we have a young lady who’s 7 years old and she just got some amazing news, she’s been fighting a quite tough battle and I’m proud to announce that she won. On behalf of Sting, myself and every person behind that screen we sincerely wanna thank you for being our guest for being an inspiration to not only us in the ring but every single person outside the ring and around the world. 7 years old and I’m proud to say you have beat the battle against cancer. Congratulation.” - John Cena. [x]