David Duchovny: We are gonna shot 10 episodes, starting in August. I feel like 6 was a start. Unfortunately, I think, there is such a gap to cover and so much story to tell that by the time we could get going on new stuff we were already half-way through the season. So I think 10 will be a little more comprehensible, a little more relaxed, a little less dense so I’m looking forward to this iteration? of the show. (X)

Rough Night?

A/N: So I was lowkey thinking of not posting this because I have the most terrible stomach ache but I haven’t posted anything in a long time. AAND I have a bunch of angst I’ll be posting soon so I might as well post some fluff before all the heartbreak comes along. I hope you enjoy!

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Prompt: Person A nuzzling into Person B’s neck because they’re cold and tired, and Person B m e l t i n g.

Relationship: Jason Todd x Reader

Warning(s): Nah

Word Count: 400+

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Coffee was the only thing keeping you alive at the moment, a large cup of it next to your laptop as you rapidly typed something into the search bar will glancing from the small stack of papers beside you and the screen. Eraser and pencil shavings were scattered around your desk and even on the floor, a single pencil sitting atop of the papers, clear that it was used and abused many times.

You were too into whatever was on your screen you didn’t hear the bedroom door squeak open and your boyfriend step in. Jason half expected you to be passed out of your bed with the book ‘Little house on the prairie’ half open and on your chest, however this wasn’t much of a surprise either.

“Y/N… It’s 1am, go to bed…” Jason gently laid his hands on your shoulders and peered over you to look at the screen, skimming over the small words before reaching over and closing the lid, picking up the cup of coffee and moving to place it on the bedside table. You snapped back into reality and slowly turn to face your lover, muttering a few words you couldn’t even make out.

Jason chuckled at your tired and dazed behaviour, dropping down onto the bed perching himself up as he motioned for you to lay next to him. It took you a second, slowly standing from the small, uncomfortable stool at your table and stretching out the tight knots in your back, a relieving feeling rushing throughout your body with the sound of your back cracking. Jason couldn’t help but cringe at the sound, a shiver running down his spine even at the thought.

“…When did you get here?” you mumble while stumbling towards the shared bed and slowly stradling your boyfriend’s thighs, hearing the quiet hiss of pain slipping past his lips, “Rough night?” You question.

Jason only nodded, leaning up and brushing his rough, chapped lips against your soft ones, hands being placed at your hips pulling you closer against his body as his arms slipped around your waist.

You pull away from the kiss with a quiet hum of satisfaction while gently leaning against his bruised body, your head nuzzling into the crook of his neck and shifting to a more comfortable position. Peppering light kisses against his neck as you mumble inaudible words, feeling his grip tighten around you.

Your eyes slowly shut as you press against Jason with your arms wrapping around his waist and gently squeezing. Drifting off rather quickly into blackness to the relaxing feeling of Jason running his hands through your hair, untangling any knots that he seemed to come across.

Everything seemed to be slowly fading, the relaxing feeling, the soft sound of Jasons breathing, the light peeking through your curtains from the moon. All so slowly, as you fall asleep comfortably against your beaten and bruised boyfriend.