Summary: Kili tries on a dress.

Warnings: None

Pairings: Kili x Reader

Word Count: 656

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The laugh that escapes your mouth is unstoppable as you see Kili look at himself in the mirror.

He was dressed in a rather gorgeous royal blue dress. For some reason, they accentuated his body perfectly. It was a little flat in the chest area, but that was to be expected. It was your dress after all. 

“This doesn’t seem too bad,” he says, twirling around yet again.

You had come home complaining about the tightness of your dress and how they were such a pain, but because you were his wife, you had to wear it. Something about keeping up the royal image.

You almost told Thorin to go shove his royal image where the sun don’t shine, but he had sent you out of the throne room before you had a chance too. He aleady knew your feelings about wearing dress it seemed.

“You can’t really say anything because you’ve literally been in it for ten minutes. I have to wear it the entire day thanks to your Uncle,” you mumble, moving to lay on your front at the foot of the bed.

“Our uncle, love,” he says as he tries to check out his bum and you smile.

“You look better in that dress than I do,” you huff and he sends you a cheeky grin through the mirror.

"I look better than you in anything,” Kili says, going through your dressers.

“That’s not a good thing. There are somethings you shouldn’t look better in,” you mumble as he finds a sock (socks exists because I said so). He begins stuffing the bust area and you can’t help but let out anoter laugh. It takes him about 20 pairs of socks and other material before the bust fills up properly.

He stands in front of the mirror again, this time he tries to get a side view of himself and what he would look like with breasts

. “I would make a lovely darrowdam, if I do say so myself,” he says, turning to look at himself from a different angle.

There is a slight knock before the door opens.

“Y/n, Kili. We-“ Thorin starts, walking into the room with Fili behind him, but he stops as he spots Kili.

Kili’s eyes widen in horror.

He turns around with wide eyes.

Uncle! This is not what it looks like,” Kili tries and Fili snorts.

He looks so constipated trying to hold back his laughs.

Thorin looks to you for an explanation and you shrug, smiling.

He turns back to Kili and closes his eyes, hoping to Mahal that he’s just imagining things. He opens his eyes and nope. Kili is still wearing a dress stuffed with articles of clothing.

“Mahal, why?” Thorin asks, crossing his arms and staring Kili down.

He rubs the back of the his neck.

Y/n, dared me to!” Kili exclaims, pointing an accusing finger at you.

You stand up, putting your hands on your hips. “I did no such thing, you liar,” you reply.

Thorin sighs.

“Kee. Why are you in a dress?” Fili stutters out, face red.

Well, y/n was complaining about how she has to wear them and I, you know, thought I’d try them on to get a feel,” Kili explains, shuffling around. The flutter of the skirt catches his eye and he moves more pointedly, watching the skirts sway back and forth.

“Kili!” Thorin barks, cursing his nephews sort attention span.

Kili stops immediately and you giggle.

"Whenever you’re done with your… experimentation, meet us in the throne room. We have to go over a few things,” Thorin says, turning and walking back out the door.

You watch them both leave, but Thorin pops his head back through the door.

And take that ruddy dress off. You look like your mother,” he says before leaving and you know that that is what broke Fili’s restraint. You hear his laughter echoing through the halls and you decide that wearing dresses weren’t too bad if Kili wore them with you. Even if it was in private.

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Found it @vintagemichelle91 😊 (I mean I had a pretty good idea where it was and I was right hehe)

I’m still pretty proud of my work on the cover art, but then your fanfic was so inspirational I just went with the feels haha

And seriously gurl this was an amazing fanfic. You better be proud of yourself lol. 22 chapters plus a prologue and some one shots thrown in.

We were a great team back in the day 😉💕


      “No!” said he, “I put it to the touch once, and I lost it all. Let her go, — with her stony heart, and her beauty; — how set and terrible her look is now, for all her loveliness of feature! She is afraid I shall speak what will require some stern repression. Let her go. Beauty and heiress as she may be, she will find it hard to meet with a truer heart than mine. Let her go!
     And there was no tone of regret, or emotion of any kind in the voice with which he said good-bye; and the offered hand was taken with a resolute calmness, and dropped as carelessly as if it had been a dead and withered flower.

Friend: I just finished watching a show, what should I watch next?

Me: Hannibal

Friend: I want a crime show 

Me: Hannibal

Friend: I also want romance

Me: Hannibal

Friend: Hot guys would be a plus

Me: Hannibal

Friend: I don’t know I kinda-

Me: *Rips off clothes to reveal murder suit* HANNIBAL!!!!!!!!!!! *cries in corner*