►►WAGS Season 2 : A WAG Wedding


Air Date : June 26th, 2016
Season Number : 2
Episode Number : 6
Episode Name : A WAG Wedding
Networks : E!

E! takes a wild ride into the world of some of today’s hottest professional athletes from the perspective of the women who stand by their side, otherwise known as WAGS (Wives and Girlfriends of Sports Stars). These WAGS are playing the most competitive sport out there: getting and keeping that pro-athlete man. As part of an elite, exclusive group, the WAGS are close friends who are bound together by a strict hierarchy, unspoken rules and plenty of drama - and those who have the coveted ring and a husband with a contract are the ones with all the power! As in sports, this game is all about getting that “W” and this pack knows how to play the field…

Okay, I kinda had a feeling that this was going to happen owing to the amaze discussions W has prompted on forums and review sites. So I’m not surprised at the development…just, excited? Yeah, definitely excited. I personally am a fan of resets when done right and here it’s done just so well. Because regardless of all the amazingly cute OTP moments we were blessed with, there was no legit and proper conclusion we could’ve gotten from it. So much became compromised when the whole genre got a massive shift. Of course one has to face consequences when completely playing with the very foundations upon which an entire world is built. And that had started to happen. Two worlds which were meant to stay separated collided and ripples were felt across both of them. It’s not the collision itself which is the cause of concern, it was the way the key players dealt with the collision.

If I go all meta, it’s the same as SM putting a killer in his story but not properly thinking about its origins and end which prompted all the things. YJ sort of did the same by saving KC but not properly taking into account about what a simple step could mean in the long run. The whole system is just so fragile that if not dealt with properly, it could mean tragedy. This episode was a sad wake up for both YJ and KC. Specially KC because he is the main character and it’s his character upon which the entire world is based. Seeing his best friend literally fade away in front of him plus knowing that YJ is no longer invincible PLUS the knowledge of the Killer having his own awakening moment…it basically is a lot to take in. I’m not surprised that he came to that conclusion or that YJ so readily accepted it.

The great thing about this show is how I have complete faith in the writer that she WILL make it all come together nicely. At the core it is a love story which crosses dimensions and blurs the lines of reality and fiction so I’m super excited at how this reset will affect KC who now remembers nothing and YJ who does but who will also have to willingly not act upon the knowledge of the previous reality she experienced. There’s gonna be some angst and my body couldn’t be more ready about it. Like the preview has me SOOO excited already it’s insane!

SU Season 3 Episodes Worst to Best (Part 1)

So Season 3 of Steven Universe has came and went, and I have to say that it’s the most solid season of Steven Universe so far. There wasn’t a single terrible episode (some came close) and the great episodes were some of the best of the series. So I decided to rank them from least good to most good. Let’s start with the ones that came the closest to being bad. 

23. The New Lars:

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I do not care for Larsadie either as a ship or a story arch. Whenever the plot is about their relationship, I end up tuning out. This episode does have Steven possessing Lars to try to force him into a relationship he doesn’t want to be in. WTF Steven. Seeing as this show is big on the value consent, this episode feels out of character for the show. The thing that saves this episode from being awful is that they at least didn’t reward Steven for his behavior & the morality seems to be in the right place for the most part. I just don’t give a crap about Larsadie.

22. Same Old World:

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This episode is one of the weakest episodes of Season 3 for a few reasons. 1. This episode is meant to give Lapis some character development and I felt like this is the episode she was the blandest in. That point is accentuated by the reveal of her backstory that was very simplistic. She was poofed by some gem, and then some gem trapped her, and some gem stepping on her cracking her. It gave little detail and made her character seem even more boring.  Future episodes made Lapis seem like a much more interesting character, but this one just made her seem so bland. The only interesting part of her backstory was that she was poofed by a gem later revealed to be Bismuth. Yes the gem that poofed Lapis had longer hair than Bismuth, but here’s the thing; everyone had big hair in this episode!

That’s my other problem with this episode, the art. Not only with the ridiculously big hair, but the height ratios are even worse than usual. Like when Lapis grew by 5 feet between shots.

21. Too Short to Ride:

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I’m sorry, but this episode felt aggressively mediocre. It felt like the plot just meanders until bam! Peridot has powers. I’m glad they did an episode on Peridot not having powers, but this just wasn’t very interesting. This is very disappointing because it was the first week episode I was the most excited to see.  I guess this episode and The Kindergarten Kid proves that they need more than Peridot to make an episode great or even good. 

20. Gem Hunt:

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This episode was a great lead in for Crack the Whip; unfortunately that is pretty much all it offered. Yes, there were some nice interactions between Steven and Connie plus Pearl is adorable in this episode, but outside of that it only works as lead up for a better episode. It just doesn’t hold up as its own episode for the most part.

19. Super Watermelon Island:

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We finally get to see Alexandrite vs. Malachite! A battle built up for awhile, and the result is… fine. It’s fine. I think this might be one of the weakest “big” episodes of the season. Maybe it’s because many of the other episodes are bigger emotional rollercoasters, while this is mostly just a fight scene.

18. Barn Mates:

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The good news is that this episode dealt with someone trying to earn forgiveness and someone not forgiving them much better than the Week of Sardonyx. It’s still overall just an ok episode though.

17. Drop Beat Dad/ Kiki Pizza’s Delivery Service:

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Both solid episode, unfortunately both were predictable and forgettable.

16. Greg the Babysitter:

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I thought about lumping this episode in with Drop Beat Dad and Kiki Pizza’s Delivery Service, but this episode inches above them because it had Rose Quartz. I love that at the beginning she seemed like a perfect benevolent woman that was too good for this world (Like how many dead moms are portrayed as in movies or shows). Now we know that she is ditzy and irresponsible and I love it.

15. Steven Floats:

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This episode actually feels way more like a Season 1A episode than it does a Season 3. It features the gems with way more of their early personalities, Steven is dealing with a new power going awry, and it has low as hell stakes. It did have a nice sentimental moment with Steven appreciating the gems and I thought it was a fun episode overall.

14. Restaurant Wars:

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I didn’t know where to put this episode because it’s a great episode with one huge distracting flaw. The episode is a lot of fun in how over the top it is. The lengths Kofi and Fryman go in their war were a lot of fun to watch. The part I didn’t like was when Steven accidentally ruined Ronaldo and Jane’s relationship. Yes it was a good reveal that Ronaldo actually had a girlfriend, but the problem is that their relationship is ruined and it’s played for laughs. For the rest of the episode Ronaldo is crying about losing his girlfriend and it’s pretty clear that we’re suppose to find it funny. It’s not funny because Ronaldo did nothing wrong in that episode, he didn’t even want to participate in the scheme that ruined his relationship, but the others pressured him into it. They don’t even care that they ruined his relationship, which is especially out of character for Steven. If Steven were in character, he would’ve felt awful about ruining Ronaldo’s relationship and made it his top priority to fix it. Outside of that awful moment (that permeates the rest of the episode) this episode was great-stylized fun.

To Be Continued: 

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