Punish [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Thank goooood someone is writing oneshots about Rick they’re so hard to find. Can I request one please? Or do you take requests at all? If so I’d like to request one where Rick is the readers DaddyDom and reader is his little girl. DDLG with so much dirty talk. If you don’t take requests I’m sorry lol

Hope you all enjoy! ❤️

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Warnings: Daddy Kink, DDLG relationship, SMUT, Dirty Talk, Spanking, Rough Sex, Punishment, Oral Sex (male receiving), Unprotected Sex, orgasm denial, slight d/s

Words: 1,505


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the one where Negan’s thirst for Rick is real




The Honey House,  Chapter 24

Alexandria Safe Zone

Rae holstered her pistol, watching as Rick and the others stepped into the hallway. She could feel Tim pacing behind her before she turned to him, not quite looking him in the eye as she said, “I’m going with them and you’re going home.”

“No,” he answered, his voice loud and his stance hard. He was changed, every passing moment he was changing into someone she didn’t recognise and that made him a liability.

“I don’t trust your judgment here,” Rae hissed, “we don’t know who these people are and you’re telling them everything. You’re gonna get us killed.”

Tim stepped towards her, any sorrow he’d displayed at attacking her seemed like it was long forgotten. “I don’t think it’s my judgement that’s the problem here.”

Rae didn’t like the way he was looking at her almost as much as she hated the tone in his voice. Her palm itched for vengeance and she took it, her hand clapped across his face and his glasses hurtled to the floor. His head remained turned from the blow, his nostrils flaring and the mark of her palm glowing red. She didn’t feel good or satisfied, she felt just as confused and even more lonely than before.

Neither of them said anything as Tim picked up his glasses. He focused on cleaning them with the hem of his shirt while the silence swelled.

Rae took a breath, unclenching the fists that had wound tight. “Grandma can’t know about all of this, not yet. If we both leave now then she’ll worry, she’ll wonder where we are and send someone to Negan’s men to tell them we’re missing. You need to go home and tell Grandma that I’ve decided to go to my apartment for a few days.”

“She’s not gonna believe that.”

“Then make her believe it!”

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Hurt - Part Three

Warnings - swearing, anger, mentions of death.

Rick x Reader x Negan

When you woke up, you knew something was off, but you couldn’t quite put your finger on it no matter how hard you tried to. Turning over in your bed, you realised that Rick wasn’t beside you and that set off alarm bells ringing in your mind. Swinging your legs over the side of the bed you took the chance to sit still and listen to what was going on around you whilst looking down at the diamond ring so elegantly placed on your ring finger.

Rick had been becoming much more distant lately, something was on his mind but he wouldn’t tell you what it was despite the fact you were supposed to be partners. The Sheriff did his best to keep you out of the loop, the less you knew the better, and currently it was safer if you knew nothing at all.

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anxiety-instinct  asked:

do a sketch of daryl and rick i need it thanks bye

Do you ever sit down to draw a nice quick drawing and then your brain is like “no. we’re finishing this shit through and through.”

Well anyways that happens to me a lot

Send me the name of a character and I’ll do a “quick” sketch of them

*I’m sorry it took forever to get around to these asks*


Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln & Jeffrey Dean Morgan during TWD Europe Tour in Madrid, Spain