Skating and traveling are the best, especially with the Vecter 37 in hand. Original Skateboards Team Rider, Aleix Gallimo shares a full year of riding around the world with a bunch of sweet roads and spots with tons of different people: Iceland, Austria, Italy, Chez Republic, France and Spain to name a few.

See the board: http://originalskateboards.com/longboards/vecter-37-downhill-longboard

Music is crucial. Beyond no way can I overstress this fact. Let’s say you’re southbound on the interstate, cruising alone in the middle lane, listening to AM radio. Up alongside comes a tractor trailer of logs or concrete pipe, a tie-down strap breaks, and the load dumps on top of your little sheetmetal ride. Crushed under a world of concrete, you’re sandwiched like so much meat salad between layers of steel and glass. In that last, fast flutter of your eyelids, you looking down that long tunnel toward the bright God Light and your dead grandma walking up to hug you–do you want to be hearing another radio commercial for a mega, clearance, closeout, blow-out liquidation car-stereo sale?