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hello!! i know you're probable busy and you don't really do requests, but ium i was wondeing if you could draw some riku/namine? it doesn't have to be romantic!!! i just really love how you draw and the fact you drew platonic nami/riku a long time ago just makes me really happy

thank you anon! X)
I actually had another Namiku drawing in the works but… I seem to have misplaced it somewhere? I can’t find it anymore lmao here are some happy kids 

one thing i will always love about the kingdom hearts series is that at the beginning we’re introduced to Sora, Riku and Kairi

Riku wants to explore other worlds to find some kind of purpose and meaning in his existence

Kairi wants to try and find the world she came from, the past she can’t remember

Sora wants to go on vacation

like he is literally the universe’s biggest tourist


More KH3 Kairi! and of course KH3 Riku!!!!!!
1. Kairi with a magic gun, because why not?
2. Who says parasols are girly? They can be deadly too lol
3. a keyblade that can turn to wings and fly haha and of course leaves a trail of paopu shaped glitter dust
4. and BAM KH3 Riku with a keyblade turned sniper (key-per? get it? Keyblade and sniper? okay…) changed the design a little bit though… might change the design later on… hahaha

“Waiting for the bus in the rain (in the rain).” - Satellite High

This is for the @kh-worldsconnected fanzine. I was solo and the only thing I could think of for the theme was related to the song ‘The Bus is Late’ by Satellite High (featured in an episode of Welcome To Nightvale!). I imagine Sora is playing Pokemon Go and found a really rare Pokemon.

I Thought About You - Sora x Riku

My second submission for the Kingdom Hearts: World’s Connected fanzine! I’m so tired @^@ BUT IT’S BEEN WORTH IT. Please check out the whole project @kh-worldsconnected! Don’t miss out on all the goodness! Also check out my sister from another mister’s @drawallthesorikus beautiful art piece she made to accompany this fic! Riku and Sora are IN SUITS, and Riku is ridiculously awkward, as always. You can find it here!

Title: I Thought About You
Summary: No act of kindness left unrewarded, Riku unexpectedly finds himself gifted with the ability to read minds. There is a condition to using it, but Riku’s not about to let that stop him. There’s only one person’s thoughts in the whole, wide world he’s been dying to hear…

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Beauty in the Breakdown

**For the big-bang project @kh-worldsconnected
**A writer/artist collab with @karasunodiary (Such a lovely, talented, insightful person. Please check out her companion piece & more of her amazing work!)

Everyone who was thought to be lost is back thanks to the key to return hearts. An unexpected danger comes with their return. Namine has a plan to fix things, but nothing ever seems to go as planned. With time, she hopes she can turn things around. | Read on AO3+FFnet

Alone with the enemy, she breathed a little heavier than normal, reminding herself that she was ready for this. Her footsteps were light, being careful not to startle the boy. Fixed on his face, she gazed with wonder as she walked slowly and continued on to kneel by his side.

So familiar…

Her hand rose as she reached for his face, hovering just above his cheek. She stayed like that for a moment before retreating towards his chest.

His heart…

She moved to touch, laying her hand on his chest, letting it rest ever so slightly.


*Title inspired by music ‘Let Go’ by Frou Frou
*Shout out to @chiidorin @batisthequeen for proofreading

Alternate - Riku x Sora

A day late, but here it is! My first submission for the Kingdom Hearts: World’s Connected fanzine. This was so much fun to write! This project made my life. ha ha! Don’t miss out on all the amazing new content over at @kh-worldsconnected. Also! Please check out my paired artist’s @drawallthesorikus wonderful piece, too! You can find it here! Give her some love! :D

Title: Alternate
Summary: Braving the unknown, Sora travels through to another dimension that closely mirrors his own. The other side turns out to be more or less exactly what he expected, except for one, life-changing anomaly… 

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