• Negan: You ever hear the one about the stupid little prick named Rick who thought he knew shit but didn’t know shit and got everyone he cared about killed?
  • Rick: Yeah, but I look damn good doing it though.

anonymous asked:

Can you show us pictures of the versions of Rick in each of your stories? What does Bad Thangs Rick look like? How about the Rick in Vantage Point? Your version of Rick in Machine Heart? I love your stories and wonder how you visualize Rick in each one. It would be great to see the same for Michonne too!

Hello, there, anon!

Thanks for the ask, and sure thing! I try to use gifs to visualize the context and set the scenes up in my stories, but you’re right that has a tendency to be inconsistent as far as the characters’ physical appearance.

So here goes (this was fun, thanks again)!

Bad Thangs Richonne

Most of the time, they will look like this…

For the beginning scene during the party, however, Rick was only kinda stubbly, so he looked more like this…

Vantage Point Richonne

For the most part, they will look like this…

But, toward the end (SPOILER ALERT) when things really start speeding up and becoming more intense, they will change their appearances. I’m kinda agonizing over this right now but oh well…


Rick will shave his head (don’t worry it will grow back!) like so…

And one of Michonne’s wigs will look like this…

Machine Heart Richonne

For the most part, they will look like this…

Except when Rick loses Michonne, he’ll look like this for a while…

Then this right after he is forced to return to the land of the living…

And when I mention how perfect Michonne’s (and also, Cyborg Michonne’s) body is, this* is what I’m talking about…

*Not that Danai’s body is not perfect, but this is the only moving visual representation I can find that has the aesthetics I’m going for with the story.

Oh yes!

And Scarlet Tide Richonne

Bonus -  this is the only Doc Holiday for me…

Hope this helps give you more of a visual picture of everything! 


Obsessed| Part FOUR

Negan x Reader x Daryl

Back to the start: Here

Part 3

Summary:  The reader is the 20 years old daughter of Rick, in a relationship with Daryl for some months now. When Negan killed Abraham and Glenn, Daryl attacked him because Negan was interested in you.

Words: 998

A/N:  Coming Chapters contain smut, drugs and suggested rape


I sat on the seat next to Negan, when he drove the car, with almost all our stuff, back to wherever their base was. I was too scared to speak, thought about what might happen next, how my life will change and that I wanted to cry so badly but in the last few days I cried so much. There wasn’t a single tear left and when Daryl managed it, I will manage it too. Negan may be the leader and they may have the power over us for now, but I won’t forget who I belong to and who my family was.

“Doll-face you should be happy,” Negan said amused and I heard how one of the other men, who sat in the backseat, chuckled.

“And why? About being here now?”
“You have the awesome fucking possibility to get a new home, a better home and your precious brother can live his childish rebellious life in peace.” I couldn’t answer to this. That Carl stayed safe was the only good thing here. It was my fault, if I hadn’t show Carl how scared of Negan I was, he wouldn’t have done this, but the problem was Carl thought he needed to protect me. It was a fucking fact I wasn’t scared Negan could kill me or torture me, I was scared how different I saw him, that I was way too fascinated of the man who murdered two of my friends.

“You know, silence won’t make it this far here,” Negan whispered and I closed my eyes, trying so hard not to freak out and amusing him with my reaction but in the deepest of my heart I wanted to scream. I wanted to tell him, what a dick he was and I won’t play the polite little girl but I knew it would either amuse or anger him and both wasn’t something I wanted to see, especially because when he was amused he started to flirt with me and this was something what was distracting me way too much.

“I hate you,” I mumbled so that he could barely heard it and he just sighed and gave the man behind me a dark scarf.

“Cover her eyes, I can’t trust our pretty doll-face, I have the bad feeling she will try to escape as soon as possible,” he laughed and I wanted to protest, when the man started to cover my eyes, but I knew it was useless, so I just sat there, impossible to see anything and it was fucking scary but I tried to calm down. I just thought about how grateful I should be that he took me and not my brother, that I could see Daryl more often and maybe we could escape somehow?

The car stopped and I felt how hard it was to breath but I was nervous and scared of what would happen next, when someone opened my door and pulled me out of the car, where I almost fell to the ground, but a pair of strong arms hold me and confused I took the scarf away, when I saw it was Negan who held me.

“I knew you would yearn for more of me,” he laughed dirty and I pushed him away from me, saw how some of his men were shocked how calmed Negan noticed my behavior. So it was a wonder I wasn’t dead for now.

“You wish!,” I scoffed and looked to the place we arrived. I had no idea what I had imagined to see here, but it was just a normal place, a normal place with the difference that they were using walkers like a protection or something and everything looked a little bit dull here.

“Ok Doll-face, I hope you enjoyed the look of your new home, but in the next few day you won’t see more than just four boring walls,” Negan whispered in my ear and I couldn’t hide the fear, which took over me but the fact that he really wanted to lock me away was something I scared.

“Y/N!” I saw to Daryl, when he shouted my name and left one of the other cars. I really wanted to answer him, go to him and hug him, just feeling a little bit safe in this strange hell, but Negan’s men pushed him away and when I tried to make a step, Negan just pulled me closer to him, what angers Daryl even more and he shouted my name with so much noise, that the walkers went mad on the fence they were hanged on and I was sure the people of Alexandria could even hear it, while I screamed his name and tried to avoid Negan’s grip, but he was too strong for me and then Daryl was gone.

“Ok, enough of this fucking screaming!” Oh yeah, now he was angry, but what should I fear? I was here, I lost Daryl, I was a prisoner.

“I hate you,” I said with disgust and couldn’t help myself but started to hate me too, when I caught myself thinking how hot he looked with this angry look.

“Doll-face,” he said and confused I realized, he started to smile, “I really wanted to be angry with you, but shit, you are so fucking hot when you are angry.” Did he just thought the same fucking thing I was thinking? I felt how I was blushing and he started to laugh about it.

“Shit girl, I wish I don’t need to lock you away, but you are a little bit too rebellious and I need to tame you first.” He winked me and with these words I felt how someone took my hand and pushed me away from Negan, “Don’t let escape her and I want to know every fucking name of all fuckers who dare to touch or even looking at her with the wrong sight!”


OMG I’m so fucking sorry it took so long but I was busy and all and fuck I’m really sorry. Gif is not mine xx


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