Ok but during Yuuri’s SP next episode it would be so great if he kisses his engagement ring and whips it around everywhere so the world can see. He’s so hung up on making sure the world knows the Victor belongs to him and it motivates him so much to know that he’s the only one who has Victor’s love. I can’t imagine he wouldn’t use his SP as a chance to show off to the world that THEY CAN’T HAVE VICTOR BACK BECAUSE GUESS WHO GOT THE RING BITCHES

New drabble cuz I haven’t done much writing lately

“Fenris Hawke.”

The name rolled off his tongue and left a pleasant tingling sensation in the pit of his stomach as his heart skipped a beat. His lips tugged upwards.

“Fenris Hawke,” he repeated, holding his hand out in front of him, fingers splayed and the gold ring glimmering in the low light. He flexed his fingers. Still there, a gentle pressure on his ring finger.

“Fenris Hawke.”

The world didn’t dissolve and crumble around him. Not even his ghosts could trouble him in that moment, lost in the background of the warm feelings welling inside of him.

Then another voice murmured, “Fenris Hawke.”

He looked around and smiled down at the man lying next to him, lying on his side and looking back up at Fenris. Garrett smiled back as his hand trailed over Fenris’ stomach and up towards his chest.

Fenris caught the offending hand and brought it to his lips, kissing the knuckles, palm and fingertips. Garrett’s smile widened.

“Fenris Hawke,” he repeated, voice rasping slightly. “I can definitely get used to that.”

Fenris chuckled, slinging the hand over his shoulder, slipping his own arm around Garrett’s back as he pressed against him, tangling their legs together.

“As can I,” he purred, grazing his lips over Garrett’s nose. “Thank you Garrett.”

“What are you thanking me for?” he chuckled, nuzzling against the crook of the elf’s neck affectionately.

“You know exactly what I have to thank you for,” Fenris replied flatly, but his smile remained, threading his fingers through Garrett’s hair. The mage chuckled, pulling Fenris closer.

“I think I could guess one or two reasons,” he murmured. “I can certainly think of a few reasons I’m grateful for you.”

Fenris smiled. There was no reason to speak of unpleasant memories for now, not when the moment was so perfect.

“I’m sure you can.”

dramatical weddings get me going

aoba and mink probably didn’t actually have a wedding, they probably just got married at the court house and then came home and had their own little ceremony from minks religion and they probably wear rings mink forged with his bare hands or smth (imagine tae’s surprise when her grandson calls her up and says “yeah im married now”)

on the other hand. aoba and noiz have the most extravagant wedding you have ever seen. sort of at the wish of noiz’ parents, sort of at the wish of noiz who wanted to spoil aoba. noiz probably flies aoba’s entire family to germany for it. they prob have super expensive rings and honeymoon around the world for a year (whaT if aoba just coincidentally RAN INTO HIS PARENTS)

nd then like koujaku and aoba probably had this smaller ceremony, bc koujaku honestly doesnt make that much money and neither does aoba but thats ok bc they have each other, koujaku probably breaks down into tears the second aoba comes into the venue and fumbles putting on his ring bc hes so god damn in love. probably honeymooned on the mainland so koujaku could tell his mother about the man he’s spending his life with

and clear probably saw some reality show about weddings so he proposed to aoba as soon as he knew about them (admittedly a bit early but aoba went with it,) they couldn’t be legally married bc u know clear is a robot but they went out to the beach and they had a small ceremony that basically bound them for the rest of aoba’s life then they probably went to an aquarium or something

i feel like ren and him got married rly early… their bond was a tight one so like they just got married bc ren said it would give them tax benefits or smth

virus and trip never legally married aoba bc wtf…. you cant do that…. but i feel like at some point in their torture they had this mock ceremony bc like they love aoba (or as much as theyre capable of loving) so trip officiated virus and aoba and virus officiated trip and aoba and the two of them like to think they’re a domestic blissful family but we know they aint

We don’t speak to each other for two years. You move in with her, adopt a dog, shop for engagement rings. I write about you, run around the world, try to escape, or fill, or numb, or all three, all at once.

I want to be happy for you, but I know you, know it won’t last, and after you decide it’s not her, you appear again. Say you miss me. Say I am more fun. Say you are lonely. (There it is.) I was always your in-between girl.

The first time we meet after our hiatus, you light a cigarette outside that hotel in Tribeca and I ask, when did you start smoking? I hate how handsome you look taking a drag, sly smile, hair falling in your face. You call a car to drive us to the East Village (of course) and as you touch my arm at our old favorite table in our old favorite bar you ask, when did you get all these tattoos? (Around the time you left.)

The night ends like it always did: clasped hands climbing stairs, tequila on our tongues, the ease with which you disarm me. How quick my body is to remember: how familiar you feel. How quick my mind is to forget those two years: how far away you had felt.

In the morning, you sleep, quiet, untethered. I stare at your ceiling (it still looks the same) and sift through my hazy playback of the evening, picking apart each one of your gestures and my carefully set-down words: all the makings of our improbability. I suddenly remember, in the car, or was it the bar, somewhere in one of our corners of the city, you told me, it is going to be different this time. I said, it’s not like I’m in love with you or something.

(I’m very much in love with you.)

(Or something.)

—  in-between

Jason never really stopped getting profit from the time he became a crime lord, in fact, Gotham wasn’t the first city where he took control of the drug trade, he took control of various drug rings around the world while he trained. He doesn’t know how much money he has now, but he’s sure that he surpassed Bruce’s wealth, he gives a lot of it to charities and shelters, only Talia and Alfred know about this.

anonymous asked:

Do you know any information about the Fairy Rings, other than what's mentioned in the log horizon wikia?

The only new info that was revealed in volume 12 stated that instead of changing every month like in the game world, Fairy Ring destinations change around every six months. However, there were also some random elements that were added (not completely sure what that means, but I guess it means that you might not go to the same place from the same Fairy Ring every time…)


“We got a special fighter in the house! we have a young lady who’s 7 years old and she just got some amazing news, she’s been fighting a quite tough battle and I’m proud to announce that she won. On behalf of Sting, myself and every person behind that screen we sincerely wanna thank you for being our guest for being an inspiration to not only us in the ring but every single person outside the ring and around the world. 7 years old and I’m proud to say you have beat the battle against cancer. Congratulation.” - John Cena. [x]


Super Furry Animals - “Juxtaposed With U”

It’s kind of hard to put into words; lately I’ve just been really digging the surreal ambiance this song gives off. A bubbly pop ballad on the surface, except there are multiple things that sound and feel subtly “off”…some Kuma Uta or Tomodachi Life vocoder/autotune voices here, some comically artificial drum machine touches elsewhere, and somehow “tolerate” is part of an insanely earworm-y chorus.

(Drawing) Rings Around The Wolrd
  • (Drawing) Rings Around The Wolrd
  • Super Furry Animals
  • (Drawing) Rings Around The World

Just one more Super Furry Animals track from me before I round off the Ss tomorrow.  (Drawing) Rings Around The World gets my choice 1) because it’s a great CD single but also 2) because it name-checks one of my favourite films, Tetsuo II: Body Hammer.