This Con is getting way too sexy to handle - RingCon 2013 (video)


So, first time trying a dwarfen costume.

I chose Dîs after reading a story from Thorinsexenshield and seeing a drawing from Ladynorthstar for the same story, showing a particular Dress from the back. 

Lots of Thanks to both of you for the Inspiration!!

I wore this costume to Ringcon 2013 - if anyone knows the wonderful Thorin who was nice enough to pose with me - or if you see this yourself - once more: thank you very much! I had so much fun :)

If anyone made pictures of this, would you mind sending me? My own camera didn't a very good job. Just drop me a message :)

Friendly reminder for HobbitCon 4

During the panels when you can ask questions, please try not to ask questions about fanfictions or shipping of certain characters (or actors!!) because most of the actors are not comfortable with it (especially Dean O'Gorman!!). You can see this very clearly in the comedy panel when Mark Ferguson announces a fanfiction game at HC2 (look at Dean in the background he’s like “oh god no”). 

Of course I’m not the boss of anyone and you can do whatever you want, I’m just trying to save you (and everyone else in the hall who is listening, including the actors) from a very awkward and embarrassing moment.

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Time for a Give Away. Or rather: 3 Give Aways!

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