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I cannot stop surfing through these haunting Francesco Mugnai pictures. His photo series on abandoned amusement parks brings chills to my body as thrilling as the excitement I can recall back from visiting the amusement parks of my childhood. Here are all the memories rotting in fields and perhaps hosting some ghostly visitors.

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Lake Katherine, Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba, Canada by Warren Justice on Flickr.


Panoramic Photo’s taken while on rides at Disneyland. I used the panoramic feature on an iPhone, and the movement of the ride to take them. 
Photos by Afranz

Listed from Top to Bottom
1. Disney’s California Adventure Pier from Rocket Rods
2. Trees above on Splash Mountain (White smudges are light leaks)
3. Splash Mountain after the drop
4. Ariel’s Undersea Adventure
5. Bumper Cars in Cars Land
6. Car’s Land
7. World of Color from Ariel’s Grotto

I wanted to take more, but many of the rides were either to dark for exposure, or the ride moved too fast to take a panoramic. Like or share if you dig, and send me your photos if you try this technique on your next visit.