As if anyone needs another reason to disregard this group as anything serious. Since their activist mishap and recent events that shined light on Hugo Dominguez (DxE’s main organizer) as a sexual predator, they have decided to make a MEN’S group to talk about WOMEN’S issues. Because we just need more men to decide how we should be treated. I am beyond pissed and overly done with their bullshit.


Humane meat is a lie. Animals still suffer and die! 

It is up to us to expose the truth about animal agriculture, and you can help by sharing this video!

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CBS Films has acquired U.S. rights to Comancheria, an action-thriller starring Chris Pine, Ben Foster and Jeff Bridges.

Scottish helmer David Mackenzie will direct the project from a Black List script by Taylor Sheridan. The story centers on two brothers (Pine and Foster) who go on a bank robbery spree in order to save their family’s West Texas farm. Bridges will play a West Texas Ranger who is determined to catch the brothers.

Sidney Kimmel, Peter Berg for Film 44 and Julie Yorn for LBI will produce the film with Carla Hacken and Gigi Pritzker serving as executive producers. Sidney Kimmel Entertainment developed the project with Film 44, and OddLot Entertainment recently joined SKE on the film and will co-produce and co-finance.

“We pride ourselves on making and acquiring quality films in every genre. By that measure, Taylor and David’s category-bending heartland take on Robin Hood made Comancheriasomething of an obsession,” said Scott Shooman, executive vp acquisitions and co-productions, CBS Films. “Add in an extraordinary cast lead by Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine and Ben Foster and smart partners in Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, OddLot Entertainment, Film 44 and LBI, and we know that this will be a film that reminds a wide audience why they love riveting authentic movies.”

Shooman will oversee the project for CBS Films, which will distribute Comancheria in partnership with Lionsgate. WME Global and UTA negotiated the deal on behalf of the filmmakers.

something-resembling-gumption asked:

This episode was really fuckin weird. And my dad was like "no omg it was SO GOOD you can't keep comparing it to the books TV shows need to be more fast paced" and like??? That's not even close to the problem I have with the show??? They're killing off characters who aren't dead and the ones who are still alive have fucked up plot lines and are written extremely OOC idk what I even watched tonight honestly

Yeah I mean even if we’re just talking show canon, their characters are falling OOC left and right. Ellaria’s actions make no sense within the context of the show, neither do Jaime’s or Petyr’s or Stannis’s, and Grey Worm’s and Barristan’s (and Jojen’s TBH) deaths seem arbitrary and nonsensical to me, it’s just a clusterfuck.

And honestly I just need D&D to sit me down and explain to me why they did that scene between Jon and Melisandre because I found no value in that scene but plenty of discomfort and confusion.

Never mind the books, the show is being driven off it’s own rails. It’s just terrible and boring and stupid. Not even the ~shock value~ stuff shocks me anymore it’s just like “Okay thanks for this terrible scene dipshit there’s a few minutes of my life I’ll never get back”.


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