Today we were informed that Canandian-based band, Arcade Fire will be releasing a new LP consisting of lost tracks from the Funeral era recordings.  

These are tracks that didn’t make the cut for the album, but were in close competition to the other tracks that were included on Funeral.

Frontman Win Butler, was reported saying, “It’s obvious we really like playing with the idea of neighborhoods. Did you realize our third album is titled, The Suburbs? It is. It may appear that we only dipped into the concept with Funeral, but in reality we recorded several tracks that could’ve made the album.”

The Tracklist:

Neighborhood #5 (No Truths)

Neighborhood #7 (Destructed Innocence)

Neighborhood #12 (Bicycles)

Neighborhood #15 (Disappointment)

Neighborhood #96 (Lueur Dans l'obscurité)

No Neighborhoods

Neighborhood #133 (Unopened Doors)

Neighborhood #134 (Closed Doors)

Neighborhood #134 (Continued)

The LP is to be released in late 2014, when the band breaks from their recent tour, promoting their newest album, Reflektor. 

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Arcade Fire’s Richard Reed Parry has done a gorgeous cover of “I Believe in You” by Talk Talk, recorded for the tribute album Spirit of Talk Talk. The track was mixed by Alan Wilder (Depeche Mode). The compilation is out September 3rd via Fierce Panda.


Did you know that Arcade Fire’s Richard Reed Perry is one of the composers and co-curators of Black Mountain Songs? Watch the bychorus perform his ethereal “Their Passing In Time” above.

Black Mountain Songs premieres at the Harvey Theater Nov 20—23.

Spirit of Talk Talk - Videos

Videos for the upcoming compilation/tribute album Sprit of Talk Talk out September 3, 2012 on Fierce Panda.

Zero 7  (ft. Only Girl) - Color of Spring

Alan Wilder (Recoil/Depeche Mode) - Inheritance

Lone Wolf - Wealth

Richard Reed Perry (Arcade Fire) - I Believe in You

Zero7 (Feat. Only Girl) // Colour of Spring from Feel Good Lost on Vimeo.

Official video directed by Dmitry Semenov, as featured on ‘Spirit of Talk Talk’ tribute album - featuring Linton Kwesi Johnson and Paul Marshall on vocals. Recoil is the project of Alan Wilder, formerly of Depeche Mode. twitter

Recoil - Inheritance from Recoil on Vimeo.

The track was mixed by Alan Wilder (Depeche Mode).


Richard Reed Perry, multi-instrumentalist for indie rock band Arcade Fire, will release his debut album of classical music compositions, Music for Heart and Breath, on Deutsche Grammophon on June 19. 

After touring the globe many times over with one of the world’s biggest rock bands, Perry’s aim was to create an entirely different music experience, one that was “extremely intimate, extremely quiet, and extremely gentle”. 

The 36 year-old Canadian’s first foray into chamber music is inspired by the natural rhythms of the human body. Each musician performs wearing a stethoscope attached to their chest, and must play each note in time with the natural movements of their own body.  It’s a fascinating approach to composing and performing music.