Had two seriously superb rides tonight.

Got to the barn and was totally exhausted. Grabbed Ringo first. Gave him a good brush and some cuddles while I tacked up. Headed to the outdoor and totally failed getting on (seriously almost slid off haha). Someone left the arena and Ringo bee-lined it out so I decided we’d do a trail ride. He was pretty fresh so we trotted about 1.5 miles, then did a bit of canter. Had a walk break and then did some long trotting and then we did a short gallop. Walked and trotted back. Ringo was super when the combine, truck, and pony came next to him. Spooked a bit at some dogs but I thought one was gonna come through the fence and attack so I don’t blame him. Some kid on a mini ATV came RIPPING down the road allowance. Ringo spun but aside from that and some jigging he was okay. It was super nice to get out and we both enjoyed it. 

Came back and hand walked him, gave him a sponge bath, and cleaned my tack while Ringo grazed. Brushed him and put him back in his stall. 

Went to get QT, and the weather started turning nasty. Big dark clouds, a bit of rain, and the winds picked up. I thought for sure he’d be wild and spooky. Nope. Decent on the five minute lunge I gave him. Hopped on and he was a bit quick but he settled down. Did lots of walk-trot transitions and changes of direction. Threw a few halts in there as well. He was pretty good. Then schooled leg yield at the walk and then at the trot. He was great, especially off the left leg. I will incorporate this into every ride from now on. His turns improved. I also tried a bit of turn on the haunch and he tried! It obviously wasn’t perfect but he had the right idea. 

Then we did some canter work and I actually asked him to GO and he DID! Flattened right out and went! Made me laugh. He even kept the canter but simply slowed it when I asked instead of breaking to the trot! Such a good boy. :) We opened and closed the gate too. 

I’m going to take him to a show in a few weeks. Super excited.