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@verablack8 “Whilst waiting for Luke to pick me up from the station, stumbled across one of the most beautiful and genuine movie stars.. we got chatting about his Triumph and then he kindly offered to model some of my accessories whilst we hung in the car park of the train station..”

@verablack8 “What a day!!! So after waking to find out about the Camden Lock Fires, not knowing if all my stock is perished and if we still had a place to trade. I then had a great Collaboration shoot @masteredhq with an amazing team, to then bump into the super talented and all round beautiful man that is thom hardy. it totally made my day.. I day full of emotions!”

@verablack8  "Just a casual Monday photo shoot in the Richmond train station carpark on Tom Hardy s new Triumph"

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Through the Woods by Matt Csenge
Via Flickr:
A train of R44 cars approaches Richmond Valley station on the Staten Island Railway - its namesake borough’s only rail transit line. The scenery along the line is much more akin to a commuter railroad.

“¡Azúcar!” (Day 23/365) by Milmon F Harrison

C&H Sugar processing plant, Crockett, CA, USA.

From aboard the Capital Corridor train between Martinez and Richmond stations. Using original 18-55mm kit lens. Tried to capture this shot a couple of weeks ago while on this route, but I missed it. Today I was ready!

Explanation: yesterday I was so inspired by latest episode of “In-Conversation ,” and the gear-related discussion hosted by @tvoom, @qbn-scholar, and @tiernanog that I decided to challenge myself this week. I am out of town again, and I decided to take my crop-sensor camera (D5500) and the first kit lens that came with my D3200. I plan to use this camera and lens all week to see if what I have learned in the past few years will allow me to still be creative and to make pictures as good as they can be with the limitations of my gear.

Yesterday’s photo and today’s are the first two in this “Back to the Kit Lens” series.

July 23, 2017


SAL, Richmond, VA, 1962 by Center for Railroad Photography & Art
Via Flickr:
Seaboard Air Line’s southbound Silver Star passenger train (right) passes an eastbound Chesapeake & Ohio local at Richmond, Virginia’s Main Street Station in October 1962. Photograph by J. Parker Lamb, © 2016, Center for Railroad Photography and Art. Lamb-01-075-05

Glitch In The Matrix Stories #12

My Doppelganger Strikes Again 

A co-worker / friend saw me go into my office, and then he walked up and tried to follow me in, but it was locked, and so he knocked on the door. When I didn’t answer, he knocked on the door and I didn’t answer, so he knocked more loudly and then banged on the door. Then he walked away, fuming about being ignored.

I learned this when he walked up to me after the fact and told me, since I have no memory of anyone knocking on my door, and in fact hadn’t been in my office for hours. I didn’t know how to explain Glitches to him, so I just called him crazy. The only other person with a key is my boss, who doesn’t look like me.

This isn’t the first time that my doppelganger has messed with my co-workers. My doppelganger likes to appear in areas of my workplace that I haven’t been recently, so people think that I’m teleporting, and my doppelganger also ignored a co-worker at Safeway. Thanks, doppelganger!

Credits to: MandalaDefect

The Road Was Missing

The city I live in is kind of locally notorious for having a fuckton of glitches, and practically every person you meet around here can tell you at least two unexplainable things that have happened to them. I guess it’s cause we live in a really historical war-torn area, the city that started the revolutionary war AND was involved in the civil war is just bound to be paranormal central.

But to get to the point, the glitch I wanted to tell you about happened on the way to a friend’s house way out in the country. He was driving back the way we always go and we were talking like normal. Without even thinking about it, he pulled into what was supposed to be a turning lane to turn off on the road that leads to his house, only to realize he’d pulled into a median full of grass. 

Before I could open my mouth to ask why the hell there was grass there, my friend suddenly blurts out that the road was missing. And sure enough, the entire road we were supposed to turn onto just wasn’t there. It was a big field with some woods way off about 150-200 feet back. We sat there for a good five minutes trying to figure out what was going on. We could see the same gas station we always pass way back down the road, so we knew we were in the right spot- but just because we were so shocked, my friend even pulled out his phone and checked the GPS. We were definitely where we were supposed to be. 

Since we couldn’t really do anything else, we pulled the car out of the median and drove back the way we came for a couple of minutes while my friend called his brother at home. His brother thought we were nuts and told us to turn back around and come home, so that’s what we did. We turned around and drove back to the exact spot we had stopped at before, and the road was back where it should’ve been. The grass median was gone, the field had houses in it, and we quickly turned onto the road. My friend joked that if we didn’t hurry and turn, the road might disappear on us again.

Credits to: x-elixium

Didn’t Get On That Train

When I was 20 I was living in a city and caught two trains to work each day as there was no direct train from my suburb to the city. I was working at a fairly stressful job and had quite a bit of anxiety due to a few fairly serious personal things going on at the time.

One morning I had gotten on the first train to work and felt a bit anxious, but just listened to some music and read a few articles to calm down and to pass the travelling time.

I got off to switch trains and checked the city loop train schedules quickly before going to the platform where the next city train would be arriving first. I walked up towards the end of the platform which is where the front of the train would be. A sense of dread and a huge amount of anxiety came over me and I remember thinking ‘do NOT get on this train.’ When the train arrived, I felt even more anxious and fled the platform so I could catch the next city train a few platforms away.

I remember watching that first train approach the platform I was previously standing at and I remember for that moment I felt so stupid and was a bit angry that my anxiety was now seeming to rule my life for no good reason.

Minutes later I boarded the later train and we began travelling towards the city. The train went under the tunnel towards the city and began to slow down, before coming to a complete stop. After minutes of being stationary, our train driver said something to the effect of “good morning passengers, we are sorry for the delay. We cannot travel closer to the city and we will have to travel backwards to Richmond station, which will take a while as we now have six trains banked up behind us in the tunnel. Unfortunately a lady decided she would jump in front of the train in front of us…”

Since that day, I consider my anxiety more of a guide than an enemy & I’m grateful I never boarded the front of that train.

Credits to: cocacoaler

He Teleported And I Saw It Happen

A little back story. I’m a female and I live a couple houses down from a few guys that share a house. Their company provides their living quarters for them. Anyway, a few months ago we decided that we were tired of sitting around the yard just staring at each other so they bought a horseshoe set. We play almost everyday. I am really close to one of the guys, Jim. 

Jim and I have this “friends with benefits” relationship that I love. It’s perfect for us. Sometimes though he acts as though he doesn’t want me around at all. He’s distant and rude. This doesn’t happen often but enough for me to notice. Other times he is extremely affectionate (even around the other guys) and very attentive towards me.

This particular evening was one of those “distant and rude” ones. I blew it off and decided to stay and hang out anyway. I have other friends in that house that enjoy my company. That day only me, Jim and Oscar were outside playing shoes. I was sitting in a lawn chair on the south end of the horseshoe pit (it’s set up for us to throw north and south). Oscar had just thrown his turn and then walked over to the porch to check his phone while Jim pitched his. 

As soon as Jim was done, he disappeared and reappeared at the north end. It happened in less than a second. My jaw dropped. I was speechless. Did I really just see this? Oscar then yelled “Damn how did you get down there so fast?” He wasn’t looking at Jim when it happened but said he could see out of his peripheral vision that he was gone then all of a sudden was at the other end of the pit. 

We kept asking Jim if he was OK and I told him what I saw. He kept telling me to quit fucking with him and as usual when something unexplainable happens, everyone blew it off but me who by that time was almost in tears. Immediately after that Jim started acting like his usual loving, happy, attentive self. No more distancing and being rude.

I can’t quit thinking about it. This glitchy stuff is all new to me. I can’t help but wonder if during that “teleportation” a different Jim didn’t show up. This would explain his personality/mood swings. I can’t explain what I saw and they think I’m crazy. Even Oscar blew it off despite being startled by it himself. Never in my wildest imagination would I ever think I’d see someone disappear like that. And no, I had just opened my first beer so I wasn’t drunk.

Credits to: Kcbedo


VCU Students Protest Darren Wilson Grand Jury from Craig Zirpolo

Students at Virginia Commonwealth University protest a grand jury decision to not indict Darren Wilson, a white police officer who shot and killed 18 year-old Michael Brown. The group started on Broad St., marched to The Compass and then to the Richmond Police Station on Franklin St.