Ringcon 2012

Q: Can you dance for us, maybe in slow motion?
Momoa: I can drink this beer in slow motion. 

The Closing Ceremony: He came onto the stage with a foamy drinking horn, which he passed reluctantly to his Event colleagues. His last words at RingCon were: As long as you keep making this fabulous beer I will come back. 

Jason Momoa at RingCon October 7th 2012
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My Bromance with Jason Momoa at Ringcon 2012

Published on 9 October 2012 by Nerd Wiki 

One thing has become as clear as daylight to me during Ringcon: Jason Momoa and any kind of barbarian, whether Dothraki warlord Khal Drogo or Conan the Cimmerian, are one and the same person. There is no difference!

The man is also in daily life without doubt a mockingly grinning and boozing mountain of man with a deep rumbling voice. I think I love him. This is, of course, purely platonic. As much as we have in common - except for stature and appearance, of course - we could be really truly bros. That would be a perfect bromance, as the American saying goes.

  • From the Jungle Book, he also likes the tiger Shere Khan.
  • His favorite beer is wheat, shortly followed by Guinness, which he drinks like mother’s milk.
  • A party is for him mainly drinking beer and particularly German beer.
  • His favorite comic book/movies are “The Crow” and “Spawn”.

He, like me, has a scar on his face from a thrown beer mug: With the difference that his eyebrow scar looks damn cool while in me the ridiculous flash degraded a long time ago to a Harry Potter scar in the middle of my forehead… The missile that hit me was just a mundane beer bottle at a student party, not a manly tankard. That may be the reason why his scar is grown far more impressive than mine. We both had to have stitches, that’s for sure.

I must confess that I was a little bit excited, Hawaiian Joseph Jason Momoa Namakaeha , whose career was initiated by David Hasselhoff, to meet you in person. Watching Momoa blossom from lifeguard Jason Ioane, Ronon Dex on Stargate Atlantis, slowly to a well-trained sword and sorcery hero, has given me much joy. His barbarian roles, like Conan or Drogo, because of his physique, and his deep rumbling growling voice – seem to be written for him. He just needs to make more of it.

As I stood in line to Momoa’s table, it seemed to me that everyone had brought Khal Drogo photos to be signed and I was the only one with Conan image. Why had I chosen this picture, though I had heard little that was good about the remake of Conan?

Well! No matter how cheesy, silly or unnecessarily reduced to blood and guts the film is, I like it better each time I see it. Once you’ve stopped comparing it with the Schwarzenegger film and take it as what it is, a bloody trashy spectacle without a script, then you can have fun with it. Not to mention, a bad script and a bad production is not Momoa’s fault. He is still a much better Conan than Schwarzenegger ever was because he outwardly resembles the Conan of Howard’s stories rather than the pale square-skull from Austria. The only thing that has Momoa has less of than Arnie, is muscle, but he can expand a little more for Conan 2.

Me: Ahhh, finally I get to meet CONAN.
Momoa, who had been distributing autographs rather robotically, suddenly grins and shakes my hand: Hey dude, nice to meet you.
Me: I loved you as Conan. Will you do another one?
Momoa: They asked me to, but I do not know yet. That movie was so much fun.
Me: I would love you to …
Momoa looks me sympathetically in the eye: I know …

It was almost as if it pleased him to recall not his role in Game of Thrones, but a role that was more fun. And apparently he had his one Conan fan still in the head as he ran me next time on the road. I sat there so innocently on the stairs and drank a Coke, as Momoa around the corner to suddenly came to me and said: Come on, man, this is the fire exit, get the fuck out of here. Then he grinned broadly, poked me in the shoulder and said in passing: Just kidding. When I looked back at my man-crush, I was curious to see if the obviously drunken barbarian would still be so in the following panel.

Shortly before he met me, I overheard when he instructed reception with a somber voice to bring him food to his room later. The famous beer-hunger after wheat beer…

The Momoa Panel:

Momoa strode out in proper style, to the thunderous applause of hysterical teenage girls, with two bottles of wheat on the stage. While he answered questions, he drank impressively fast from both bottles and once belched so loudly into the microphone that he was apparently ashamed and apologized for it: Wimp, I his soul brother, I would not have to apologize …

Girl: Did you read the Song of Fire and Ice-books?
Momoa: No, Because I was kinda pissed when George Martin killed me.

Silly Girl: Can you dance for  us, maybe in slow motion?
Momoa: I can drink this beer in slow motion.

And then came the highlight of the Momoa panel. As Momoa had been well fuelled, a girl asked, what would be his version of a happy ending for the story of Game of Thrones. Momoa stood up and said: Do you want to see my version of a happy ending? Can I have my Khaleesi?

Giggle. None of the many blond wigs stirred.

Momoa louder: C'mon! Can I have my Khaleesi? There are so many of you!

I thought perhaps I’d have to rip the wig off the head of one of the girls and to go to the front myself.

But finally one took pity on him. She was then led by Momoa to the replica Iron Throne. He sat down, laughing uproariously, took the girl in his arms and cried: Drogo is KING! This is my happy ending! Then he spat a beer fountain on stage and laughed again barbarically: Great respect for his primitive drunken performance.

SO. DAMNED. Entertaining.

Alas, alas, I have neither film nor pictures of it, because shortly before the battery of my camera was sleeping peacefully.

The Closing Ceremony:

Again Momoa could not be long without his beloved beer. This time came onto the stage with a foamy drinking horn, which he passed reluctantly to his Event colleagues. His last words at RingCon were: 

As long as you keep making this fabulous beer I will come back.

Bravo NerdWiki:
Translated by Google and me - German speakers please let me know of errors…

Memorable/Funny moments of Ring*Con 2012

Due to a request, I’ll sum up all the awesome moments from the panels I’ve seen. (I was there only on Sunday, and I’ve just seen the GoT panel and partly the one with Sean Astin and Billy Boyd)

Game of Thrones Panel:

  • someone asked how each of them would like their character to die if they could choose. Natalia Tena went really excited there and gave a VERY detailed description of a hell of a death XD (Being sliced open after being raped and tortured) Iain Glen. “I’d die having a heart attack making love to the princess” (exact quote). (Joe Dempsie: “I’m with him, I go for that, too”). Miltos Yerolemou said he is a great zombie fan, so he’s like to turn into a zombie and afterwards be shot in the brain. Finn Jones: “umm I don’t know, probably really sassy. Death by chocolate.”
  • Iain Glen was asked when he will declare his love to Daenerys, he replied basically with character meta, saying taking a step forward could destroy their relationship.

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