It’s finals season at school, so things have been busy as hell and I don’t get much online time… But the sketchbook pages are filling up steadily, so I’ve got some scans on the way, starting with this urban elf I spotted at the VCU Compass.

Also, many thanks to Julia Liu for recommending these way cool pens to me. I don’t think I can wield them anywhere near as well as her yet but they’re a real nice break from ballpoints.


Every Saturday, from 12-4pm, outside of the Virginia Museum of Fine Art (200 North Boulevard, Richmond VA), across from the Virginia Flaggers demonstration, there will be an anti-Confederate Rap Battle. Demonstrators will hold signs, have fun, and play loud rap music. From creator Goad: “bring whatever you think is appropriate." 

This demonstration stands in contrast to the Virginia Flaggers who, twice a week, demonstrate in front of the VMFA in protest of a 2010 decision of the museum to ask an adjacent property, which they lease to the Museum of the Confederacy, to take down a Confederate battle flag. Earlier this year, the group bought some land to erect a giant Confederate flag above I-95 Northbound, outside of the city. 

The type of flag shown above, and carried by the Flaggers, is not a friendly sight for many people in the South- it was used as a symbol by the KKK for approximately 25 times longer than it was used as a symbol of the Confederate States of America, an entity devoted to preserving the institution of chattel slavery, and it was a rallying symbol for the pro-school-segregation movement in the 1950s.