Richard Rocco

Richard Rocco photographed by Rick Day.  This is the other version of this photograph, the colour version.  This one is just gorgeous to look at. He really does suit the colour blue.  Rick couldn’t have picked a better pose if he tried.  Stunning!

Richard Rocco photographed by Rick Day. I have been fortunate to see this photograph. A certain social networking site quickly removed it!!! The first time I saw this, I sat there with my mouth open. Just staring at my screen. Unable to breathe or speak. Such a poignant and breathtaking photograph.

Richard Rocco photographed by Michael Stokes.  This is taken from a series of photographs by Michael I like to call the “Garage Shoot”.  I think this was one of the first photographs I saw of Richard and straight away I was hooked.

Alex Minsky and Richard Rocco photographed by Rome Grant. These photographs are for the Manning Up team. Although thousands of men and women have been dying to see Richard and Alex model together, these shots are for a good cause. Manning Up do a lot of awesome work for charity. Check them out and you’ll see.