My review of Logan…is that it was sad, I knew this was the last time I would see Hugh Jackman play Wolverine, but as the film wore on and the death toll rose it really sank in no more Wolverine, at least not my Wolverine.

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This movie was unlike any other X-Men, Marvel or superhero movie I’ve ever seen. It was dark, gritty, sad, funny, brilliantly filmed and well-acted. I went to see it with two guy friends and one girl. All four of us were in tears by the end of it. The performences were incredible, especially Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Dafne Keen and Boyd Holbrook. This is the type of film that will stay with you for quite a while.

Also, Way Down We Go by Kaleo is the perfect anthem for this movie. Apart from almost every Johnny Cash song of course.

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