Imagine Gabriel thinking you’re hot when you’re angry

Word count: 418

Warnings: Suggested smut

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“And another thing!” You screamed at Sam and Dean as you paced back and forth in the kitchen, your face red with anger, “If I have to do one more second of researching I’m going to go physically insane.”

The Winchester brothers sat with their heads hung low as if they had just been caught stealing cookies out of the cookie jar knowing that what they had done was wrong and that they had pushed you over the edge.

The silent room, apart from your heavy breathing, was disrupted by the sound of flapping wings causing you to quickly spin around screaming ‘what now?!’.

A shocked looking Gabriel roamed his eyes over your body, and took in your irritated stance.

“Woah sugar, I just wanted to see my girlfriend. You know, the calm one about yay high, doesn’t talk much but is really adorable. She doesn’t seem to be here right now though,” Gabriel joked whilst trying to wrap his arms around your waist which you quickly shrugged off.

“Not now Gabe, I’m currently scolding the Winchesters.”

Gabriel looked over your shoulders to see both Sam and Dean with looks of regret and pure terror on their faces before looking back at you, his golden, whisky eyes staring directly into yours.

“You can scold me later too if you like.” His eyebrows wiggled suggestively causing you to scoff loudly and turn your attention back to the Winchesters.

“If you ever do anything like that again I promise you two, you will severely regret it.”

Sam murmured a slight ‘Sorry Y/N’ where as Dean just looked up at Gabriel and mouthed ‘help me’.

“Sorry Deano, as much as cute and adorable Y/N is… Well, cute and adorable… I’m liking this hot, sexy, dominant Y/N a little too much.”

And with that, Gabriel snapped his fingers and the two brothers had disappeared. You looked over at your boyfriend with a questioning look.

“As much as I love seeing you take control,” Gabe began to speak with a deep growl in the tone of his voice. “I’d much rather you be hot and commanding with me when the Winchesters aren’t around.”

His arms made their way to your waist, this time you let them lay there instead of shrugging them away, and he quickly, in one swoop, pushed everything off of the table and lifted you up onto the kitchen counter.

“I should get angry more often,” you joked making Gabriel release a slight chuckle before he roughly attacked your neck.

Sweet Movies

[Summary: after a hunt, Gabe does something to make you forget about it ] 

Pairing: GabexReader 

Warnings: fluff, and a kiss if that counts as a warning

Words: 1,014 

As Dean pulled up in the bunker garage, you got out and stretched your legs after a long ride, from a vampire hunt, the nest was pretty large, the ‘alpha’ of the nest abducted prostitutes and turned them, there were a lot of them but since they were ‘freshly born’ they didn’t know how to fight, but the elders were quite strong but you, Dean and Sam managed to do take it out, after stretching, you took your bags and headed inside 

“You really need a bath (Y/N), you stink, ” Dean said while laughing

“ I’m not the only one, ”  pointing to the brothers. as you entered the bunker a strong scent of chocolate hit your nose, and you were sure who it came from, you followed the smell and it took you to the kitchen and there he was ….. Gabe, the ‘sweet’ archangel, despite the common knowledge of them not being able to eat human food, but not him, he had a strong passion for anything sweet 

“Hey Cupcake” he greeted you with a smile. 

“Hey, Gabe, what’s the occasion?” you asked with a confused look 

“Can’t I greet my favorite human? ” he said jokingly, you and Gabe usually flirted with each other but nothing more happened, not that you wanted, but you liked to take things slow at first and Gabe agreed to. 

“ What’s he doing here” Sam interrupted and you jumped a bit and Gabe laughed at your reaction. Suddenly you smelled the dried blood, that was covered by the chocolate smell, you felt embarrassed and excused yourself and bolted straight to the shower. you dropped the dirty clothes on the floor, after a bit of struggle since they were stuck to you because of the sweat, dirt, and blood, not your since the Winchesters always made sure you didn’t get hurt, but you were more than capable of protecting yourself.

As the hot streams of water flowed down your back, you took your favorite shower gel, strawberry flavored, and  wash your body getting all the filth off, after you were done, you dried off and changed into more comfortable clothes

it was now evening you were in the library, and Gabe was still there, you told him every little detail about the hunt, he changed his moods more than a girl on her period when you told him about you fought, getting angry when you got hit, happy when you hit back, and he cheered when you killed a vampire 

“ I know what we can do to cheer up the atmosphere” he smirked, this only meant a trick, personalized by him 

“Gabe, what are you planning,” you said smirking back 

“wait and see, sugar” he snapped his fingers and suddenly you were in a theater hall, with a very big cinema screen, you were a bit startled since you weren’t used to traveling the angel way On the screen were the brothers in the kitchen, Dean was drinking a beer and making casual conversation with his brother, while Sam was researching something on his laptop, as usual, Gabe looked at you and gave you a wink

“Uh-oh, that’s not a good sign ” you laugh 

“Sweetheart, I’m the trickster god, my tricks never meant a good sign”

 "Poor Sam and Dean" and with that, the doors closed and Sam and Dean tensed up and looked around 

“Don’t worry gentlemen, everything will be fine” Gabe giggled and you did the same. 

“Son of bitch” Dean yelled and tried to open the door, but suddenly the were both dressed in pink sparkly ballerina dresses, the whole attire, with the shoes and all Both you and Gabe howled with laughter while Sam and Dean tried to take them off, but ironically they were glued on like magic 

“Gabe that’s cruel " 

"Admit it it’s funny " 

"Well yeah” you wiped your tears from laughing too much as you gripped your abdomen, and after the 

“pink explosion ” music started playing, and they both started dancing while cursing the holy hell out of Gabe 

“You winged bastard, cut it out ” Dean barked while doing some jumps, Sam yelped in pain after a ‘perfect split’ grabbing his crotch while whining in pain 

“Ouch, poor Sam, I think that’s enough torture for today, ” you said while implying that you want more ‘movies' 

“Ok cookie,” Gabe said while throwing an arm around your shoulder after he did that he snapped his fingers and everything was back to normal and both you and Gabe were now standing in the kitchen if front of the brothers, while your stomach still ached from laughing you were all flustered since Gabe’s hand was now resting on your hips, Sam was on the ground still rolling from the after pain while Dean panted like he just ran a marathon 

“I’m gonna rip your wings out, just wait till I get up ” Sam wailed and with that earning a giggle from you and the trickster 

“ I guess that’s my queue,” he said as he grabbed your chin between his index and thumb, while his hand rested on the small of your back kissing you deeply, you were taken by surprise and instantly blushed a deep crimson 

“Gabe!” Dean shouted and he threw a knife aiming for Gabe’s head, but as quickly as he threw it so did Gabe disappear, leaving you frozen in place, you blinked a couple of times trying to comprehend what happened, you turned facing the brothers and they both turned away and started walking, skipping or crawling back in their room to lick their wounds 

“THIS IS NOT OVER (Y/N)” you heard they both shout from the hallways, you shook your head and smiled and saw a small chocolate cake on the counter, clearly from Gabe with a note saying 'I’ll be back sweetheart ;) ’…

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