Richmond Station

Toronto’s financial district isn’t filled with what a lot of what we might consider “cool”: restaurants. It’s mostly the land of stuffy expense account steaks and martinis and irish pubs which is probably why this hip subway themed eatery made such a splash. Plus I’m a sucker for a really good mushroom pasta.

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It’s good to be back in good ol’ San Francisco. Although it was pretty fun assisting the Denver PD, nothing is better than being back at Richmond Station. And nothing beats trying to find a serial scammer going to restaurants all over the district asking for refunds because ‘there was something wrong with his food.’ Guess he never thought he’d get caught until he went into a place one day complaining about his food from the day before, except the restaurant was closed that day. Criminals are so careless, it’s hilarious.

Also, I’m Sean, and if you couldn’t already tell, I’m a police officer – not a cop. Only cops can call themselves cops. Apparently it’s like, an unwritten rule or something like that.