It Must Be Mine: Part Two

Link to part one.

Pairing: Demon!Dean x Reader, Sammy is also present:)

Summary:  Dean somehow survived Metatron’s attack, but the Dean the reader knows and loves isn’t the one standing in front of her.

Word Count: 2,210

Warnings: Language, Demon! Dean, kidnapp-y scenario  

A/N: This is the second installment of “It Must Be Mine.” I have no idea how long this series is going to be, I’ve never actually done anything like this. So. We. Will. See.

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You tried scrambling away from Dean, but he held you in place. He pushed himself back on top of you, pinning your hands above your head, using one arm, while the other caressed your cheek.

“I don’t know who you are but you better get the hell out of Dean!” You spat at the demon possessing the man you loved.  

Dean shook his head at you and tsked. “There’s nobody in this body but me, baby. The old, soft Dean, that wouldn’t go after what he wanted is gone. This is the new me. Tough, aggressive, and nothing is going to stop me from getting what’s mine.”

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First Muggle Christmas- Draco x Reader

Y/N Y/L/N was excited to spend her Christmas holiday with her boyfriend of a year Draco Malfoy. The two met in secret every night in the astronomy tower. She was a muggleborn Hufflepuff. He was a pureblood Slytherin prince. If word got out to the school Draco and the Malfoy family name would be ruined. The two loved each other more than anything. They were best friends in love. Draco would tell her everything and she kept him sane. Y/N listened to him while he talked about the pressures of being a Malfoy, his fake friends, and his parents. She would stay and listen. This was more than he ever could have wanted.

“ Draco…I have a question for you.” Draco looked up at Y/N. He was currently laying down in the astronomy tower with his head on her lap. “ You were talking about how you dreaded going home for the holidays. Why don’t we spend it together?” Draco was intrigued. “ How would I pull it off?” Y/N smiled. “ You tell your parents you’re going to stay at school for the break. Instead you come home with me.” Y/N held her breath. It was a long shot but, she wanted to spend the holidays with him. “ I’ll see what I can do. Will your parents be home from America for Christmas?” Y/N shook her head. Both of her parents worked in the American muggle embassy in America. She had the choice of going with them or living alone for Holidays. Not wanted to leave Hogwarts or Draco she chose the latter. “ No they have extra work this year. So it’ll just be me this year…again.” Y/N missed her parents but, knew they would be with her if they could. “ With umbridge here, it’s getting harder and harder to see each other.” Y/N said disappointment clouding her eyes. “ I’ll try my best lovely. I promise.” Draco sealed the promise with a gentle kiss.

It took a lot of lies and arrangement to be made but, Draco did it. He convinced his parents. He could barely believe it. That night he went to the astronomy tower to see Y/N humming reading like she normally did. “ Lovely?” Y/N looked up from her book. “ Draco, how was your day?” He sat beside her and wrapped an arm around her hip. “ I got some news.” Y/N looked up her beautiful E/C eyes he loved so much full of curiosity. “ I did it. We can spend Christmas together.” Y/N dropped her book. “ Honestly?!” He nodded as the excited girl hugged him tightly. “ Oh Draco this is a dream come true!” He chuckled watching the excitement take over Y/N. “ I’ll try my best to make this the best Christmas ever, I promise.” Y/N put her pinky out for a promise. Draco took it and the two were excited to spend time with the two of them. Soon they wouldn’t have to hide a thing.

The Hogwarts express was stuffed to the brim of excited homesick children ready to be reunited with their love ones. Y/N sat in her compartment excited to get away from everything with the man she loved. “ Are you excited for the holidays Y/N?” Y/N looked up at her best friend Neville Longbottom. She enjoyed spending time with the gentle boy with a love of plants. “ Ya, i’m excited to get away from umbridge and that lot.” Neville nodded in agreement. “ It’ll be nice to get away. I hope you won’t be too lonely Y/N. you can always visit me and my gran.” Y/N smiled at the kind offer. “ I’ll be okay Neville. Oh here I got you this for Christmas.” She pulled a book out Flesh-Eating Trees of the World. The sixth year textbook Neville desperately tried to get his hands on. His gran refused to get it for him wanting him to focus focus of fifth year study. “Y/N! How did you manage this?! Thank you.” Y/N smiled at the excited boy as he riffled through the books pages. “ Doesn’t make my gift look good compared.” He handed her a copy of The Healer’s Helpmate by H. Pollingtonious. “ I know you live in a muggle household so I figured you could use this. Every household should have one.” Y/N smiled at the thought he had put into her gift. The two friends hugged as the train stopped in king cross station.

Y/N and Draco met outside the prying eyes of Hogwarts students. It was back on another train for an hour long ride to Brighton where Y/N lived. Draco was nervous he had never been in the muggle world before. Would he mess up? As if sensing his doubt Y/N held Draco’s hand reassuringly. The two made it to Brighton in one piece. “My parents sent us a cab. My apartment is a 15 minute drive from here.” Draco had never taken muggle taxi or any taxi for that matter. His parents were driven around in their family car. Y/N placed the suitcases in the boot of the car. She helped Draco get in. Draco watched out the window as a new world passed him by. He watched the grey ocean crash against the shore. He was fascinated by the buildings these muggles created without magic. The cab stopped in front of a three story white apartment by the water. “ This is it Draco.”

After walking up three flights of stairs with heavy suitcases in tow. Y/N opened the front door to her apartment. It was a lovely two bedroom apartment. The apartment was airy and cozy. With pillows and throws everywhere. The themes were cream and seafoam green. It was as if the ocean itself was extending its reach into the apartment. Draco looked at all the muggle equipment he had never seen before. It was fascinating. Y/N took his coat. He looked about the apartment. It amazes him that people could manage to fit their whole existence in such a small place. This apartment seemed bigger than his home. The house was dark full of dark wood, deep forest greens, black and browns. “ This is brilliant lovely.” Draco said sitting at the dining room table. Y/N smiled making a list of ingredients needed for dinner. “ I’m glad Draco. This is now just as much my home as it is yours. I’m going to the grocery store to get our dinner. You can wait here while I go out.” Draco stood up. “ I’ll come with you. The least I can do is carry the bags.”

The market was only a five minute walk away. Draco was captivated by the Fluorescent lit building. Food neatly piled up in displays. “ Draco would roast beef be okay for dinner?” Draco nodded being drawn towards the muggle sweets alse. Y/N giggled at Draco acting like a child. The vegetables were chosen. Draco asked so many questions. How did Y/N know which vegetable was best? How many galleons were in this muggle pound? How was this card made of plastic used to buy things?Y/N patiently answered all of his questions. “ Pick any sweets you want to try.” Y/N said finished her shopping. Draco smiled and looked at all the sweets. He settled on a Curly Wurly and a Flake.

Draco settled all his things into Y/N’s bedroom. Her bedroom was clean and the pale canary yellow walls lit up the whole room like it was spring in the middle of winter. The white post metal bed with cream comforter made Draco want to sleep peacefully. He looked at her desk to see the letters he sent her last summer were neatly scattered on the table top. Y/N couldn’t write back in fear that Draco’s parents would find out. His smile was bittersweet remembering the time they spent apart during the first summer of dating. Late nights of missing her came flooding back. Draco walked to the kitchen where Y/N was working hard to make the perfect dinner. He came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. This was bliss. “ You seem happy?” Y/N said stirring the pot of potatoes. “ I want to be like this forever lovely, just you and me in our little world.” He kissed the top of her head.

Draco had never been so relaxed in his entire life. Everyday he woke up to the love of his life. There was no pressure to be perfect. Christmas Eve soon arrived. Draco enjoyed adventures into the muggle world. Whither it was shopping on the high street or going to the cinema. The morning of Christmas Eve he woke up before Y/N. He quietly watched the peaceful girl beside him. She was peaceful and relax it made him even happier. Y/N E/C eyes fluttered open full of sleep. “Good morning Draco.” Y/N yawned eyes still full of sleep. “ Good morning Lovely. It’s Christmas Eve.” Y/N climbed on Draco’s chest placing her head on his chest. The steady heartbeat threatened to send her back to sleep. “ Yay.” Draco played with Y/N’s H/C hair enjoying the lazy morning.

It was a lazy day in. Y/N ordered pizza for dinner not wanting to go out or cook. Y/N crocheted while Draco did his homework. The comfortable silence ended at midnight. The couple was wrapped in a cream fuzzy blanket. “ Lovely, Merry Christmas.” Y/N kissed Draco and smiled. “ Can we exchange gifts now?” Draco asked with excitement. Y/N giggled. “ Alright, let me go get yours.” Y/N left the room leaving Draco on the couch. He was nervous. This was his shot. Y/N reappeared holding a beautifully wrapped gift in silver and red wrapping paper. Draco opened the parcel to see the watch he loved when he was shopping in the high street with Y/N. inscribed was the date of the Yule Ball when they became a couple. Draco smiled widely. “Thank you, Lovely.” Y/N was relieved. Draco took both of Y/N hands in his. “ This holiday has been the best time of my life. I want things to be like this forever. I feel at peace when I’m with you. I want…I want you to marry me when we graduate.” Y/N was dumbfounded looking at the ring Draco pulled out of his pocket. Emerald green gemstone with sleek silver band of diamonds. “ Honestly?” Y/N said tears in her eyes. “Honestly and truly.” Draco replied placing the ring on her left ring finger. Tears rolled down Y/N’s cheeks as she hugged Draco. “ I would be honoured to be your wife.” Draco hugged her back. This was a dream come true. Soon this would be his life forever. Soon.

Once again, SPOILERS for Born to Endless Night

Remember my headcanon about little Max Blue? (x) Well, this scene popped up in my head and I couldn’t get rid of it, so I wrote it down. Just this one scene…


The room’s shaking, all the furniture screeching horribly as it keeps sliding over the floor, inch by inch to the side, when Magnus barges in. He stops in the door, his horrified look glued to his husband, who’s levitating eight feet off the floor in the middle of the room, eyes closed, arms and legs spread slightly as if floating in water. He’s white as a sheet and barely breathing.

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Um, hi, I just wanted to ask you a favour since you have a larger following than me. I just got the Cursed Child book and a super nice lady from a German news station asked me to riffle through the book and took a video of me doing it. She said it was for a German news station, and I don’t live there, and I was just wondering if you would maybe be able to ask your German followers to keep a look out? Thank you either way

this tornado loves you

(what will make you believe me?)

Four books Korra gave to Mako.
Word Count: 5,500
A/N: For otpeep/korratea, from your secret santa. I wrote almost all of before the finale, and I can’t bring myself to alter it. You asked for Makorra, so Makorra you will get. And I honestly put too much work and love into this fic to change it; in that sense, it’s also kind of a last Makorra hurrah for me. Some notes:

  • All the lines of poetry are from real poems. All the lines of smut are from real bad smut. 
  • title is from that absolutely fab song on your absolutely fab makorra playlist
  • this fic made my friend cry
  • i’m jumping the gun and posting this a day early because i want to

i hope you love reading this as much as i love writing it. <3



Korra buys the first books from a quiet stall tucked towards the back end of a street market, the warm smell of must and paper hanging in the air like smoke. It always makes her think something old and wise was laid to rest in between the pages of the books, not quite dead: the things that live forever live inside books, hidden between the verses of poems and ballads, silent and pure and safe from the careless clutches of human hands.

She pushes the curtain flap aside and steps into the room, Tenzin bowing his head under the low door as he follows her. The entire room is lined with bookshelves, from floor to ceiling, and a wooden table groans under the weight of haphazardly stacked tomes and tumbling pyramids of scrolls. There’s a young woman seated cross-legged on a cushion in the back corner, thumbing through a ledger book with charcoal-stained fingers as she sorts through a short tower of dime novels.

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I’ll Show You Mine

Get your minds out of the gutter! This is a fic prompted by @i-dream-of-emus suggestion of #29 from this list. I wrote it an about an hour, bc I’ve already overthought one of these (#23 for @lilaviolet and an anon–it’s still forthcoming!) I did give it a once-over before posting, but if there’s any egregious grammar mistakes, let me know and I’ll fix it!

My m.o. for the prompts from this list, is I’m using the prompt as the first line, rather than trying to work it into a scene, in case anyone hadn’t noticed. So far, it’s going okay! Hope you enjoy!

* * * * *

“Give it back!” 

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Of Family

thien2679: Please write about Toby or Bentley or Maddie, we don’t have much story about her. 

Maddie it is! 


           Dipper looked up from his mystery novel when Maddie appeared at his bedroom door. “What’s wrong, honey?”

           She rubbed her eyes with one hand and shuffled forward, clutching her favorite stuffed animal to her chest. “Can’t sleep.”

           “Do I need to scare the monsters under the bed away again?” Two weeks ago, there had been a literal monster lurking under Maddie’s bedframe. It had taken one look at his face, momentarily demonic, and had sunk into the floorboards and out of the house faster than Dipper would have thought an ooze-monster could.

           “No. Just can’t sleep.” Maddie, stuffed kitten in her hand, clambered onto Dipper’s bed. He pulled back the sheets beside him, feeling the beginnings of worry tugging at his mind.

           “Bad dream? Problems at school? Did somebody say something mean to you?”

           She shook her head, curly hair bouncing with the movement. “Not really.”

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