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NBC News: Women Behind Her Story Talk Emmy Nomination

‘“Her Story, a web series about the dating lives of two transgender women living in Los Angeles, earned an Emmy nomination last week for Outstanding Short Form Comedy/Drama Series.

Jen Richards and Laura Zak, the show’s creators and two of its stars, along with co-star Angelica Ross, chatted with NBC OUT about the critically acclaimed series.’ (Read More)

(Her Story Website) (Her Story Cast & Crew)

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Stranger by Richard Tran

Check out the lovely music video I worked on with my friends! This was such a blast to make - it made me fall in love with Southern California’s sights and sounds even more.

I hope this cheers up your day :)

Directed by Chase Green
Cinematography by State of Joe
Art Direction by Graphics Metropolis


man i wish i could play guitar like that T_T

The 5th Column in Trans Health Care
by Brynn Tannehill

I have seen and heard some truly strange things in my time as an activist.  However nothing was odder than what I experienced at this year’s World Professional Association of Transgender Health conference. A senior psychiatrist and psychologist were on a panel,where they strenuously opposed laws banning reparative therapy, especially if those laws included gender identity.  This wouldn’t seem to make any sense on the surface: the American Medical Association,American Psychological Association, and American Psychiatric Association have all denounced reparative therapy as harmful quackery.

However, given that the two were Dr. Richard Green and Dr. Kenneth Zucker, their opposition made a lot more sense.