Boycott the Forest is fucking dumb

There’s been a lot of negative reaction to a horror film called ‘The Forest’, which depicts a real life location in Japan where people commit suicide. If you don’t like the movie (which hasn’t even come out yet), fine, that’s your right, but to say everyone should “boycott” this movie is childish. It’s ultimately a work of fiction. It may say “based on true events” and it may use a real life location with a real history behind it, but it is ultimately a fictional movie with fictional characters. It’s not insulting those who committed suicide in the forest because it is not depicting those who have killed themselves there. They are fictional characters, specifically written beings, interacting with other fictional characters. If a ghost or whatever appears in the movie, it’s not going to be a ghost based on a real person who killed themselves there. It’s not tarnishing anyone’s name, it’s not saying bad things about the people who killed themselves there, and it’s not attempting to properly represent those people or the country the location is in. It’s ultimately a FICTIONAL movie despite interacting with real life locations with real history.

Is the movie “white washed”? DID YOU EVEN LOOK AT THE FUCKING CAST?! Yes, the main actress is Natalie Dormer. But did you even look at actors and actresses named Yukiyoshi Ozawa Michi, Rina Takasaki Hoshiko, and Noriko Sakura Mayumi (who are all in the movie, including other actors and actresses from Japan who I can’t be bothered to write)? And guess what, for most of them it’s their first role in anything. This movie could lead to other acting opportunities for them. It is not a strictly white cast like idiots on here like to pretend, it’s a cast of actors interacting with actors from Japan. “Oh, the main actress is white, so we must still be offended and hate this movie! Arggghhhhh!” So? What do Japanese films mostly star? Oh yes, Japanese actors and actresses. What do Italian films mostly star? Oh yes, Italian actors and actresses. French, German, Indian, all the same. Films from their country are targeting their countries demographic, and most people from America are going to relate to someone like Natalie Dormer rather than some Japanese actor or actress. Natalie Dormer’s character isn’t from that country, she’s experiencing something new that she perhaps did not know about, just like the majority of the audience who is going to see the film. Actually think about the film and its target audience before you complain because you’re “offended”.

Does the movie “romanticise” suicide? Well, um, you can’t know that without actually seeing the movie. If by somehow you know it does, why don’t you include examples of how it does that? Easy, because you don’t have any. You haven’t seen the movie yet, so you don’t know how it represents suicide. If it did romanticise suicide, so what? It’s a fictional movie with fictional characters. It’s not romanticising the real life suicides, and I highly doubt it romanticises suicide at all. Especially when it’s a fucking horror film. Stop being offended by something that doesn’t even affect you. Most of you complaining are not from Japan, most of you complaining ultimately don’t really care as you just want something to complain about to make yourself look good, and most of you haven’t had relatives kill themselves in that forest. I absolutely love how some people think they have the right to speak on behalf of an entire race by going “everyone’s going to be offended by that.” Japanese horror films have depicted real life horrors in far more sinister and gruesome manners than some American horror movie is ever going to, and guess what, the country didn’t flip out over them. Most of them border from okay to great movies, with a good reception around them. They depict real life murders and suicides in gruesome, bloody fashion, and ultimately there wasn’t a reaction surrounding them like there is the Forest, which I’ll be surprised if it gets a rating higher than a 15. Most people are only “offended” because it stars a white actress (a very talented one). When a Japanese film revolves around going to America and it stars a Japanese actor or actress, remember to be offended. Remember to be offended when a German, Italian, or some other country’s film does the same. You won’t because you have an agenda, people on this site always attack American films because America is the main attraction (despite Japanese, Italian, Spanish and French horrors being much better), and despite American films and American TV Shows having actors and actresses around the globe (which films and TV shows from other countries ultimately do not have), you still like to pretend America is “evil” and ultimately “racist”. And yes, I am a “stupid white person”, more specifically a boy, pretty much everyone’s number one enemy on Tumblr, but this argument is based on more solid logic and facts than those who are complaining about this film, who just want to make it out to be racist and offensive because they’ve got nothing better to do. Because anything in today’s world can be made to be racist and offensive. I saw a video of some fucking idiot woman trying to make a case about Darth Vade being racist the other day, and the logic she used is about as idiotic and nonsensical as all those complaining about this movie.

Also, do you guys realise there have been two movies made about this forest prior to this film? The Sea of Trees starring Matthew McConaughey, and some shitty SyFy movie. Where were you pitchforks then? Oh, I guess Sea of Trees is slightly better because despite offering more of a “whitewashed” cast, it at least has one recognisable Japanese actor in Ken Watanbe. There are also stupid YouTube videos of people “touring” through the forest and vlogging it. Why don’t you complain about them? Right, because it’s not as easy a target. And yes, I know Sea of Trees had a poor reception, but that’s mostly because Cannes critics always overreact to every film. They either hail something as a masterpiece, or complete garbage, and based on generally positive reviews from France, the Sea of Trees is neither a great film nor a bad one. And I highly doubt it’s as bad as Cannes critics pretended because it’s directed by highly acclaimed director Gus Van Sant, two time Oscar nominated director, behind the great films of Milk, Elephant, Good Will Hunting, Paris. je t'aime, and Paranoid Park. It’s funny that people complain about this film, yet no one complains about the YouTube videos where people run around and walk around there for fun, pretending to experience “paranormal activity”, simply because it’s not something big for you to “attack”.

You know what the worst thing is? This movie isn’t even going to be that successful. I’m not going to see it as it looks fucking shit, there’ll be better movies being released in January in the UK (Hateful Eight and the Revenant), so I have better movies to spend my cash on. No one will even remember this movie in more than a couple weeks time after its release. It’ll most likely be that bad, which is even more hinted at with it being released in January. However, the film has the right to exist, you have the right to not like it, but to say it shouldn’t exist is hypocritical and childish. Imagine if you actually contributed something to the world and cinema (other than complaining behind a keyboard), and someone said, “oh, you can’t make that! It offends me!”, you’d think they were fucking dumb. It’s a work of fiction, and no ones fiction should be limited by others, especially those who do nothing creative (except write crappy fan fiction based on fictional characters created by a more creative person). When this movie blows at the box office, everyone who complained about it is going to pat themselves on the back and think they made a difference. No, you didn’t. Those who will see the movie won’t have a stupid Tumblr account, and 90% of the people in the world who won’t see the movie also won’t have a stupid Tumblr account. They won’t even be aware of the controversy surrounding this movie. This movie will figure terribly at the box office because there are much better movies coming out from acclaimed directors, Natalie Dormer isn’t a bring in the money actress as she’s not that well known despite being on Game of Thrones, the movies marketing is poor, and the movie just doesn’t look that good. But the poor success of this movie is not going to be because of people complaining, it’s going to be because no one cares about it. But all those complaining will see it because deep down they want to be offended as they want something to cry about, they want attention, and they want a sheep of idiots praising them on a stupid social media website. The new Peter Pan wasn’t a failure because of Rooney Mara (a great actress) or because of people saying it should be boycotted, it was a failure because critics slammed its quality, and the trailers for it were god awful. That movie starring Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper was also a failure not because of people on social media websites, but because it looked awful and was poorly marketed. I don’t even recall the name of the film, that’s how forgettable and crap it was. If you want to give yourself a pat on the back for thinking you made a difference in a movies box office success, a movie that the majority of the world don’t even know about, fine. Whatever. But in the future, please grow up. If you don’t like a movie, don’t pay to see it. You have that option. But stop trying to control what other people can pay to see. This goes for movies, video games, TV shows, music, anything entertainment based. You have no right to control what people can make, especially when you’re someone who is most likely way less talented and creative than they are.