I found a stable near my apartment where I’m going to start volunteering. I signed up almost as soon as I walked in. On any other day, I’d have picked up some information, maybe pet a few horses, and left with every intention of coming back to volunteer but probably never going through with it.

But not today.

Today I committed to help out where I could. It’s probably not a life-changing act of charity, but it could be a day-changing one. It’s a small step towards bringing a little more of Jay’s light into the world.

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I'm in the middle of book 6, and was thinking about all the ways the Hiccups are the same, yet not. It's like book!Hiccup is movie!Hiccup's little cousin or something. I don't know if you've already answered this question, but how do you think the book characters would get along with their movie counterparts? (The Toothlesses interacting is just... fun... to think about. XD)

It’s fun to think about indeed! Here are some links to past discussions on the topic. XD XD XD Be careful, though… some of these have spoilers for events that happen beyond book six!

The Hiccups

These two would get along just fine. They’d actually become this power duo trying to save the world together. Like, yikes, wow, this would be a DUO. I don’t know that they’d be constantly laughing with one another or cracking jokes with one another (that’s not either of their personalities), but they would really be thankful to team up to act on their deep integrity. They’d almost like, never butt heads. It’d be interesting.

I have a feeling they would be really interested in one another, but also have a little sense of being weirded out by the other’s presence. I mean, especially once they hear one another’s pasts. It’ll be discomfiting to think about how each other’s respective world goes. “Oh, my dad’s dead.” Things like that just make… you… cringe.

The Toothlesses

This one’s not going to work out. Hehehe.

Book!Toothless is obnoxious, whining, selfish, impulsive, and gets into a lot of trouble. DW!Toothless is a bit more behaved. He might be a nerd, but he’s not going to appreciate a small, green, annoying dragon flying all around him setting Hiccup’s house on fire.

From canon, we know that DW!Toothless doesn’t enjoy Terrible Terrors - the species of dragon that book!Toothless inspired. We also know that DW!Toothless doesn’t enjoy having Torch in the house. Part of that is, of course, because Torch is an infant Typhoomerang, which means that it’s a little dangerous to keep the baby separated from its mother. However, Toothless is also annoyed at Torch’s habits - stealing his bed, stealing his fish, etc. Book!Toothless is going to do all that and worse. The Night Fury will be displeased.

Snotface Snotlout with Snotlout Jorgenson

I feel like it’d happen similarly to how DW!Snotlout regards Dagur. Initially, DW!Snotlout fawns over Dagur and thinks he’s a cool guy - he sees Dagur’s strength and abilities rather than his sour side. In the same way, Snotface Snotlout has some impressive features. He’s got skulls on his arms and is the single most adept warrior of his peer group. DW!Snotlout will love that! But once he realizes how nasty Snotface actually is… things will get less chummy fast. Not to mention book!Snotlout might not ever be as keep on DW!Snotlout as vice versa.

Fishlegs Ingerman with Fishlegs No-Name

These two will get along splendidly. Both are peace loving sorts with a love of poetry and the finer, safer things in life. They both prefer to stay home in safety rather than confront dangers and adventures. Fishlegs No-Name wants to be a bard; Fishlegs Ingerman is a scholar who will read books about anything. They’ll be great together.

Astrid with Camicazi

I feel they’ll get along okay, but not become incredibly close. Astrid and Camicazi have some commonalities - they’re both adept warriors confident in the midst of danger - but they also have some personality differences. The personality differences are where things might rub. I don’t imagine Astrid being so keen to listen to a constantly-gabbing Camicazi, and she miiiight find Cami’s cockiness a little annoying.

Ruffnut and Tuffnut with Tuffnut Junior

Ah no this is not working. Tuffnut, Jr., from the little we get of him, seems like a hard, tough, serious cookie. That is the opposite of what we get with the Thorston twins. I expect clashes. The Thorstons will try to play it cool as they always do, but be secretly relieved when Junior leaves. Book!Tuffnut will be a little more aggressive and outwardly grouchy at them.


I suppose we could talk about the others like the Stoicks, Valka versus Valhallarama, the Alvins, the Stormflies, the Hookfangs, Furious versus Drago, Norbert versus Dagur, and stuff like that. But I think these are the fun ones to consider!


You’re scared because you’re thinking about what’ll happen if you lose us, right? If what you lost was too big, and you can’t replace it with something else, you don’t have to replace it with just one thing, right? If you get ten small things, or a hundred small things all together … it will be enough of a reason for you to keep going! No one’s going to criticize you if you get excited for something, or you laugh with all your heart! And if someone does, I’ll beat them up!

AU where Steve catches the Maximoff twins in the Avenger’s Tower watching all Disney movies that they didn’t get to see growing up, and they’re both completely in love with the movies. So Steve gets the other Avengers together to plan them a trip to Disney World. The trip is a complete surprise. When the twins get on the jet, they think they’re going on another mission and don’t realize that Natasha packed suitcases for the both of them filled with everything they’d need for a trip to Orlando.

When they step off the jet, Mickey and Minnie are waiting for them (as arranged by Tony), the twins are confused for a second, and the team has to explain to them that they’re not actually going on a mission. Once they realize what’s going on, Pietro immediately turns into a 5 year old. Wanda tries to stay a bit more composed, but she’s choking back tears because this trip is the nicest thing anyone’s done for them in a long time. And within the first hour, Pietro’s dragged her down with him and they’re both running around like little kids going on all the rides and meeting as many characters as they can. The group rides Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin 4 times because they’re all trying to beat each other’s high scores. They see practically all the shows and parades, visit all 4 parks, and eat more food with Mickey Mouse on it than they thought could exist. They take a family photo in front of Cinderella’s Castle (and all the other iconic park locations). In fact, Natasha doesn’t stop taking pictures the whole time. And, thanks to Tony, the twins leave the parks having more souvenirs than anyone knows what to do with (so many that they can’t bring everything back on the jet and some of it has to be shipped home).

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What should I watch next? 

So holy crap, Lapis is a civilian P.O.W.

Like, it’s not even a metaphor or an allegory. That’s literally what she is. A civilian who got caught in the crossfire and ended up trapped as a prisoner of war, never to return home.

Holy freaking christ, Steven Universe, your primary demographic is twelve years old! And yet you’re tackling subject matter head-on that even the most mature dramas on TV try their damnedest to avoid? Good job, Steven Universe, really good job. Really, really, really good job. Holy crap.