omg ever since I doodled this I’ve had sailor nico moon stuck in my head all day….and I felt the need to draw everyone else haha

take most of these assignments with a grain of salt lol I mainly just wanted to draw them in these outfits I didn’t really have a reason for these haha though now that I look at them they kind of make sense (umi is serious and seemingly cold but is a big sweetie, hanayo loves being online/using tech n tracking idols/getting info etc, kotori has a famous alter ego n is very much one of the pillars of the group, and honoka tries to be tough and support everyone and tries not to show her inner suffering etc)

I guess it would’ve made more sense to make rin one of the cats but idk…I can just imagine a smug nozokitty giving nico advice n whenever nico needs help or is in trouble nozokitty is just like “HMMM let me consult the cards” while nico is like struggling in the bg with a fight haha

that and idk nozoeli luna and artemis is just….too good to pass up it’s almost too perfect haha plus I think rin would be a good school friend for nico :3c cheering her up and making her realize the good she’s fighting for etc

and ofc….tuxedo maki…..tall and beautiful and smug, sweeping the serious sailor nico moon right off her feet and constantly worrying over her cause she’s just so tiny…I love it;;

anonymous asked:

M!A: Nozomi gets to wear a WWE belt to cover up her bloodstained uniform. Actually, everyone gets to wear WWE belts, if only so I can make the joke "Rin-chan to ieba?" "JOHN CENA DA YOOOOOO"

RIN: “If it’s Rin-chan? It’s JOHN CENA!”

RIN: Rin’s not really sure what that means, but Rin hopes that’s what you wanted?

NICO: This has got to be the most ridiculous thing that’s happened yet.

NOZOMI: Oh, I dunno, Nico-chi. Maybe this is a sign that you’re destined to be the number one wrestler in the world.

HONOKA: But isn’t Nico-chan too small for wrestling…?

KOTORI: Maybe being tiny is what will give her an advantage.

NICO: *internal screaming*

(You didn’t specify a length for the M!A so I’ll have it for 8 asks since John Cena’s name is eight letters long.)

[WWE M!A 0/8 Asks]

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How 'bout a wrestling competition! Winner gets to wear all the belts. At once.

NICO: …!

HONOKA: Nico-chan…?

RIN: B-but…! Rin wouldn’t want to hurt Kotori-chan…! Rin…!

KOTORI: It’s alright, Rin-chan, we would just be playing around. 

NOZOMI: Don’t worry, you won’t have to fight each other. I’ll take you all on at once.

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