One of the newer additions to my RichAss playlist. *brick’d*

I always seem to find ones to be focused on Richard when he's possessed…

I’m looking at a face, a pointed chin
Towards the sky, an arrogance
It easily betrays the closest friend
No moment lost, no consequence

The circle starts again, away from you
Deception pulls us in, away from you
Away from you, away from you…

An imitation, a fabrication
A pretty fake, a counterfeit
An empty carcass behind the artist
Is there a trace of innocence?

So how do you portray the sentiment?
A ruse is brought, the truth is bent
And much to our dismay, they’re ignorant
The more that we make up the more it fits

This doesn’t feel right
Feels like everything’s further away
Dead as the nightlife, hindsight, watching another mistake
You never feel right, long nights
Following into the day
Pale as the street light, pure white
Washing the color away

Anyway, I stopped posting these for a while because I didn’t want to spam my followers too much, but…I actually really like it when people share their ship songs. XD Plus, it’s my blog, so…!

For the record, Richard did have that D at the end of his names guys. For some reason it just kept fading out… Who knows why.The disappearing D really bothers me though. Seriously. It just disappears once the camera zooms out. Like poof. No more D. Maybe the tree eats it. I don;t know.

But it’s there. So he friendship pact is okay. Richard and Asbel signed their love on the tree with Sophie as their witness. Herpderp.

Don’t mind me being dumb over here~

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