okay so Rick has a walkie talkie and so does Michonne. the first thing he does when he wakes up is grab it. she’s the first on his mind when he wakes up. there are tears in my eyes.

My Season 7b Wish list...

• Negan to stop leaning backwards like I’m about to push his ass over my damn self
• Eric. Like, where is he? Did he die? Where’d he go???
• Jesus to carry Daryl outta the Sanctuary bridal style
• That apparent Carnival shit (richonne people might know what I mean *wink, wink*)
• Y'all know that Negan’s helicopter shit from the comics
• Rick to do something. Literally anything.
• Sasha not getting Holly’s storyline like I know I make jokes about the possibility but N O
• How are Jerry and Benjamin doin? Good? Better be fucking good.
• T H A T C A R N I V A L S H I T

It still amazes me how, anti-Richonners try to mask their racism against Michonne by using Lori, Jessie and even Sasha.
Most of you probably didn’t give a shit about Lori, probably didn’t feel crap when she died but as soon as Richonne happened you all were Team Lori all of suddenly. You were team, “I want Rick to remain loyal to Lori” all of a sudden.
Chile, please.
Those of you saying Jessie was a better fit for Rick…bye, not even going there again. And y'all only saying Sasha because she’s black but not too black. Please stop trying to coat your ignorance with bullshit.

‪If Rick and Michonne ever say i love you to each other and I don’t talk about it, I’d like you all to know that I am dead‬.

Things I noticed on my TWD rewatch/general thoughts.

I feel like Negan made references to sex no less than 10 times in this episode. Titties this, vagina that.  

I counted at least 6 women in that room. I think two of those women were black and latina. Also is Sherry like his #1 or something?

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Dwight is Daryl’s perpetual shadow and it’s still creepy. I hope those eggs sandwiches were worth watching your wife tongue down Negan in front of you. 

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Father Gabriel walked his happy ass back to Alexandria so causally, w/o a gun or care in the world. He was not interested in spending a whole day listening to Spencer bitch about his new bff Rick. And this is a dude that had spent his life listening to other people’s confessions. Ha! (I caught that veiled threat too)

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Negan’s bedroom is nicer than mine! Aesthetics galore. He has two couches, a coffee table, a four poster bed and general knickknacks hanging around. You think he decorated it or one of his wives? 

I thought that guy Spencer found hanging was fat joey but apparently not. 

Sing me a song: 

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The skin peeling…

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They made Daryl clean up that dude’s pee. And they are making him serve cheese and grape platters and shit. He’s basically the butler and housekeeping at this point.

Did that guy hang himself or did someone else? Either way they/he went to a lot of trouble to get that dude up so high, they even have a little perch up on the tree, which is weird.

Another crossbow found! First Daryl, then Dwight and now Spencer. There can only be one.

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Ugh! Again with the Latin. If that guy did kill himself and left that note, that has to be one of the most pretentious suicide notes ever.  

Negan has a daily planner. You think he penciled Mark’s punishment in for that day? 

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What the fuck Jesus? Like how? 

I think that note was from Sherry. 

Michonne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God, I love her. She is Queen.

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But for real tho? Y'all think Olivia was tempted for a second? LOL.

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Does Negan not have running water or indoor plumbing back at the sanctuary? He was looking at the faucet like it was the 1st time he ever saw one. Or was he just being an ass? It’s probably the 2nd one.

All this for just one bullet??? 

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LOL. Eugene to Rosita when she was trying to apologize.

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Do not try and make a deal Spencer, the odds are not in your favor. 

Negan deadass took off his shoes to walk all up in Rick’s house. He made himself extra comfortable. Took off his jacket, scarf, gloves. Picked up Judith and sat his ass in a rocking chair, while he waved to the neighbors. All that was missing was Michonne sitting by his other side. Poor Rick. 

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But seriously, how cute is Judith? 

The look on Rick’s face when he comes back is gonna be perfect!!!

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