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Saturday morning Kate descended the stairs of Castle’s Hamptons estate with a notable bounce in her step. Instead of being ripped from sleep by the stringent beeping of her alarm clock, she’d been delicately coaxed from slumber by chirping birds and the distant crash of waves. The canopy bed felt like sleeping on a cloud and, had she not been a guest in Castle’s home, she probably would have remained until mid-morning. As it was, she slept well past her regular waking hour of six a.m. (or earlier if she was on shift and a body dropped), so she slid from bed without complaint.

Only when she walked past a hall mirror on the way to the kitchen did she spot the oversized grin plastered across her face. Well, that certainly was a change of pace from her usual morning half-exhausted, half-annoyed expression. Though she never would have predicted it prior to her arrival, Kate was actually looking forward to what spending her Saturday with Castle had in store. One thing was for certain: she was not going to be bored.

The aroma of freshly brewed beans had wafted all the way upstairs and greeted her after her shower, so Kate was practically salivating upon walking into the kitchen and finding the writer leaning back against the granite counter, taking a sip from his own mug. He smiled when he saw her. “Morning.”

“Morning.” She echoed. He told her to take a seat on one of the kitchen island bar stools and then proceeded with his regular morning duty of providing her coffee. As he retrieved a mug and poured, he warned her to prepare her taste buds, because the brew was a special blend. At first sip, she discovered he had not oversold the java; it was pristine. Cradling her cup as though it were a crowned jewel, she asked the writer, “So did you have something on the agenda for today?”

He hummed as he began to retrieve the makings of breakfast from the refrigerator and pantry. “Well, I don’t have anything official planned, but we can really do anything you want. Go for a walk on the beach, go for a swim…”

“Oh.” Kate cringed over her mug. “I didn’t bring a suit.” In preparing for her weekend away, she had reviewed the weather report and upon seeing that the warmest day would be Sunday with a high of only sixty-eight degrees and the remaining days would be overcast and in the mid-sixties at best, she had nixed the idea of swimming. It was, after all, just the beginning of summer. Even if Castle’s pool was heated (which she strongly suspected it was), she guessed the air temperature would not make swimming a pleasant experience.

When he deposited a carton of eggs and half gallon of milk on the counter by the stove, he smirked over his shoulder at her. “A suit is not required for the Jacuzzi.”

Kate rolled her eyes. “I’m not skinny dipping with you, Castle.”

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anonymous asked:

(Sorry, follow-up to that last anon because I walked away for 2mins and realized I didn't actually properly ask the question I wanted to ask). Do you find that this season has been harder on Beckett's character, in the same sense that S7 and bits of S6 were hard on Castle's? Not in a bad way, just in the sense that he was at fault disproportionately (the thing with Alexis in S6, disappearance, etc.) to the rest of the characters. Sorry I got ramble-y (that's a word, right?) on the first try!

….well, I don’t think either of those examples you’ve listed are necessarily true, so my answer is gonna be no, Anon. 

I think that some people have put Kate Beckett on a pedestal in this fandom and, in doing that, they’ve kind of forgotten that she is a person who is irrevocably flawed and will make mistakes. In the same vein, I also think that people hold her to an impossible standard in that she’s not allowed to make them and when she inevitably does, she’s drug through the mud for it. 

The thing about characters on dramatic television shows, be it Castle or another one, is that interesting television is made by creating characters who are flawed. One of Beckett’s flaws is her obsession and the other is that she’s always going to put herself in the line of fire to protect those that she loves; even if it means self-implosion. Is it a healthy coping mechanism? Of course not, but it makes for a better story and for better drama, which is what we’ve all signed up to watch in some capacity.