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“You know, some famous guy once said: ‘To travel is better than to arrive.’ And I was like, 'What?’ Because I used to think that there was only one path to take to where you want to be in life. But, if you choose that one path, it doesn’t mean you have to abandon all the other ones.I realize it actually what happens along the way that counts; the stumbles, the falls, and the friendships. It’s the journey and not the destination. You just gotta, I guess, trust that the future is gonna work itself out like it’s supposed to”

What Is Love?

When he first met you…he has already fallen in love with you

He loves dancing with you

He wants to spend all his time with you

Although you left without telling him,but he’ll wait for you

When he finds you again,he will smiles like an angle

When he knows you are only playing with him,he feels like the sky has fallen

But when you come and explain to him that the truth is you really love him

He melts