Rick Strowd


Exceed A Limit (Rick Strowd Stage)
Artist: Shinsekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan / Neo Geo Performance Group
Album: Garou Densetsu 15th Anniversary BOX (Real Bout Fatal Fury SPECIAL / Real Bout Fatal Fury 2)

I know its not only KOF characters, but they all feel like they are from the same franchise, to me KOF is just an extension of the Fatal Fury series.

10. Silber
9. Chae Lim
8. Rick Strowd
7. Freeman
6. Robert Garcia
5. Vanessa
4. Leona Heidern
3. Iori Yagami
2. Kula Diamond
1. Kim Kaphwan

King of Fighters belongs to SNK Playmore.



The Rick player is DeadlyRave-Neo

Commentary by Sp00ky and ????