This Day in WCW History:The recently-formed duo of Arn Anderson & Larry Zybszko use a weight plate to injure Rick Steiner’s partner in the evening’s Tourney final, Bill Kazmaier, before facing the duo in the main event, which ends with Arn landing a rib shot to Kazmaier that allows Zbyszko to score the pin and earn The Enforcers their first WCW World Tag Team Championship at Clash of the Champions XVI: Fall Brawl.


On this day: The nWo’s first PPV doesn’t go completely as planned after the group’s referee is inadvertently taken out by Kevin Nash, opening the door for WCW official Randy Anderson to leave the stands and count the three following a top rope Bulldog from Rick Steiner that gives The Steiner Brothers their 5th WCW World Tag Team Championship. (1/25/97)

Rick Steiner Bulldogs Dances With Dudley - Extreme Championship Wrestling [August 28th, 1995]

After their stint in the World Wrestling Federation but before their return to World Championship Wrestling, the Steiner Brothers made a quick pit-stop in the land of Extreme. Their ECW matches never went past the single digits but there is an awesome novelty to coming across a photo like this.

It’s a shame that the WWE Network currently is missing ECW WrestlePalooza ‘95 where the Steiners teamed up with Eddie Guerrero to take on 2 Cold Scorpio, Dean Malenko and Cactus Jack – holy shit!