Since I've posted the Chris brown thing y'all hoes been EXTRA MAD

So I’m going to continue

Let’s discuss how even though he’s talented if Chris brown was dark skinned his career wouldn’t have lasted this long, colorism is one of the main factors keeping his career alive. Furthermore, his behavior and unwillingness to take responsibility is due to his so called fans who eggs him on instead holding him accountable for his destructive actions (putting money in his pocket, laughing at his disrespect for women, making jokes about him abusing women..etc.) and has made him an entitled light skin boy. Let’s discuss how he almost killed two black women, yet y'all still stan him. Let’s talk about how Chris brown likes beating on women, people who can’t fight back easily, let’s talk about how he’s a coward and piece of shit, let’s talk about all the women in abusive relationships and the young girls growing up watching this who will because of y'all’s actions believe that abuse should be tolerated and that if their abuser is attractive or well liked then nobody’s going to come to their aid or care about their abuse, let’s talk about how YOU as black women and men have a responsibility not to support someone who constantly disregard and demean black women publicly and constantly.

Female Singers that represent their sign super accurate.

• Aries: Lady Gaga.

• Taurus: Adele.

• Gemini: Azealia Banks.

• Cancer: Ariana Grande.

• Leo: Charli XCX.

• Virgo: Beyoncé.

• Libra: Marina and the Diamonds.

• Scorpio: Lorde.

• Sagittarius: Nicki Minaj.

• Capricorn: Meghan Trainor.

• Aquarius: Alicia Keys.

• Pisces: Rihanna.

I really can’t stand the fact that people say that Karrueche is only doing the things she does “for attention,” or to “hold on to the little bit of fame she has left.”

and it’s not a small amount of people who have this mindset, and it’s not just with her either. we are maintaining a culture in which victims of abuse are afraid to speak out against their abusers and, quite frankly, it’s sad af.

like, i’m actually disgusted that there are people who are caping for Chris Brown, especially given his history with Rihanna and other women. i’m disgusted at people who think she’s faking and making up the whole thing. i’m disgusted that there are people who think that because the alleged abuse happened a couple of years back, that she’s no longer entitled to speak out about it – when the fuck did there become a time window for when someone can speak out about their experiences and take action? i’m disgusted that when a woman decides to come out against abuse, that the immediate public reaction is skepticism and to question the victims credibility. i’m sad that there are still people saying that she only got famous because Chris Brown “made her famous.”

I’ve seen way more people dragging Beyonce for being pregnant and living her life than I’ve seen people dragging Chris Brown for hating women and causing physical, emotional, and psychological harm to women and others. It’s honestly sad how many people will co-sign his treatment of women, while simultaneously patronizing other people for their admiration of other celebrities.

and to add insult to injury, a majority of these things are being said by black people – most of whom, pride themselves on being “pro-black.”

We have got to do better.

If this makes me extremely happy and proud? Yes! Finally she’s recognized by the hard work she’s been doing FOR YEARS. But of course, no one ever knew she did all this good actions because media only shares her “scandals” which are ridiculously false and utter nonsense. Only her fans know and have accompanied her journey inside and outside her singing, fashion and acting career, and we’re not surprised about this, because we always knew the true Robyn Rihanna Fenty. She’s gonna receive this award which has been received by Malala Yousafzai, Martin Luther King Sr., Lionel Richie and many other legends and we are in tears of joy. Rihanna, we wish you the best of the world, you truly deserve it for being so kind and always so down to earth and humble. You never forget your roots, you never forget that there’s always someone anywhere in the world that needs help, you never forget to tip a homeless man anytime you go out and find one, you never forget about the kids that need education and can’t have it, you never forget about the people that are fighting cancer everyday. You also aren’t silent about the problems that affect our society everyday and I admire you for all of that. You are an inspiration and a role model in your unique way, people need to open their minds more about you and delete the “pop girl” image out of their heads because you’re not that. You’re way more than that! You are a beautiful human and thank you for being that way and inspiring millions of young (and not only) people that support you and follow your journey. We’ll never forget any of this!


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