William IV’s sovereign’s ring (left) and Queen Adelaide’s consort’s ring (right) - Rundell, Bridge, and Rundell, 1831.

Traditionally a new sovereign’s ring was slipped onto the finger of every British monarch during his/her coronation and became that monarch’s personal property; William IV’s ring has been used in every coronation since Edward VII’s in 1901 and has joined the rest of the imperial state regalia in the Tower of London.

If anyone goes to see these babies, please tell them that I say hello. Via @sothebys:
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Visit us on York Ave to view and try on more than 350 pieces, including these exceptional colored diamond rings: a 6.24 carat Fancy Purplish Pink set with Kashmir sapphires, and 6.06 carat Fancy Blue. Open today until 5pm and tomorrow from 1–5pm.
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Ace Ring Update

After a ridiculous delay (for which I’m sorry - life’s been weird lately) I found a place to print the ring design shown below.

I tested it in size 6, 7 and 8 and in 8 materials ranging from the basic plastic to black steel. I just need to wait for the place to actually print the rings and send them to me before I have any other news. 

Once the rings come (estimated delivery around March 8-10), I’ll abuse them to test the plastic and post the results.

Cheers all!

We added a few new pieces to our current vintage collection! Check out independence-chicago.com to see what is available! #menswear #vintage #jewelry #sterlingsilver #turquoise #navajo #ring #cuff #lapelpin #oriental #persian #1800s #1900s #caucasianrug #rugs #vintagerugs #independencechicago (at Independence)