EXO react to you getting pregnancy cravings

I LOVE I Love Lucy! It’s my favorite show of all time! So, in honor of Lucy, I’ve used the weird cravings from the episodes ‘Ricky Has Labor Pains’ and ‘Lucy Hires an English Tutor’.

Xiumin: “Yes, of course I’ll go get you whatever you want.” The words are right, but his expression and tone of voice are strained and exasperated. “I think I’ll stock up on peanut butter and oreos so you can just get it for yourself from the kitchen.”

Luhan: After hearing your request, he flops back down into bed hopelessly. “Are you sure that’s my child? I was good at sleeping through the whole night.” It’s said jokingly, but when you start crying from hormones, he backpedals.  “Don’t cry! I’ll go get pizza!”

Kris: “Watermelon and… goldfish. You at least mean goldfish crackers, right?” He’s trying so hard to keep his eyes open, but he would go get it for you without complaining, knowing the pregnancy hormones could make you upset quickly.

Suho: Still trying to process being awake so early in the morning, he barely registers what you ask for. “Jagi… are you allowed to eat oysters and brie?” As he continues trying to wake up, he thinks more carefully. “You aren’t allowed.”

Lay: “Food for the baby, got it.” When he comes back, eyes nearly closed and blearily happy, he hands over baby bottles filled with baby formula. “The baby will love this. It’s really sweet.” He crashes back into bed, absolutely useless this early.

Baekhyun: “Got it. You’re pregnant. You get what you want. One papaya milkshake and pickle coming up.” Bare faced and exhausted, he drags himself out into the icy morning air, suddenly awake and unhappy about it, but expecting thankful kisses when he gets back.

Chen: He wants to see if what you’re craving is actually any good, but when he tries the bird nest soup, he can’t help the disgusted look on his face. “God, this is awful. How can anyone eat it?” He hands it over quickly. “I can’t believe my baby would want that.

Chanyeol: Once he has your pistachio ice cream hot fudge sundae with sardines ready, he pretends to take a bite of it for himself, laughing when you whine and slap his arm, and then holds up the spoon to your lips. “Just kidding. It’s all yours.”

D.O: Even just smelling the durian fruit you wanted, he helplessly holds his nose and laughs lifelessly. “This smell is so bad, if you wanted pineapple or mango, I’d go right back out there and get it for you. I don’t even care that it’s sleeting.”

Tao: “What’s open at 4 am? How am I supposed to find mozzarella sticks and fried pickle chips now? Can’t it wait until the morning?” He’d whine about having to go out, knowing that once he finally gets back with it, you’ll be asleep and won’t care.

Kai: He hasn’t even taken off his coat fully before falling back asleep after he’s delivered your curry and fried chicken. So, you gently pet his hair as you sit back on the couch, eating your snack and watching episodes of Parks and Rec.

Sehun:  He can’t even comprehend how you can be this awake at 4 am. “Salt and vinegar chips and ketchup…“ He repeats what you say, but really can’t understand any of it. You have to roll your eyes and go get it for yourself, letting him fall back asleep.

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Open.- Ricky.

Maldito seja quem pediu calor em San Diego, com um sol forte como aquele. Seus olhos verdes, intensos, doíam com a claridade da bola de fogo acima de todos nós. E pra ajudar, tinha deixado seus óculos de sol em casa, demoraria horas para voltar lá, agora. “Maravilha…”

Sentou-se nos degraus da escada de uma igreja e ficou observando o fluxo de pessoas, até que uma delas passasse perto do jovem de curtos cabelos negros. “… Ei. Volte dois passos, e continue tapando o sol pra mim”

Why does one need to hate on another ship to raise up their own?

@ lili-munster said the following:

I see the word, “progressive” is still being beaten to death on Tumblr. What’s that about? Is the word “progressive” solely and exclusive reserved for interracial couples? How did this debate even begin? More importantly, since when is a gray-haired, middle-aged woman being paired with another middle-aged man slightly younger than her (whom has doused himself fallaciously with Loreal hair color - HA!) not “progressive?”     

So…if recent memory serves correctly, I don’t recall anyone mentioning Daryl and Carol and how progressive they are or aren’t.  I’m sorry, in the Richonne tag, we’ve been much too busy discussing Richonne.  

Since the 50s, starting with I Love Lucy, interracial marriages have been brought to television. In 1968 Star Trek was the first interracial kiss on American network television with exception of I love Lucy. The Jefferson’s in 1975 demonstrated some of the bigotry that mixed couples face. George Jefferson, a black man, routinely insulted Tom, a white man, and Helen, a black woman, for marrying each other. In that generation, the people who disapproved the most with interracial marriages were POC. 

It’s true–Ricky and Lucy were the first interracial couple on television.  However, it would be remiss of you, or anyone, to compare the aesthetics and ethnicity of Desi Arnaz to oh say, Danai Gurira, even though there’s a sixty year gap between those two shows.  You can play ignorant if you want, but the rest of us are well aware of the inherent racism in this fandom, as well as in the U.S.  And to base your opinion about bigotry on one character from one show and attempt to use that as an indicator of where it stemmed from, really, I shouldn’t even go any further with this because you just proved your foolishness.  But I shall continue.  Oh, I shall.


It’s nothing new.

Except it is.

Michonne isn’t just in any old interracial relationship, and she isn’t just your run of the mill black woman.  If you were talking about Sasha, I’d say okay.  But we aren’t.

Michonne is a dreaded up, dark skinned woman with prominent African features.  She is now THE LOVE INTEREST of the lead white male of the show.  Please point me in the direction where that happened before.  And no, even while groundbreaking one shared kiss with Uhura (who could pass the paper brown bag test.  Bet you don’t even know what that is, what it means, or where it originated from) doesn’t count.

I think my point is, if we want to abolish bigotry it isn’t just exclusive to color. 

You sound like the type to crash a leukemia fundraiser and rant about breast cancer, but okay.

Sexism and misogyny is just as bad as racism.

As a woman who is also black, I’m going to vehemently disagree with you there.  

Make no mistake about it, Caryl is progressive. It’s not to take anything away from Richonne. In its own right, this pairing can be viewed as progressive as well.

Dude, you’re using Richonne as a platform to prop up your ship, while simultaneously trying to say Richonne isn’t relevant.  Like, I can see right through you.

With all that said, I’ll be branded as a racist, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Those who know me well know as well as I do, there is no winning with these bitter Bettys. 

It sounds like you’ve been here before.  Perhaps you should pause, let that marinate and ask yourself, “Why?”  I don’t know if you’re a racist, but you do seem ignorant to racial issues.  And with phrasing such as, “these bitter Bettys,” which is no better than “those people,” you may also want to take stock in what you say and how you say it.

I don’t even know you; never seen a post from you till today.  But you wanted a fight, otherwise, you wouldn’t have posted in the tag.  You wanted us to see.  You want to be a victim.  Well congratulations.

*cues slow clap*

It additionally includes raining on someone’s celebration when MMB finally got on the cover of a magazine, and being told it should have gone to Danai despite the fact that she had two or three covers already. 

No one was worried about, or thinking about Melissa, or salty AF (as you seem to be) about magazine covers or lack thereof.  There is no shortage of content on Danai right now, so this feels like you are not only itching for a fight, but you are content to just pulling bullshit out of your ass.  Maybe you saw this some place that’s else, but you mos def did not see that in the Richonne tag.

Please go and have an entire stadium of seats.