You are not a true RTTE fan if you don't understand these quotes and phrases...

“Snotlout! Snotlout! _! _! _!”

“The chicken, is not amused.”

“My dear Hiccup…”

“So if my calculations are correct, Hiccup is on his… LAST LEG!”

“I can’t imagine a world without you in it.”

 "There will always be a mace sized hole in my heart.“

"Let’s talk about Hiccup!” “What!?”

“We’re gonna live!” “Most of us are gonna live.”

“If  Viggo, you go.”



“Oh my _ _ _ _”

“Dad! Let go of the rope!” “Dad, DON’T let go of rope!" 

"No!!!!! Our _ _ _ _ pit!!!!!!”

“We’re a team, Astrid.”

“There will always be a Hiccup and Astrid. Always.”



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Transformers faction propaganda posters!

The symbols on the Autobot poster are a font called “Ancient Autobot” and they read, “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.”

The symbols on the Decepticon poster are a font called “Decepticon Graffiti” and they read, “Peace through tyranny.”

The Autobot Elite Guard poster also uses the Autobot symbols, and it reads “until all are one.”

The yellow and black is a poster for the Functionist Council. If you’re looking for the Prime continuity, then it could represent Sentinel Zeta’s High Council of 13. The symbols are a font called “Modern Iaconic” which doesn’t seem to be affiliated with ‘Bots or ‘Cons. It reads “Form is function.”

The black and white poster is, of course, the Wreckers. <3 The subtext is also in Iaconic, and it reads “Wreck and ruin” (because I couldn’t find another motto and the whole, “backup and clean-up” thing was too long).

More posters.


at heart i am still very much of a robot nerd.

(cyclonus and starscream are probably my all time favs i just love them so much.)

I got the first three volumes of MTMTE for christmas (I’ve read some issues digitally already, but now i finally have the physical copies :>) so I’m rereading everything. Transformers is the only franchise i keep going back to after every few years lmao and im still so in love with the characters.


That moment when you suddenly get that pain only a parent whose child has just been kicked in the face can feel. 

I haven’t really had time to go through my dashboard lately so I apologize if this has been done 500 times already. Go save your son, Soundwave.