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DAY 26 A Favourite Quote From Him

I like his answer in this particular interview. It is evident that the interviewer aimed for  materialistic , She meant for it to be kind of funny, but Richard actually came up with the profound and endearing answer; his Arkenstone is Respect. I think it is interesting how he stated that Respect “is the thing that always eludes you, and you’ll  have to fight for it. And when you get it, your Arkenstone, the thing that crowns you, it’s respect.” I think this quote tells a great deal of him and his personality. I don’t know I think maybe Richard had gone through a hard time himself, so he probably know the firsthand experience of being treated as such, therefore he’s always treated other people with respect. This is pure speculation, though. I have no idea what he had or had not gone through.

Anyhow, as you probably are aware by now that I can’t manage to write anything short and meaningful. In my defense, I think It has something to do with my passion for history and story, I’d love to collect them and create a kind of storage for them. I have been going through the memorable quotes from Richard Armitage Quotes x who are also responsible for this lovely challenge ( An enjoyable reading indeed!). I couldn’t bring myself not to share all the adorable and inspiring things the man has said….so I have picked ‘some’ of them; some are hilarious, some serious, some may resonate with you as it is with me more than others but they all are reflecting Richard and who he is.




idk if this is why they cast Richard’s head but I was curious to see what it would look like…

“Originally it was going to be a quite traditional knight’s outfit and I think the costume designer just threw it out the window and said, ‘look, we’re going to go for medieval biker.' So that’s been great fun to work with and actually it helps me a lot to get into the character - when you put that jacket on I really feel like that’s his armour.”

- Richard Armitage