You know what I really loved about the new episode??

There was a time where Simmons, without a doubt in his mind, would follow any given order from Sarge, even if he was on the other team.

And there was a time where Simmons would kiss Sarge’s ass, regardless of what team he was on.

And there was also a time where Simmons would betray his team without a second guess, solely because it would make his Sargeant happy and would get him some praise.

But now? This boy is outright telling Sarge that “orders can’t be given if you’re on the other side” and chose what was right over pleasing a superior.

My boy?? He’s grown and developed so much, and I’m so glad it was highlighted in the new episode.

Also the moment where he came to terms with some complicated emotions involving Grif was beautiful, thank RT ily

Impossibly Ridiculous Grif Headcanon’s

“I’ve made tons of these so I might as well share some:

  • Grif used to scuba dive; he knew a guy who owned a boat and in exchange for getting lifts to prime diving area’s he’d work on the boat occasionally
  • Grif has tons of artifacts from shipwrecks because of this
  • Sarge and Grif have a designated hour of “talking” that mainly consists of Sarge resisting the urge to shoot him and Grif complimenting this fact:
    “You’re doing great, Sir”
    “Amazing job”
  • It’s meant to help Sarge resist the urge to kill Grif
  • Grif’s the type of asshole who sends out rattatas on Wonder Trade and in return always gets shinies
  • They will never tell anybody this and they will deny this fact forever, but Simmons and Grif can quote Spongebob perfectly sometimes and it’s just a casual thing they do. Those nerds.
  • One time they were stuck in a small area with Wash and he made some passing comment about claustrophobia and then they just whisper to themselves:
    “What does claustrophobic mean?”
    “It means he’s afraid of Santa Claus”
    “HO HO HO”
    “Stop it, Grif! You’re scaring him!”
  • Grif’s the type of person when playing Mario Kart that drives backward the entire race and it pisses Simmons off to no end
    “I’m winning in reverse, Simmons. That takes a lot more skill”
    “NO, IT DOESN’T”
  • Grif’s usually the first person to cry when watching a sappy movie but it’s only a single tear as he clenches his jaw and first and just tries really hard not to shed another tear

I have tons more but then this post would get too long, most of these are silly really but personally, I find them hilarious!