Here is my 30th Anniversary cover which was broken up between both issue 36 of MTMTE and (formally RID)

Originally when I created this image, it was for a totally different project that had something to do with the 30th anniversary, but wasn’t part of the homage covers that others had done.  This is why the original date of the penciled image is 2013.  I had planned to finish it on my own if it wasn’t going to get used and make a print out of it, but the time i needed wasn’t available, so it just sat in one of my portfolio’s. That was until I was asking if there were any 30th covers I could do and John Barber asked about using this image. This was perfect since I didn’t have to draw a new image up and I could finish this one I had already penciled. 
looking back on it I might have changed a few characters for different ones, but this was before Windblade had come out.

There are 30 characters on this image. 30 for 30. I thought that would be nice.   All of these characters are from the comics and are from comics IDW has printed.   I guess I could have added in some Unicron Trilogy characters, but alas it did not happen. 

The colours were done by the very talented Mr. Josh Perez who I enjoy working with and miss doing so on a more regular basis.  Maybe one day we will work on a whole book together again :)

Enjoy :)