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Could you PLEASE do these prompts. "I give up, she wants you and ONLY wants you." While Kate's in hospital in 4x01 Josh holds her hand but she calls him Castle in her sleep. Her storms out if the room and finds Castle coming to visit Kate Or Based on a pretty little liars scence. Rick sneaks into Kate's hospital room in 4x01 and kisses in her forehead while she's asleep

A/N: I hope you don’t mind that I attempted to combine both prompts into one and I hope this fill is at least somewhat close to what you had been hoping for.


Castle pauses outside her hospital room, bends to catch his reflection in the glass window beside the door, and attempts to tame the mop of his hair. He hasn’t had the chance for more than a quick rinse in the shower since she had been admitted, unwilling to stay away for long. But his appearance isn’t what matters; all that matters to him is Kate Beckett, the privilege of knowing that she is living and breathing in the next room, that he gets to see her.

Rick takes a deep breath as he straightens up, adjusts the bouquet of flowers in his arms, and reaches for the door. But it swings open, the momentum so strong it slams into Castle’s shoulder, before he can even take a step forward.

He’s not exactly surprised to see Josh on the other side, but the repressed fury simmering in the other man’s gaze certainly isn’t what Castle would have expected, especially not after a visit with Kate.

Josh lets out a bitter scoff as the door swoops shut behind him and his eyes land on Castle. “Of course you’re here.”

Rick sighs, too tired, too worn, to do this with her boyfriend again. He just wants to see Kate. “Look, Josh, I’m not here to start trouble, I just-”

“That’s the irony,” Josh bites out, shaking his head incredulously while Rick’s brow furrows in confusion. “You don’t have to be here to start trouble. You never had to be there.”

“I… don’t understand,” Castle admits, shifting uncomfortably in front of the other man, cradling the flowers a little closer to his chest.

“You wouldn’t,” Josh mutters, scraping a hand through his hair and glancing back towards the door that leads to Kate. “You know what? I give up at this point. I’m not the one she wants anyway.”

Castle’s heart seizes, his grip on the flowers tightening, crushing, but like hell is he going to ask Josh to elaborate. Apparently, though, he doesn’t have to.

“She’s calling for you. She can barely even speak, can’t stay awake long enough to form a coherent sentence, but she’s been calling for you since they took the tube out of her throat,” Josh growls under his breath. “Only wants you.”

Her boyfriend – ex boyfriend? – turns before Rick can even think to respond, stalking down the hallway with anger and defeat radiating from his form in intimidating waves.

Castle waits until the doctor is completely out of sight and at no risk of returning, until the hammer of his heart has calmed from the confusion of Josh’s words, before he finally eases open the door to Kate’s room. 

She’s asleep in her hospital bed when he approaches, her body thinner than he remembered, fragile and small beneath the sheets covering her frame. The skin he can see so pale and papery, her face contorted into a troubled expression. He assumes it has to do with the obvious pain that must course through her system, the discomfort of the IV in her arm and the accompanying wires that extend from varying spots, the foreign cacophony of sounds the ER provides to fill the air all around her, the beep of her heart monitor loud and blaring.

His new favorite noise.

But then he notices the movement of her lips, hears the barely audible mumble slipping from her mouth as he drifts deeper into the room. He places her flowers on the nearest bedside table, adding to the vibrant assortment already surrounding her, and draws closer to her side, close enough to hear the rasp of her voice, what she’s saying.


His breath catches in his throat, almost chokes him, but it’s the pained whimper that escapes her next, a sound he’s never heard before, that wrenches his heart and steals his attention.

“Kate,” he murmurs, touching tentative fingers to her cheek. Her skin is so cold, brittle; he strokes his thumb along the harsh bone of her cheek, hopes he can transfer an ounce of his warmth to her.

The deep crease that had claimed her brow slowly releases, the tug of her frown easing, allowing her features to find rest.

“Castle,” she mumbles again, his name like a mantra in her mouth – no wonder Josh had looked ready to kill him – and he knows it may not matter once she wakes, that she may not want him around as much as she apparently does while in slumber. But that was okay.

He’d wait until she does, if that’s what she wanted, if she remembers.

Castle bends to press his lips to her forehead, lingering there a second too long to inhale the scent of her beneath the overwhelming layers of hospital and trauma staining her skin. The aroma of cherries, vanilla, and Kate still clinging to the faded warmth of her skin beneath his lips.

“Right here, Kate,” he whispers before he pulls away, takes a seat in the lone chair at her bedside. “Not going anywhere until you tell me to.”

He hesitates before encasing her fingers in his hand, cradling her chilled digits within the cove of his palm, brushing his thumb along the gentle bumps of her knuckles. It’s mere seconds before he swears he can feel her fingers twitch within the embrace of his, in synchrony with the quirking corner of her mouth, the shift of her eyes beneath their lids.

She may not be conscious just yet, but she’s ceased in her calling for him, as if she knows he’s there, and he thinks it allows them both to find a temporary peace that they’ve been lacking since she’d bled out beneath him at Montgomery’s funeral, since they had both witnessed the man sacrifice himself in the hangar, since their fight in her apartment.

Castle sits back in his chair, but holds her hand just a little tighter.