“A black and white photograph of The Beatles backstage in Doncaster, Yorkshire in early 1963. There is a ‘Doncaster Chronicle’ stamp on the reverse.” - Tracks (selling for £250.00). Possibly 5 February 1963, during the Helen Shapiro Tour.

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“That tour was when we first did the Moss Empire circuit, the biggest gigs that there were in England at the time, other than the Palladium. We were quite happy with that - Helen Shapiro was established, she’d been around and had a bunch of hits. But when 'Please Please Me’ got to Number One, all the people coming to the show were just waiting for The Beatles. It was embarrassing, because she was a very nice person.” - George Harrison, The Beatles Anthology

The Beatles at their Tokyo press conference, 30 June 1966

Photo: Associated Press

Q: “Since you are all the time caged in your hotel except for performances, is there any pleasure at all except for the money in traveling abroad?”

Paul McCartney: “Yeah.”

John Lennon: “We enjoy it as well. Sometimes it’s not good, and sometimes it’s good like any job.”

George Harrison: “And when we go away, anyway, the main reason for going away is just so that all the people can see us at the concerts. So it doesn’t really matter if we don’t have a good time because it’s for the other people, anyway.”

JL: “We’re not on holiday. We don’t expect to see any sights or have any fun. And if we get fun as well while we happen to be touring, well then it’s okay, you know. But it’s our job as well.”


George Harrison, Top Ten, Hamburg, 1961, photographed by Jürgen Vollmer; Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison in Paris,  15 January 1964, photo via CBS.

The following is translated from Jürgen’s book, published in Germany in 2013:

“[In 1964] George had called me. The Beatles and their entourage were residing in the elegant George V. Just the thought of George’s idea of going to meet them at the hotel and then accompanying them to the Olympia made me feel uneasy. Instead, I had suggested meeting them at the theater, hoping that my inhibitions wouldn’t be noticed amid the general hustle and bustle there.

Okay, sensitive George had said, he would give the necessary instructions so that I would be let through to their dressing room from the stage door.

In front of the Olympia and on the side streets, I was greeted by a sight I had never encountered before, of hundreds of loud girls and boys who were apparently trying to catch a glimpse of their idols even though they did not have tickets, while repeatedly screaming out the names of the four Beatles.

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the signs as a song from each Beatles album

aries: while my guitar gently weeps
taurus: can’t buy me love
gemini: across the universe
cancer: eight days a week
leo: please please me
virgo: in my life
libra: here comes the sun
scorpio: don’t bother me
sagittarius: a day in the life
capricorn: strawberry fields forever
aquarius: i’m only sleeping
pisces: help!