Check out this fun and informative interview with Tinashe and Noisey as they talk about Tinashe sneaking out of the house, getting drunk and the struggles of being a young woman in the music industry!

Photographer: Alex de Mora
Stylist: Kylie Griffiths
Hair: Sami Knight
Make-up: Crystabel Riley
Nails: Cherrie Snow

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I figured it was time for something new, and I wanted it to be more recognizable as the face of this blog. This manicure was far messier than expected, but then, I combined two rather messy techniques, so it was foolish of me to think it’d come out all nice and clean. If you’re going to attempt something like this, make sure you have q-tips and polish remover ready to clean up the edges.

I water marbled with Essie Lapis of Luxury (now renamed Lapiz? my bottle definitely has an S on it), Essie Power Clutch and Orly Halley’s Comet. I then cut letters out of tape, put the letters on my nails and painted over them with Sally Hansen Lustrous, my favorite black polish. Ideally I’d use blue painter’s tape for this, but all I have right now is satin finish Scotch tape, and it works well enough.

I recommend, if you’re using letters made out of tape, to leave one leg of the letter very long so it extends off the nail. I used the tail to help peel the tape off without having to scrabble for the ends, which prevented smudging of the black polish. I then went back with a swipe of the black polish to recreate the bottom of the letter.

- Riley, owner of fuckyeahnailart


The epilogue has been dubbed!!! Lots of thanks to @princess-sakura-serenity, Isamu and Riley for the wonderful voice acting!! <3 <3 <3 Princess Sakura did well with the editing voicing multiple characters in the same scene. :’D The singing was pretty good, too, so kudos to Riley! He nailed the Irish parts. The extra scene was super cute, too! (I didn’t know it was from Naruto until someone pointed it out, nice little reference there haha). I feel pretty bad for adding french words in there cos it seems Princess Sakura was having a hard time. The youtube comments are so amusing.  


The Doc’s In! Watch Amber Riley Nail the New Doc McStuffins Theme Song

{Day one; campground arrivals}

Picking at her nails, Riley took a deep breath before looking out the window. Surrounding her was the color of green - meaning lots and lots of trees. She watched through a backseat car window as the car she was in sped down an almost empty road. Veering past side roads and few houses, the young girl let her fingers pick at the tips of the others; prodding and poking as she pinched her own skin. She was nervous. The car curled around a curve only to make a quick left turn, swing to the right to make another, and then begin its journey down a long dirt road. Within a few miles it skittered to a stop. This was it, her arrival had been declared. 

Riley took a few moments before opening her door, almost falling out of it before managing to stumble to her feet. She allowed herself thirty seconds to regain her full balance before trudging to the back of the car and jerking her packed bags out of the trunk. With the sling of a backpack over her right shoulder and the adjustment of a suitcase handle, the blonde shrugged her shoulders and made up her mind. She was going to survive this. Letting a quick wave rise from her hand before heading towards the entrance of the campground, Riley made her way. 

Her feet tapped against the ground in stride as she walked. It had been forever since she’d been here, but everything looked the same. As she passed by cabins and buildings made solely for housing the camp’s many items for activity, she let out a breath. It really had been a while, and getting used to the hard labor that was to come was definitely going to be a workout. Nonetheless it was one the young girl could handle. After all, she’d done it before.