TWD Story Cube Challenge @superprincesspea

Summary: You and Aaron go on a run to find supplies for the Saviors.

Note: I’ve been struggling for inspiration to write a one shot. This really helped! My first thought was to write about Negan but I decided to challenge myself a little more since all I write is Negan. Aaron never really gets mentioned in fics and I love his character so much!

Characters: Mostly Aaron & Reader with a little bit of Negan, Rick, & Eric.

Warnings: Some language, mild walker gore

“I’m bored as shit with what I got at home. I need something new to entertain me…” Negan spoke to the group. Winking at you just before he left Alexandria with his supplies.

That was six days ago.

The community had gathered in the church for a meeting. The Saviors were due to come tomorrow.

“We need something good for the Saviors. We only have today to find supplies. I don’t think what we have will be enough.” Rick sighed looking down at his feet.

It had been a stormy couple of days and it made it harder to search for supplies.

“I need some volunteers to go on one last run. Anyone?” Rick looked up at the group.

“I can go.” You stood up from your seat.

“I’ll go with her.” Aaron spoke up quickly.

Eric whispered something in his ear. Concern written all over his face. He hated when Aaron left Alexandria. He thought it was too dangerous.

“Thank you both. A truck is ready to go at the gate. Better leave now before the rain gets worse.”

You and Aaron quickly left the Alexandria church and ran through the rain to the truck.

“Eric okay with this? He seemed upset.” You spoke as you started up the truck. Signaling for the guard to open the gate.

“He just gets worried is all. But I have to help somehow.” Aaron answered sighing.

The rain lessened as you drove but the sky was still grey and stormy. You and Aaron found a little town with small shops. You pulled over so you could scope it out before entering.

Aaron climbed on the roof of the truck and scoped the area with his binoculars.

“Is that the Sanctuary?” Aaron asked pointing towards the West.

You grabbed the binoculars and looked in the direction Aaron pointed. You could see the tall factory building just beyond the tree line.

“Yeah that looks like what Carl described. I hate being so close to it.”

A flash of lightning went across the sky and a roar of thunder followed.

“We better hurry.” Aaron jumped at the sound of the thunder.

Walking along the street there were several stores that were already picked clean.

“How about this place?” Aaron pointed to a Magic Shop that was still chained up.

“A magic shop? Really?” You replied crossing your arms.

“It’s worth a shot. We have today and only today right? Doesn’t Negan seem like the kind of guy that would think supplies from a magic shop is cool?”

“Actually you’re right. He did say he wanted something new to entertain him.”

“Yeah but I think he was talking about you!” Aaron replied laughing as he nudged your arm.

You rolled your eyes. “Why haven’t the Saviors raided this place already?”

“Must be because of this.” Aaron pointed to the chain and large lock on the metal gate blocking the front door.

“Really? Lazy assholes.” You use your axe to cut the chain.

Aaron knocked loudly on the door to draw out any dead inside. Nothing.

“Seems safe.” Aaron looked through the window.

You and Aaron entered and began examining the shelves. The shop was full of gag gifts but also had old vintage style furniture, and old leather bound books.

You loved going on supply runs with Aaron because you could always joke around with him. Rick and Daryl were always too serious.

“I feel like we are gathering supplies for Harry Potter.” You giggle.

“Can I please say, "You’re a wizard Negan.” When he comes for his supplies?“ Aaron laughs. He was good at imitating people.

"If you want those to be your final words then go for it!”

You wandered off to the back of the store. Checking out the cool pieces of furniture back there.

“Hey you’d like this!” Aaron hands you a magnifying glass.

You’d been complaining for weeks how much you missed your glasses for reading.

You started holding up the magnifying glass around the room. You used it to focus on a keyhole to an old looking wardrobe.

“Aaron! I think I found Narnia!” You giggled.

Of nowhere a walker grabbed your arm making you drop the magnifying glass. You were so distracted that you didn’t have time to pull your axe off your belt. The walker pinned you to the ground. Snapping its jaws at you. You struggled with both hands to push it away but it was stronger than you.

Aaron ran over after hearing the commotion and used his knife to stab the walker in the head. Blood splattered across your face. Its lifeless body sunk down and Aaron rolled it off of you. You both panted, out of breath.

“I think I found the key to the lock!” Aaron grinned pulling a key off a necklace the walker was wearing.

“Thanks. That was a close one.”  You hug him.

You walk to the back of the store where the walker came from. There was a storage room in the back. Door slightly open. You raised your axe just in case another walker was back there. When you opened the door you were ecstatic. The storage room was full of food.

“Aaron look!” You yelled over your shoulder.

You could hear him drop whatever he was holding and he came running.

“Oh my god! This is a lot of food!” He smiled.

“Alright let’s load up all the food for sure. And as much magic stuff as possible. Especially the furniture. I think they’ll like it a lot.”

You and Aaron filled the truck up.

Aaron started up the engine and looked over at you smiling. You were both happy you’d found something to please the Saviors.

“We really needed this.” Aaron smiled.

You let out a sigh of relief.  

“Today was a good day.”

“Let’s go home.”

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I was sitting on my couch reading a book when I herd shouts from outside. I quickly ran outside to see what was going on.
Rick seemed to be with a new group that he brought in, and they all were shouting. I couldn’t hear exactly what they were saying, so I ran closer.
Spanish? I haven’t herd anyone speak Spanish in a while. A smile spread across my face when I herd the language, it brought back so many memories of before all of this.
They were shouting things like, “ I can’t understand you,” or “ I only speak Spanish.”
I ran up to the commotion and yelled to Rick, “ hey Rick! What do you want to say to them?”
“ I want to tell them to settle down and that we will help them,” Rick’s face was riddled with confusion.
I translated what rick said along with our names.
“ since when do you know Spanish?” Rick asked chuckling a little bit.
“ since always! It’s my first language.”
“Well, help me translate!”
I responded with a laugh and continued to translate ricks demands.

This was written by Emily aka @abbacoco