Concept: Ben v. Ben Riff-off

Ben Platt going head to head with Ben Fankhauser to see who can fit the most riffs into a song that really doesn’t need riffs, like Baa Baa Black Sheep.

  • 1 point for every successful riff
  • -1 point for every riff that sounds forced 
  • 2 points for every riff that would sound forced if anyone else was singing it

Oh there goes my weave

list of things i’m expecting for harry’s week at the late late show:

a) harry casually strumming his guitar with reggie on the side

b) crosswalk the musical featuring harry’s gangly legs stumbling away from upcoming traffic

c) a little skit of him waking up in the studio with his pj’s and a blanket lookin all cute and cuddly

d) a cocky ass smirk on his face when he battles james in a heated riff-off or drop the mic

e) is it too early to ask for a carpool karaoke????

I was just watching the PP1 riff-off and I always forget how fucking adorable Chloe was right at the very end of No Diggity, during those last few seconds where she’s bouncing around and then she mouths the words “we out” along with Beca, then looks at the Trebles like “take that, bitches,” but she can’t quite pull off the hardcore vibe, because she’s just so proud of Beca and so over the moon about the fact that her new favorite person just became a real Bella in that moment, and so it comes across as less badass and more precious happy cinnamon roll.  She’s so cuuuute I can’t stand it sometimes. 

The One

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader (Y/N Y/L/N) -off screen lol

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean gets nervous when talking to the Reader over the phone.

Word Count: 1k-ish

Warnings: Fluff

Author’s Note: Heyy guys!! This is my entry for Shannon’s aka @splendidcas  Birthday Fic Challenge!! Prompt is bolded!!  I hope you guys like it!! I literally typed it up this morning so I’m kinda proud!! Feedback is always welcomed!! Also, watch out for a second part!!! *wink*

P.S. thank you to Arie and Ree for convincing me to post it, even if I was losing hope!!! *hugs*

The One - Part One

My finger hovered over the call button, my heart racing. It shouldn’t be this hard, right? Since when did I get nervous when calling a girl up? It wasn’t like me.

But here’s the thing.

This wasn’t just a girl. It was the girl.

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swift-as-a-deer  asked:

How would you fix up the prequels in Star Wars? Especially with regards to exploring Anakin's transformation/arc, given that Anakin goes from preventing the (immediately required) execution of Palpatine to killing lots and lots of innocent Jedi children/warriors in about 10 minutes of screen time and a few(?) hours of in-universe time. Thanks

*cracks knuckles* Tagging @the-winged-wolf-bran-stark in this, as we’ve talked about it before. 

Big important change right off the top: let the actors improvise, experiment, and riff off each other with their dialogue, as often happened in the original movies. George Lucas is great (nigh-peerless, actually) with concepts and storyboards, but he himself has admitted he’s not great at dialogue, especially romantic dialogue. This was the #1 problem with the prequels, and I think the interesting, surprisingly risky stuff about this trilogy would’ve gotten more attention if the mediocre-to-awful dialogue wasn’t slapping everyone in the face every few seconds.

After that? For me, the #2 problem was how many intriguing ideas and characters didn’t get fleshed out while Lucas lavished time on stuff he didn’t need or just wasn’t working. For example, while the Gungans did allow Georgie to give us some lovely visuals…

…that alone doesn’t justify their existence. They’re tiresome and super racist in conception, as are the Nemoidians. In terms of non-humanoids to lavish more time on, go with Kamino, as that was easily my favorite part of AOTC.

That also leaves the primary antagonist role—and a lot of screen time—open in TPM. Use that narrative space to beef up Darth Maul’s role significantly and move up by a movie the introduction of the Separatist movement and Count Dooku (while changing that embarrassing name; low-hanging fruit, I know, but that doesn’t make it any less true). Position Maul as a mercenary working for the Count, while hinting that he’s really Sidious’ mole inside the separatists; start the PT with Maul kicking off the Separatist movement by attacking the Republic and the Jedi in some instantly memorable fashion, rather than something something trade dispute. Keep the whole “faction rebels against the Republic which is too schlerotic to respond properly” plot framework of TPM, but give the antagonists some real heft. Use their rebellion as a way to interrogate and investigate the failings of the Jedi and the Republic. Because that was, by far, the best idea in the prequels: the Jedi and the Republic didn’t just lose, they failed. Neither of them could handle the challenge Palpatine posed. 

This would also give the Separatist movement a distinct ideological tenor and dramatic reason for being other than just “swarm of droids and/or idiots to be manipulated by Palpatine.” The Count needs to genuinely believe that he’s doing the right thing, taking on the corrupt and shiftless powers that be both in the Republic and on the Jedi Council, with no idea that he’s being manipulated by the Sith. Indeed, build up the Count throughout that first movie as a dark mirror of Qui-Gon. That’ll make it more meaningful when Obi-Wan and the Count cross paths in AOTC–and you need to spend a lot more time on that dynamic. Cut half the Battle of Geonosis to make room.

Thus, when the Separatist movement is finally destroyed in ROTS, it’ll carry some weight: they saw the problems, but put their faith in the wrong people. And that, of course, dovetails perfectly with Anakin’s own story. To your question in that regard: his turn to the dark side needs to be seeded into his overall worldview instead of just his knee-jerk emotional reactions. There’s a little of that in AOTC (“then they should be made to”) but not nearly enough. Spend a lot of time on Anakin arguing with Senators and Jedi Masters about their approach to the war, politics, and life in general. Have him develop theories about politics and the Force that have a gut appeal compared to the older and not-actually-wiser heads around him while still being worryingly close to Fascism In Space. Stick with the original concept of Padme founding the Rebellion, and have this political schism be the cause of their relationship falling apart. She too is frustrated with the Council and the current leadership of the Republic, but is horrified and walks away from him when she learns he sided with Palpatine. Anakin hesitates for a moment, but then hardens his heart and turns on the younglings; Vader is born.