pulling double duty with inktober, with this for day 26

this is for the gayest au I’ve ever conceived, which is my “merged hearts” au. it’s a canon divergent au that takes place post-DDD in which riku is still experiencing influence from xehanort, ultimately resulting in another possession. he and sora battle, and in rikunort’s weakened state sora dives into riku’s heart to help fight xehanort. he ends up taking a page out of ven’s book and using his own heart to shield riku in the form of armor; as a result, their hearts merge and even after the battle, their hearts remain connected deeply, as evident through their eyes–“windows into the soul” in which their merged hearts show through their blended eyes

again. this is the gayest thing I’ve ever come up with


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Whether you're a hero or a villain,
one shall always perish.

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@sorceressrinoa and i were talking about how utterly mortified riku would be if he had trouble calling his keyblade back to him after even after becoming a master. he thinks the whole concept of strike raid is bullshit, honestly, who even,, throws a keyblade, come on, ,,