Love Lessons, pt 5

I just finished a calc quiz, and this is perfectly relevant.  It’s the final part of this story, buuuut that’s not to say that I won’t write more in this AU (cough like maybe some smut)

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Part 5

Monday dawned gray and rainy.

Riku supposed it was fitting, given his mood.  He huddled under an umbrella as he walked from the parking lot to the school building, and pretended he didn’t see or hear Sora calling out a from few steps behind him.

But he couldn’t ignore the hand that wrapped around his arm a few steps from the door, cold and wet from the rain.  “Riku, I was calling you!”

Riku took a deep breath, steeling himself.  “I didn’t hear you.”  Riku twisted out of Sora’s grip.  “Look, I’m sorry.  About Saturday.  Just forget about it.”  He gave Sora one last lingering look—he was frowning, his brow furrowed, his hair drooping from the rain, and it was cute, but it was obvious he was upset.  Riku gave himself a mental kick and repeated, “I’m sorry.”  He turned back to the door, and when Sora tried to grab his arm again, he shook him off.  “I have work to do,” he muttered, without turning back to Sora.

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@sorceressrinoa and i were talking about how utterly mortified riku would be if he had trouble calling his keyblade back to him after even after becoming a master. he thinks the whole concept of strike raid is bullshit, honestly, who even,, throws a keyblade, come on, ,,