Richard Gordon


“He was an extraordinarily warm hearted and generous person…”– Richard Gordon

“He was a serious man– quiet, pleasant, well-spoken and very polite”– Conrad Brooks

“Lugosi was a sweetheart of a guy…”– Angelo Rossitto

“Bela was an incredibly exciting and fun person to be with”– Richard Sheffield

“I found him fascinating, intimidating, charming, exasperating, demanding and generous all at the same time”– Carroll Borland

Bela Ferenc Dezső Blaskó20 October 1882 - 16 August 1956 



Halloween for the bat-family

So, every year, in Halloween, Alfred organizes a competition among the family. They have to pair-up and turn different parts of the house into haunted houses and try to scare the rest of them.

Tim aways pair up with Jason, and they get the living room. They both suck at it, since Tim can’t really think about anything scary and Jason, being dramatic as aways, tends to exaggerate a little to much. They aways use more special effects than the rest of the family and Tim uses his computer to create holograms and stuff. Usually, their haunted house ends up making every body laughs about how cute their effort was.

Dick and Damian get the rooms upstairs. Every one is always nervous before getting into their haunted house, knowing about Dicks evil powers when it comes to pranks. Their house is full of traps, things that fall on you or show up from nowhere. Damian is Dicks disciple in that matter, and he may be even worst than his master. No one can figure out how the two of them come up with so many pranks and tricks every year. Tim is usually their biggest target, and tends to walk out of there wet or covered in something green.

Bruce and Alfred take the cave. Is unfair, of course, but they make the rules. As Bruce can’t come up with nothing scarier than bats that fly in your direction, Alfred gets in charge of the creative part and Bruce does the heavy work. They go for the classics. The kids aways complaint about how lame it is, but they are secretly terrified. Damian walks very close to Dick the hole way and Tim keeps his eyes closed. Of course Alfred aways has candy waiting for them in the end of the tour.

Barbara, Stephanie and Cass are aways the winners ‘cause they play dirty. They are Heartless when it comes to family games and are not afraid to explore everyone’s weakness. Barbara knows Dick is terrified of snakes, Stephanie knows that Tim can’t stand creepy old dolls. They also bring clowns (that is a week spot for the hole family, specially Jason) and recordings from the paranormal activity movies (thet make Damian absolutely terrified).
They build their hunted house in the garden, behind the house, and after a tour, the hole family can’t sleep for nearly a week.

Alfred is considering banishing the girls from next year’s competition.

anonymous asked:

Jason is the BIGGEST birdflash shipper! He sees the way Dick looks at Wally during missions and how he leans towards him naturally. He teases Dick with it but as Wally and Dick's relationship goes downhill he watches as his once happy and optimistic brother becomes dark and hollow. He'll never admit it but he sorta hates Wally for the damage he's done to his brother.

I think this is true for all of the bats (including the girls)

-Jason and Steph hold fucking grudges. Like Wally can never be near them again ( you can feel the anger sipping out them when he enters the room)

-Tim and Cass just feels sad for Dick, Wally can see the disappointment on their face. “We’re not mad at you, we’re just disappointed :(”

-Babs probably hacks Dick’s phone and blocks Wally on everything. “BLOCKED, BLOCKED, ALL OF YOU BLOCKED

-Then there’s Damian. Damian “the Demon Spawn” Wayne.

“Did you break into Wally’s apartment and destroy it????”

“-tt- He wasn’t good enough for you anyway, Grayson.”

Vivian Maier: A Conversation

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image: Vivian Maier, Untitled (woman with pearls), 1967-68

MONDAY, JANUARY 16  …  11:30 - 12:30 PM  

With the exhibition/project partners: Jeffrey Goldstein, Steve Poster, Richard Gordon.

Obscure until her work’s recent discovery in abandoned storage lockers, Vivian Maier worked as a nanny in Chicago from the mid 1950s.  Born in New York and spending part of her youth in France, Maier traveled widely in the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

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Two fun facts on Apollo 12

Apollo 12 was the sixth manned flight in the U.S. Apollo Program and the second to land on the Moon. Its crew members were Commander Pete Conrad, Lunar Module Pilot Alan Bean, and Command Module Pilot Richard Gordon.

Fact 1: During suit-up, a sandwich was put into Conrad’s pocket.

Fact 2: The Apollo 12 crew was an all-Navy crew and its backup crew (who would later fly on Apollo 15) was an all-Air Force crew. As one of the many pranks pulled during the friendly rivalry between the two, the backup crew managed to insert into the astronauts’ lunar checklist (attached to the wrists of Conrad’s and Bean’s spacesuits) reduced-sized pictures of Playboy playmates.