Ring*con 2012

Memorable/Funny moments of Ring*Con 2012

Due to a request, I’ll sum up all the awesome moments from the panels I’ve seen. (I was there only on Sunday, and I’ve just seen the GoT panel and partly the one with Sean Astin and Billy Boyd)

Game of Thrones Panel:

  • someone asked how each of them would like their character to die if they could choose. Natalia Tena went really excited there and gave a VERY detailed description of a hell of a death XD (Being sliced open after being raped and tortured) Iain Glen. “I’d die having a heart attack making love to the princess” (exact quote). (Joe Dempsie: “I’m with him, I go for that, too”). Miltos Yerolemou said he is a great zombie fan, so he’s like to turn into a zombie and afterwards be shot in the brain. Finn Jones: “umm I don’t know, probably really sassy. Death by chocolate.”
  • Iain Glen was asked when he will declare his love to Daenerys, he replied basically with character meta, saying taking a step forward could destroy their relationship.

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Craig Parker and Craig Horner at RingCon 2012. (part 2)

“I do not own the copyright to this video and do not mean any disrespect to its rightful owner RingCon. I just wanted to share it with all the people in the world who otherwise would have no way to watch.” ©Gosia Mahoney

Thank you Gosia Mahoney for the amazing video! Thank you very much!