“i record every one of my failings,
by tying bread bags onto the railings,
my mind is running away with me!”

Ricky Wilson references the television programme Whicker’s World and Michael Palin’s travel shows in the Kaiser Chiefs song “The Factory Gates.” Incidentally, Ricky has mentioned he is a fan of Michael and has read his diaries. :)

Closed // Race Again

Ricky sighed heavily as he put on his goggles as his trainer lead his horse to the starting gate. Ricky was a locally acclaimed jockey that had won a good few titles and was becoming a rising star in the horse racing community. The horses were placed in the gate and waiting for the buzzer. The buzzer sounded and the horses took off. Ricky was doing great so far in the race, confident he was going to win again. After the first turn, however, Ricky’s horses stumbled and he went down. He tried to get out of the way of the herd but got hit in the head with a hoof and it went black.

“Ricky…” Ricky slowly opened his eyes and cried out in pain as he tried to move and noticed his torso and legs were in casts. He noticed some doctors and his trainer standing around his bed. Ricky was black and blue and had stitches on his head from the hit to the head. “Ricky… you took a nasty fall… you’ve broken your lower back and both legs.” His trainer said softly as Ricky listened to him. “When can I ride again?” Ricky asked firmly but the doctors only stayed quiet. “You won’t Ricky… I’m sorry.” He surgeon said.



This is a compilation of vintage Masters of the Universe toy commercials I made a while ago. It doesn’t include all commercials, but quite a lot of them. It’s a little over 20 minutes and has appearances by Oliver Robins (Poltergeist), Stephen Dorff (The Gate), Ricky Schroder (The Champ) and Peter Cullen (voice). Hope you enjoy it and thanks for the follow.


Epic Montana


Ricky Gates Doin’ work in New Zealand