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(A/N: shortish smut. Seriously, who doesn’t want to marry Wonho? Stop me from writing about him I just love him so much he makes me feel things) 

Your friends spun you around and held your hands as you danced to the deafening techno music in the club. Full of alcohol, you were finding it increasingly hard to stay up, especially in your new high heels but you were having the best bachelorette party you could have ever hoped for, even though you did miss your fiance who had already had his bachelor party. With just a few days left until the wedding, you were glad to let go and dance with your friends, celebrating what they’d been calling ‘your last night as a free woman’ though of course, you didn’t see it like that. Wonho made you your best self; he made you feel alive. It was almost as if something was missing before you met him. Blue, green and pink lights beamed from the ceiling, moving at a pace that almost made you dizzy. With a ‘Bride to be’ sash on and a neon tutu around your waist, you felt like the centre of attention with everyone encouraging you to down your shots and wishing you well on your future marriage. Even on a night like this where you were supposed to be celebrating your independence, you wanted Wonho to be there with you; dancing in his strong arms sounded perfect. Giggling at your maid of honour who was trying to dance as sexy as she could, you could have sworn you saw one of Wonho’s groomsmen Minhyuk out of the corner of your eye and when you thought that was unlikely, you spotted the leader of Wonho’s group Shownu at the bar. In a haze of confusion, you could barely hear your bridesmaids yelling your name and trying to get your attention. 

“(Y/N!) Look who’s here!” 

Your bridesmaid called before reaching behind her and pushing your fiance in front of you. He grinned mischievously before cuddling you. Wonho smelled so good and he looked so damn fine in tight denim jeans that hugged his muscular thighs. 

“Hoseok! What are you doing here?! You know it’s supposed to be girls only.” 

You pretended to be stern with him when really you were over the moon that he had come to see you. With that jaw dropping, dazzling smile, he chuckled with a glimmer of lust in his eyes. 

“I just couldn’t stay away jagi. Besides, aren’t you happy to see me? I missed you.” 

You couldn’t fight your smile and the feeling of being home and safe when you were with him. Even in the crowded room full of intoxicated strangers, when you were with him, it felt like just the two of you in this crazy love bubble. All of a sudden, he pulled you close and crushed his lips upon yours, desperately needing you. Like it was an instinct, you ran your fingers through his hair, feeling yourself fall deeper and deeper in to the kiss. You sensed his hunger, his wanting for you. It became obvious why he’d come and how much he really missed you. You weren’t there in his bed with him and that was something he didn’t like at all; he wasn’t complete without his partner in crime. Wonho grabbed your behind, squeezing it tightly as if no one was there when you heard:

“Oh my fucking god guys, get a room!” 

He pulled away with a soft, warm laugh. Your foreheads rested against each other, the two of you gazing in to each others eyes, breathless. 

“I missed you too.” 

You uttered, just loud enough for him to hear over the loud music. Eagerly, your fiance took your hand and started leading you through the crowd of people. 

“Where are we going?!” 

You cried as loudly as you could. 

“Somewhere! Anywhere! Don’t worry, this won’t take long.” 

Within minutes you were in a toilet stall, sat on the seat with your legs around Wonho as he reached forward and kissed you passionately, reaching under your tutu and dragging your panties down your legs. 

“Touch yourself jagiya. Let me see you play with yourself. We don’t have much time and I need you, right now.” 

You were shy, even in front of your fiance, the person you were going to spend the rest of your life with, though the alcohol in your body helped you feel a little more confident. Wonho stood up and unzipped his jeans, his erection almost breaking the zipper as it bulged out. His deep eyes almost burned in to you, watching you rub your pulsing clit as he dropped his black boxer shorts down around his ankles. Wonho told you to rub yourself as he wanted you to be wet for him but you were already dripping just by seeing his thick, hard manhood in his hand. In the background, you heard the loud bass of the music thumping, hoping it would mask your whimpers. Making you giggle, Wonho lifted you up off the seat and took your place, hinting he wanted you to ride him. Your heart fluttered whilst your horniness was making you a crazy woman. Perhaps Wonho wanted to take advantage of he fact you got extremely aroused when you’d had a few drinks. You could barely believe you were going to fuck your husband to be in a club toilet cubicle but you were both painfully desperate to feel each other, to connect in the most intimate way. Easing yourself down on his hardness, the two of you struggled to keep your eyes open with the insane pleasure and relief. With his cock inside you, you felt full and stretched; you always forgot how big Wonho got when he was fully erect. 

“Oh baby. You feel so amazing. I’m never going to get enough of you.” 

He uttered, his hands resting on your hips, helping to lift you up and down on his long shaft. Your fiance looked so attractive as he closed his eyes and bit down on his plump lower lip, gently groaning at your tightness. Each time you lowered yourself down, you found a new wave of bliss; it was becoming hard to stay quiet. You just wanted to scream his name. 


You whimpered, gripping his shoulders to steady yourself. 

“Holy shit I can’t wait to marry you. I just want to call you my wife already. I just want you to be mine.” 

Wonho grunted as his pupils dilated and his hands moved from your hips to your behind. 

“I am yours Hoseok. I’m all yours.” 

You moaned before feeling his lips return to yours, demanding your touch. Your mouths moved in sync; you were captured in his sensuous embrace. Moving your hips faster, you felt your orgasm build as your walls tightened and your clit rubbed lightly on Wonho’s neat pubic hair. The orgasm felt like a warm tingling sensation in your pussy and as soon as Wonho reached down and played with your excited clitoris, you felt yourself tipping over the edge. 

“Baby I want to cum!” 

You cried, too engulfed in pleasure to care if anyone could hear. Feeling Wonho’s cock twitch inside you, you could tell he was seconds away from finishing too. 

“Yes! Cum on my cock baby. Show me you’re mine!” 

Wonho growled before kissing and biting at your neck, inevitably giving you a hickey that you hoped would fade before the wedding but he knew you loved it when he nibbled on your neck. Wonho had to stifle your screaming with a harsh, scorching kiss as your orgasm rocked through your body and soon enough, you felt his warm liquid drip out of you. For moments you sat there, tangled in a warm cuddle as the two of you tried your best to get your breath back. With his arms wrapped around you so tightly, you didn’t want to move. You almost forgot it was supposed to be your bachelorette party. Deeply, you sighed. 

“I suppose I should go back to the girls baby. This is supposed to be my last night as a single lady.” 

You said, trying to move but Wonho wouldn’t let you go yet. He smirked boyishly; the smirk that made you fall so hard for him. 

“Do you want me to go?” 

He asked, his eyes turning puppy dog like. You giggled, shaking your head. 

“Just, I want round two when we get home. But for now, we better go and dance…and pretend we didn’t just fuck in here.” 

You responded. It was nearly painful to climb off Wonho, suddenly feeling empty and colder. You passed Wonho some tissues as you tried to clean up but you were pulled back down on top of him. 

“Baby. I want everyone to know we just fucked in here.” 

the bronco (g.d.)

 ~HEY Y’ALL. I’ve had the worst writer’s block I’ve probably ever had, and that’s why I haven’t been posting much. I’m hoping this lil blurb will help unblock me. For now, I hope you guys enjoy. :)


**Warnings: nothing major, just some cursing and suggestive language. 

(Song mentioned:The Prayer” - Kid Cudi)

“My heart thump, not from being nervous. Sometimes, I’m thinking God made me special here on purpose. So all the while, ‘til I’m gone, make my words important so if I slip away, if I die today…”

Cruising down a seemingly endless country road, the familiar, soothing lyrics rolled effortlessly off the tongue of your boyfriend as he quietly sang along to his favorite artist. The setting sun emitted the most stunning golden glow, adding onto the warmth the faded pink color of his over-sized hoodie brought to his skin. Tousled hair paired with the hoodie and a pair of dark shorts came together to give off a comfy, laid back vibe.

Grayson was currently behind the wheel of the brand new, custom made Bronco his twin brother had surprised him with just hours before.

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motherofmajesticflapflaps  asked:

Okay stupid question: why do you ship Andras and Lucien? Was there subtext that I, the English major who loves queer theory missed in ACOTR? I mean I'd love to read more fics and your headcanons of this!

omg someone is asking about Landras I’m DELIGHTED. Okay so like when I say I ship it (and I do, dear god I do) it’s…Like I don’t think it’s going to be canon/was ever canon/was ever really hinted at being canon in any way. I just…Enjoy the idea of it? And it adds another layer of angst to ACOTAR and a bit of extra depth to Lucien’s character and his early interactions with Feyre if you read it that way? So I choose to. 

That being said like…I didn’t pull it entirely from nowhere there are lines in ACOTAR that send the wheels a-turning. Which I will now take the time to point out. (Like I said I don’t consider any of this subtext or hinting or foreshadowing or evidence. I’m just like…okay but if you slap a landras lens over this it’s so much more fun to read so this is less…canon interpretation and more…okay but if you look at it like this it’s much more fun) 

“Is Andras dead, then?” (Lucien has….a habit of using snark to cover up his feelings) 

A nod from my captor—savior, whatever he was. “I’m sorry,” he said quietly.
“How?” the stranger demanded, his knuckles white as he gripped his muscled arms.

“An ash arrow,” said the other. His red-haired companion hissed. “The Treaty’s summons led me to the mortal. I gave her safe haven.”
“A girl—a mortal girl actually killed Andras.” Not a question so much as a venom-coated string of words.


“You’re joking,” he said quietly. “That scrawny thing brought down Andras with a single ash arrow?”


“Did you enjoy killing my friend, human?” the red-haired one said. “Did you hesitate, or was the hatred in your heart riding you too hard to consider sparing him? It must have been so satisfying for a small mortal thing like you to take him down.”


She brought Andras down? We never should have sent him out there—none of them should have been out there. It was a fool’s mission.” His growl was more bitter than threatening. (Lucien feels guilty for sending Andras across the wall….which gets approximately 1000000x angstier if you consider them having been in a secret ‘in denial about feelings’ relationship beforehand)


I’m sure her life will be a fine replacement for Andras’s—maybe she can even train with the others on the border.”

A snarl of irritation resonated through the air.


“Please let me go. There must be—must be some other loophole out of the Treaty’s rules—some other way to atone.”

“Atone?” Lucien said. “Have you even apologized yet?”

Apparently, all attempts to flatter me were dead and gone. So I looked Lucien right in his remaining russet eye and said, “I’m sorry.”

Lucien leaned back in his chair. “How did you kill him? Was it a bloody fight, or just cold-blooded murder?”

My spine stiffened. “I shot him with an ash arrow. And then anordinary arrow through the eye. He didn’t put up a fight. After the first shot, he just stared at me.”

“Yet you killed him anyway—though he made no move to attack you. And then you skinned him,” Lucien hissed. ( :( ) 


Lucien clicked his tongue. “I’m Tamlin’s emissary for formal uses, but this was Andras’s shift. So someone needed to fill in. It’s an honor to do it.” (he is literally doing his old rounds and calling it an honour I??) 

I swallowed hard. Andras had a place here, and friends here—he hadn’t been just some nameless, faceless faerie. No doubt he was more missed than I was. “I’m … sorry,” I said—and meant it. “I didn’t know what—what he meant to you all.”

Lucien shrugged. (Lucien shrugging is like…Lucien speak for ‘I’m deeply hurt but have no idea how to properly verbalise my emotions so I’m just going to brush them off instead’ see also: the whipping) 


“No, no. Andras was High Fae, too. Tam can shift us into other shapes if need be. He saves it for his sentries only, though. When Andras went across the wall, Tam changed him into a wolf so he wouldn’t be spotted as a faerie. Though his size was probably indication enough.”

A shudder went down my spine, violent enough that I didn’t acknowledge the red-hot glare Lucien lobbed my way.


Over the next three days, I found myself joining Lucien on Andras’s old patrol while Tamlin hunted the grounds for the Bogge, unseen by us. Despite being an occasional bastard, Lucien didn’t seem to mind my company, and he did most of the talking, which was fine; it left me to brood over the consequences of firing a single arrow. (aaaand he keeps doing Andras’s patrol. It’s fine. I’m fine.) 


The wolf—Andras had just … stared at me before I killed him. Let me kill him. (Not exactly Landras related but let’s just TAKE A MOMENT TO THINK ABOUT MY BRAVE WOLF BOY OKAY? And also Andras doing this so Lucien could be safe :) that’s fun too :) ) 

 Literally none of this really implies anything more than a deep friendship between Lucien and Andras (which…makes me feel things in itself because fuck me Lucien needed someone on his side at the Spring Court, someone who might actually care about him) But it’s fun to imagine there was more between them. (And by ‘fun’ I mean deeply and utterly agonising, my soul is in pieces, please join me in the pit of despair. There’s plenty of room. 

And if you want more headcanons that are purely headcanons and nothing to do with the text…let me know I have plenty. 

Well I couldn’t use my reflex today because of the policies of the concert, but my other crappy camera helped me! This is my best shot! I love it! And I loved the show! This girls rock [Bleached]! FOREVER BLEACHED! loving them. 


Photo: Marilyn Flores.

HTTYD books: first & last lines

She was so much more than just another person. She was selfish, undeniably, and manipulative, and she could even be cruel. But when she wanted to, she had this way of making you feel like you were the only thing in this world that mattered. And that feeling was worth the fighting and the pain and roller coaster ride she would take your heart on that never ended or slowed down. She was worth it. All of it.
—  from an unfinished story #671
Babysitting Mishap // Oli White

Word Count- 1317

Summary- you take james to a waterpark but end up in the er

Author Notes- I know 0 things about the UK or Thorpe park so :/ also sorry for going m.i.a. for a lil bit, school is just really time consuming.


It wasn’t your fault. You couldn’t have seen the future. Accidents happen.






You were James’ Whites babysitter over the summer. You had met their family through your little sister. Y/s/n and James were in the same class, when she found out James had to go to summer camp due to not having a babysitter, you happily volunteered.

Now here you were 2 years later.

You and James got along very well. You understood he was almost a teenager and he realized that you did have to make sure he was safe. You two had made a schedule:

Monday- Y/n’s pick

Tuesday- James’ pick

Wednesday- Movie Marathon

Thursday- board game/ Xbox/ Wii

Friday- waterpark

The day had started off like any other Friday. You stopped by Dunkin’ Donuts; you bought a dozen donuts and two smoothies, strawberry banana for you and tropical mango for James. After you received your order, you headed to the White house. You had your Friday swim bag with you; it contained you and James’ passes, sun screen, swimsuit, an extra pair of clothes, and extra cash. However today was different than usual, you also had an overnight bag with you. James’ parents were going to France for the weekend, it was their 20th anniversary and you happily decided to stay with the teen.

Once you had arrived at his house he beat you to the door, “HEY Y/N!” He shouted, hugging you. “ARE YOU READY FOR THE BEST WEEKEND EVER?”

You laughed, “So ready!” you guys ate way too many donuts while watching some cartoons.

As soon as the clock turned to 11:00 James shot up, “Ready to go to the waterpark?”

“Grab your goggles!” you stood up, grabbing the Friday waterpark bag and your keys.

After the hour drive to the waterpark, you and James rode some rides.

All was well until James decided to go on The Saw. He had never wanted to go on it before, so why now. You were very reluctant but finally agreed. You two sat in the front row, and James immediately regretted it.

“Y/n… Can I hold your hand?”

You gave him soft smile and held out your hand, “Of course James.”

The cart began moving and it was the most terrifying minute and 30 seconds of your life. But that wasn’t the worst part. It wasn’t until after the ride that your heart broke. You and James stumbled off the coaster laughing.

“That was bloody awful!” you shouted.

“It was worth it,” James said looking back at you, he hadn’t noticed the steps in front of him.

One second he was there and the next he tumbling down a flight of concrete stairs.

“JAMES!” you shouted running down the stairs. You fell to the ground next to the limp boy, “Someone call 999!” you cried.


It had been 2 hours since you arrived at the hospital. You called his parents the minute they took him back into the OR. They said they would call Oli, and try to get home immediately. But most flights were booked. They were worried but not too worried, they knew Oli was way more responsible than your average 20 year old; especially when it came to James.

You were sat in the waiting room, eyes locked on the door the doctor would walk out of.

“Hi, I’m looking for James White.” You heard a man speak very fast.

“I’m sorry you’ll have to wait, he’s currently in surgery.” The nurse replied.

“Is he okay? Will he be alight? That’s my little brother. Please,” he sounded very desperate.

“I’m sorry. The doctor will come notify you when they’re done.” She said once more.

He turned to sit, choosing an empty see on the wall opposite you.

“You must be Oli,” you spoke up after a few minutes.

He looked up from his phone, “Yes… And you are?”

“Oh sorry. I’m Y/n, James-”

“Babysitter.” You said in unison.

“Yeah, I’ve heard about you. James always talks about you.”

You laughed. You had heard a lot about Oli. But you never knew he was this good looking.

“I could say the same thing about you.”

He stood slowly, sitting next to you, “Could you, uh, tell me how it… how he got hurt.”

You flinched thinking about it, “Uh… We were… uh… I’m sorry” you put your hand over your mouth, quietly sobbing. “It should have been me.”

“Hey, no, don’t say that, “he pulled you into a hug. “Do not blame yourself.”

“We got off the ride, and he was talking to me. He wasn’t paying attention. The stairs came out of nowhere.”

He sighed against your hair.

“No one should ever have to see what I saw.” You continued crying until you slowly began to fall asleep.

However, your sleep was interrupted by a man’s voice, “Can I talk to the family of James White?” the doctor stood at the double doors, waiting for someone to stand up.

“Yes. Hi. I’m his brother,” Oli shot up, taking you with him.

“Hi. So James suffered a concussion and a minor skull fracture. He should recover fully, but it will take time. Lots of time.”

“Can we see him?” you asked, clutching onto Oli.

“Yes. He’s still sleeping, please be gentle. His body is in a very fragile state.”

He led you and Oli down a long hallway. When you walked into the room your heart completely broke.

Now it was Oli’s turn to clutch onto you. Tears were falling down his cheeks. You stood by the window and gave Oli and James some one on one time.


Four months later

“Y/n! So glad to see you!” Sally smiled, hugging you. “Oh what’s this?” she pointed at the goodies in your hands.

“Oh I baked some sweets, and brought over some board games. If James is up for it.” You walked into the house, following Sally into the kitchen.

“How sweet of you. Thank you so much.” She put her hand on yours. “You really are a sweet girl. You’re perfect for Oli.” She giggled.

“Oh… No. He wouldn’t want me.” You laughed, but you weren’t joking.

“Oh please! That boy is wrapped around your finger!” she laughed, picking up a cookie.

You picked up the can and headed upstairs to James room.

“JAMES!” you heard a shout from the farthest room. You bolted to the door, stumbling in.

You were confused as to what you were seeing. Oli had, what looked like egg, all over his head and James was doubled over on the bed laughing.

“Y/n!” James yelled, getting up quickly to hug you. “What’s this? Cookies! Want one Oli?” he asked his brother, shoving the cookie in his mouth.

“Sure, hey Y/n.” he smiled that beautiful smile that killed you inside.


“Wanna film a video with us?” James asked.

“Oh. No. I’m okay. I’ll be downstairs.” You started to turn around but the teen stopped you.

“Wait! I’ll go. You two need to talk about the elephant in the room.”

You both gave him confused a look.

“You know… the fact that you both like each other but are too afraid to admit it” James smiled, leaving the room.

You hoped you weren’t as red as Oli.

“I’m gonna kill him!” he muttered.

“Was he telling the truth?” you asked.


“Good. Because I like you too,” you giggled.

He walked over to you, “Can I kiss you?”

“No!” you squealed, sneaking past him onto his bed.

“Why not?” he asked confused.

“You’re covered in raw egg! Go shower then maybe I’ll reconsider.”

He ran out of the room, the sound of a faucet running hit your ears seconds later. You laughed walking down the stairs to eat more sweets. After Oli came downstairs from his shower, he kissed you. Right in front of James, who, of course, screamed in disgust.

* clears throat and speaks through mic * a muse can be innocent & naive af but still be lowkey into some freaky stuff (◡‿◡✿)

no but out of all seriousness cause i saw something that led me to write this but christine lives in an opera house setting. she has seen some shit. there’s promiscuous / raunchy  stuff happening on the daily and she’s very aware of what status performers supposedly uphold. however christine being demisexual never understood the feelings and never was interested into it until she met Erik in person who was her sexual awakening BECAUSE of how strong their connection is soul wise.  and it ignited her curiosity and her going back to all those stories ballet rats shared and things. she’s curious , she would want to try it all. she’s very shy but she’s not repulsed by that stuff she’s very intrigued. mine is at least. but she is still innocent , still shy and naive but not ignorant. she’s not daft. okay thankies psa.

The Signs as Summer Activities and Feelings

Aries: Sunset walks on beaches. Watching the sky fall from pink to navy. The feeling of cool sand beneath your toes. Slight wind picking up your hair and pricking the back of your neck. Holding hands and finding pretty sea shells and saying “It’s beautiful just like you” to your loved one. Hearing the waves crash with your head on your partners shoulder. 

Taurus: Traveling to foreign lands. Stepping onto a plane for the first time, and feeling both scared and excited. Sitting by the water, drinking coffee at small pastry shops and listening to the sound of beautiful foreign languages. Dying in the summer heat- though the beautiful sites make up for it. Eyeing cute foreign boys and day dreaming of getting into a relationship with one of them.

Gemini: Independence Day. The dark night being lit up by the bright fireworks in the sky and on the ground. Endless laughter with family and friends. The smell of BBQ. Feeling particularly patriotic. Going to the mall and wasting your money on independence day sales.

Cancer: Picnics in the park. Feeling the slightly damp grass under a gingham blanket. Admiring the beauty of your date sitting across from you. Feeling slightly embarrassed when your date takes pictures of you, but being persistent about taking pictures of them. The sun breaking through the shade of the trees and warming you up.

Leo: Amusements Parks. Hearing the screams of other people as they go down a rollercoaster. Eating soft serve and drinking icee’s in 100 degree heat. Looking up at the clear blue sky and sun. Laughing manically as you ride up a rollercoaster. Your heart dropping to your stomach as you do a loop on a rollercoaster. Simply wandering around the park and talking with your friends.

Virgo: Sleepovers and TV. Binge watching disney movies. Laughing out loud then having to shush everyone because the parents are sleeping. Eating as much junk as humanely possible. Turning off all the lights with the intention of sleeping, but accidentally staying up for another 4 hours talking about life and conspiracy theories.

Libra: A roadtrip across California. Opening the windows because it feels like the AC stopped working. The wind kissing your skin as you jam out to your roadtrip mixtape. The peace and quiet as your drive through middle California. Going to a rest stop and stretching like a cat. Taking videos of the ocean as you enter SoCal. Eating Chinese food at 10 pm.

Scorpio: Facetime and 2 am secrets. The anxiety of asking someone to facetime because you’re not sure if they’re busy or not. The complacency you feel when they agree to talk to you. The awkwardness of the first few minutes. The excitement you both feel when you start exchanging summer plans, which turn into talking about your life plans. The exhaustion at 2 am but not wanting to sleep. Talking softly because everyone else is asleep. Gaining a more personal connection with your facetime partner as you talk about your deepest stories.

Sagittarius: EDC. Having the confidence to wear midriffs and booty shorts. Music and laughter drowning out the rest of the world. The pounding beat making the universe seem timeless. Late night hook ups. Drinking cold beer as your body drips in sweat. Dancing with strangers. Screaming at your favorite artists in hope of them hearing you. The bright colors of the light, glow sticks and clothes making you feel like everything can be alright in the world.

Capricorn: Driving through the city. Listening to “Urban Flora” as you drive through the city at the perfect cruise speed. Taking in the lights of the skyscrapers above you. Being comfortable sitting in silence with your driving partner. Watching people laugh and brawl as they wait in line to get into a club. Time seeming to slow down as you live in every moment.

Aquarius: Midnight runs to the grocery store. Sneaking out of the house. The adrenaline rush you feel as you climb out the window. Having the store at your hands because no one else is there. Bombarding the ice cream and candy section. Laughing your butts off and then quickly falling into a silent giggle because it seems wrong to disrupt the silence.

Pisces: Summer love. Your heart stopping just a little bit every time you see them because you can’t believe you found someone so amazing. Being able to study every detail of your love for hours and not get bored. Date days to the movies, to the park, and to dinner. Dancing with them to slow music. Feeling like the most special person in the world as they spin you, then hold you close saying “I love you”. Feeling: Hope, love, faith, trust and happiness so much it hurts.

By Royal Decree (Part 5)

Summary: Royal AU; you are engaged to be married to the Crown Prince James Barnes. That’s the last thing you want, especially when you meet him and find out he’s the opposite of everything you had pictured. How will you get through it all?

Word Count: 2,324

Warnings: Angst.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

A/N: Uh, yeah. 

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The comfort of home was a welcoming feeling, the familiar faces around the palace extracting smiles from you and you let yourself feel at ease for the last time. Your parents gave you leave to do whatever you pleased until you had to go back to your new home. By the last night you were to spend here, you had to have everything ready to go to move yourself permanently and never call the palace you were born in your home again.

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Zodiac Advent Calendar Day 9: Winter Sports for the Signs
  • Aries: alpine skiing
  • gliding down a mountain, gravity and balance, incredible speed, strength and agility, fine motor skills, demanding and unforgiving, constantly changing conditions
  • Taurus: ice hockey
  • maintaining balance, moving quickly, lower- and upper-body strength, sacrificing for a team, resiliency, generosity and optimism, pushing each other to the limits
  • Gemini: ice speedskating
  • falling and getting back up again, body control and stamina, improving muscle strength, balance and coordination, finding your pace, fast but elegant race
  • Cancer: bobsledding
  • feeling like a speeding bullet, trusting your teammates and own abilities, great strength required, the wildest roller-coaster ride, driving solely by feel, precision
  • Leo: freestyle skiing
  • perfect balance of body and mind, variety of flips and twists, an open and creative sport, speed, height, excitement, putting on a show for the judges
  • Virgo: cross country skiing
  • pushing yourself, hard work, stamina required, scenic views, balanced tempo, varied track (flat,curved, uphill, downhill), great workout, physically demanding
  • Libra: figure skating
  • elegance and beauty, hard work and body tension, swirling over the ice, unity of body and music, flexibility, the feeling of hovering in the air
  • Scorpio: snowboarding
  • flying down a hill, fast speed, cold air on your face, confidence, taking risks, using all your senses, riding your heart out, falling down and getting up
  • Sagittarius: ski jumping
  • being aware of what every fiber in your body is doing, the risk of falling, the feeling of wind flowing around you, the absence of worries, incredible body tension, perfect timing
  • Capricorn: biathlon
  • the collaboration of body and mind, acurracy, concentration and stamina, strain and relief, the perfect balance of speed and precision, final sprint
  • Aquarius: luging
  • incredible speed, feeling even the tiniest bump in the ice, body tension and concentration, the sleigh responds to every move of your body, danger, trust in your mind and body
  • Pisces: nordic combined
  • air and earth, flying and running, all-round cardio workout, strong balance and flexibility, use of two opposite muscle types, explosiveness and strength vs. swiftness and endurance
Sound of Your Escape [Part 4 / ?]

Post Winter Soldier Series

[Read Part One | Part Two | Part Three ]

Warnings: Intense Violence, Intense Gore, Suggestive Themes, Character Death, Explicit Language, Angst, and Illegal Shit.

Characters: Reader, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Matt Murdock, Brief Mentions of other Avengers, and Kokov (OC).

Pairing: Bucky x Ex-HYDRA!Reader

Word Count: 5k+

A/N: FINALLY! This is the most intense part of this series and is often jumping between time-frames so make sure you keep track of what’s going on. So buckle up babes, you are in for the worst. x. T

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           The surprise on Steve and Natasha’s faces when you recognized the metal-armed soldier was enough for them to lower their weapons. Bucky was breathing heavily and his eyes were wide, staring at you with eyes that swirled with thousands of emotions. Steve stepped forward and you immediately recoiled, hands up to keep them away from you.

           “D-Don’t come n-near me, please…” You begged, feeling the ground as you scooted back farther. You froze when your fingers slid through the warm slick of fresh blood, and your gaze dropped in horror to see the red pooling closer to your form, your hand pressed into the small puddle. A sharp whimper racked your chest and you stumbled to your feet, backing up farther as you stared at Kokov’s blood on your hands.

           Natasha broke the silence, “Y/N…”

           Your gaze snapped up to her form, realizing she was the one who pulled the trigger on Kokov. Natasha was your friend, but it was hard to believe as you didn’t know what was real and what wasn’t. The only thing you knew for sure was that Kokov was dead, and you trusted him.

           “Y-You killed him.” Your voice rattled with a high tone.

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Zosan Fic Rec List

This is for Pixel @ltws​ cause we are filthy sinners with very similar tastes and I need to compile all the wonderful fics I’ve read to show them. 
These are all fics I have personally enjoyed enough to rec. They’re in no particular order, though my favourites will be around the top!!

*Note: “Sin rating” refers to how Sinful the do is. Low being mostly vanilla, Medium being raunchy, High being kinky. The “length ratings” are: Very Short for under 10k words, Short for under 30k, Medium between 30k and 100k, Long for above 100k, and Very Long for above 180k.

  1. Fluency
    Length: Very Long, Sin Rating: Low/Medium (I’m giving it a halfway because the sexual tension is getting wild)
    I’m pretty sure everyone and their mother has read Fluency by Unda. It’s a Fantasy AU with the most beautiful world building, that extends even to linguistics (ESPECIALLY linguistics!) and geography. The characterisation is heart meltingly flawless, the plot is intricate and a wild ride, and the depth of Zoro and Sanji’s bond is breaking my heart in the best way. Possibly some of the awesomest character analysis and portrayal I’ve seen, it goes above and beyond.
  2. Make No Mistake
    Length: Very Long, Sin Rating: Low/Medium (for the same reason as Fluency)
    This fic had me pulling two all nighters in a row I kid you not. It’s a modern college AU, but it’s worlds more than just that, another one that just goes… above and beyond. I literally cannot get over how well written everyone is, it explores the Strawhats’ deepest flaws and strongest bonds in new light, with astoundingly clever canon parallels. As you read it, it seems to flow and when you’re done you’re sitting there for weeks still realising new things, and I will be forever analysing it. It’s incredibly real. A fair warning that it’s very dark at times, and while it’s super fun, it’s a serious read and heavy to get through, so pace yourself(unlike me). Also note that it’s not just Zosan (and that the pairing has a super slow build) as it also includes Frobin and other side pairings, not to mention the best running-gag concerning Trafalgar D. Law I’ve read to date that is hilarious.
  3. In Your Dreams
    Length: Medium, Sin Rating: High (I’m upping this rating from Medium to High due to one scene that I can’t really explain without ruining things)
    Set in the OP verse, Zoro is a cambion; meaning he’s half incubus. This was one of the first fics I read and I was slightly dubious about the whole “Zoro being half ‘sex demon’” thing but it is written BEAUTIFULLY and there is 0 mischaracterisation of Zoro; he’s the same old Zoro. It adds dynamics I very much appreciate, and which present for interesting points and circumstances. The slow build makes the conclusion that much sweeter.
  4. Wrong Number
    Length: Medium, Sin Rating: Low (possibly will progress to medium? Who knows)
    This is a modern AU, and probably my favourite fluffy modern AU. Like, Zoro and Sanji are so sweet in this. It’s also another fic I think a lot of people have read, and of all the people that have read it, I’m sure the majority of them want to bang primary school teacher!Zoro. I fully approve of this cause Zoro’s hot as hell AND good with kids. This fic also doesn’t sacrifice any of Zoro and Sanji’s character traits, it has a beautiful flow, and a good balance of suspense and satisfaction. The karaoke scene is smokin hot as well as hilarious.
  5. The Roronoa Fruit
    Length: Medium, Sin Rating: Low
    Set in the OP verse, this is another slow build Zosan fic where they move from friends to lovers, with a pretty cool plot if I do say so myself.  Another one of the fics I read early on, I must confess I’ve forgotten many of the details. Overall it’s a pretty touching, accurate, and enjoyable read!
  6. Bite Me
    Length: Long, Sin Rating: Medium (For some details that I again, can’t explain without ruining the surprises.)
    Set in the OP verse with a slight deviation from the canon. At first you may also be unsure about how you feel in regards to vampire!Sanji but I promise you, it’s super well done and you won’t be the least bit skeptic. The whole fic is handled realistically, in character, and with deep feeling. It’s a wild ride for your heart, honestly. Definitely note the tag “Angst and Porn” because… yeah.
  7. Once More With Feeling
    Length: Short, Sin Rating: n/a
    AKA my heart destroyed in just 25k words. This fic, though a Zosan fic, is mostly about the Strawhats and is all Sanji-centric. Honestly, Sanji has had a pretty bad time in canon, and this was like the icing on the cake of Sanji’s Suffering: a decadent cake very worthy of it’s subject. This small extension of canon left me in a puddle of tears and I loved every bit of it. It has a happy ending, a beautiful message, and the Zosan is the cherry on top.
  8. Arrow
    Length: Medium, Sin Rating: Low
    This fic is written in a unique style. It’s set in canon/an addition to canon, and is an interesting exploration of Zoro and Sanji. There’s some super cool imagery and ideas explored between these two! Another friends to lovers kind of deal.
  9. Aural Pleasure 
    Length: Medium, Sin Rating: Low
    Set in canon, this is an addition where something different happens to Zoro and all the Strawhats have to work through it. Sanji helps Zoro recover from a head injury that leaves the swordsman with aphasia, meaning Zoro initially cannot decipher speech/language or speak anymore. There’s a slow build, a lot of miscommunication, and Sanji being kind of a jerk and an idiot at one point, but the ending is super satisfying, good and sweet.
  10. Speak
    Length: Very Short, Sin Rating: High
    OP verse ficlet. An established relationship with well handled light bondage that explores the use of a gag/mouth bit on Zoro and Sanji. (hint: Zoro can talk around a sword and Sanji is a moaning mess.)
  11. A Mile In His Shoes
    Length: Very Short, Sin Rating: Medium
    Another fic pretty much the same as above, except the aspect being explored isn’t gagging, it’s a bodyswap.
  12. Sick Strawhats
    Length: Short, Sin Rating: n/a
    Another Strawhat centric fic acting as an addition to canon, with Zosan and Frobin. It’s a little slow to start, but soon super hilarious and fluffy after that, bringing you a handful of classic one liners such as “WE ALL KNEW HE WAS AS STRAIGHT AS HIS EYEBROWS.”

    (And now the part where I self promote but hey)
  13. Stripped Bare
    Length: Currently Short, most likely to end up Medium/Long, Sin Rating: Currently Low, (would be n/a but due to the nature of the au I’m upping it) most likely to end up as Medium.
    A modern AU centered around Zosan, with Frobin and Namivivi on the side. The two most common bits of feedback I get on this is that firstly, it being a Stripper+College AU, people are dubious about the premise. But everyone thus far has been super pleased with what they’ve found and gotten hooked immediately, so if I’m to believe the general consensus, it’s been handled and written well! And secondly, people are wary of mischaracterisation. Which I can totally understand, as people often write Zosan out of character, especially to fit into AU’s. However, rest assured that everyone has been thrilled with how true the characters stay to themselves and are loving the characterisation. I can say it’s gonna have light angst, be slow build, and have a pretty wild plotline with a happy ending.
  14. Imperatives
    Length: Very Short, Sin Rating: High
    A ficlet set in the OP verse with an established relationship, it focuses on Zoro and Sanji discovering they’re both kinda into some kinky shit and trying it out for the first time. Again, I’ve gotten the same sort of feedback: people are loving the characterisation, and apparently this PWP ‘feels like it has plot’ because of how much substance the dynamic between Zoro and Sanji has, and how their portrayal is spot on. Fluff at the end to top it off!

This concludes my now…very lengthy and detailed fic rec list. This is for Pixel, but I wrote it in general in case anyone is curious or looking for fics so I’ll put it in the zosan tag!