Luke Skywalker rides a Brachiosaurus on a planet with two suns:

Yes, I am aware that Tatooine would be a rather inhospitable place for Brachiosaurs.
(From the Star Wars Rides Dinosaurs series last week)

Having decided to draw the wistful, horizon-contemplating farm boy Luke, rather than the Force-trained, light saber wielding Luke, somehow the Brachiosaur scene from Jurassic Park came to mind. Sam Neil tells the kids that the Dinosaur is just like a big cow….although probably not one that you would find on a moisture farm.

Top 5 Most Terrifying Rides In The World


Giant Canyon Swing


Zumanjaro, Drop of Doom

One Direction

Nizam: homophobic tweets

Oli: abuses his position as a ~friend~as leverage to hit on underage girls

Calvin: makes fun of the person who is basically giving his sorry ass a free ride around the world.

They are all literally shit.


I was digging in the my never ending folder of Disney things and found these attraction posters. Thought I’d share!

Why do people think Pisces are frail delicate flowers like the only reason we daydream and use escapism so much is not because the world is too hard for us but because we’re imagining a world where we are the rulers okay we fucking own that bitch and our economy is FLAWLESS and maybe we don’t wanna play ur stupid fucking kickball maybe we wanna imagine murdering you from the bench okay and hey maybe the only reason we’re cry babies is so that we can get into a fucking Disney world ride for free OKAY IT ACTUALLY WORKS LEARN HOW TO CRY ON COMMAND GUYS and maybe the reason we appear fragile and delicate is so that you’ll trust us and when you screw us over we know all your secrets and will grill your ass ok we are manipulative little spawns of Satan stop pls

anonymous asked:

Tom/Lucy, Tom/Ann, Tom/Wendy or Tom/single?

Okay so. I am a HUGE Haverkins fan. Like you wouldn’t believe. But I’m an even bigger fan of Tom AND his girlfriend being happy and fulfilled and accepted for who they are. 

So Tom and Lucy all the way. 

I also happen to be the only person who seems to have written about them specifically, here and here. Still hoping that someday, someone, anyone sends me Lucy/Tom prompts, anything at all. But hey. 

All that to say, I ship these two like crazy.