@windythegreat sent in : “ Prompt Witches that specialise in plants. Vines on her walls succulents hanging by window. Thank you so much for wonderful writing”

It starts with the poinsettia Carol hands to Sydney after Christmas. The leaves are bright red and green, the plant is healthy, but there’s something sour about the pot. She thinks it might be the wetness of the soil or the way the plastic wrapped around the pot is holding water on the bottom.

“Maybe you can use it,” Carol tells her, flapping a hand at the door. “For, you know, your…thing.”

My craft, Sydney corrects mentally. She smiles at Carol, understanding that her friend is being considerate in her own way, and climbs into her car. She’s not a big talker and she’s fortunate that she has friends who understand that. She can deal with her practice being relegated to “thing.”

Sydney takes the poinsettia home, takes the plastic off, and watches the water drain down the kitchen sink. She sniffs the soil and is oddly pleased. Less sour and more earthy.

She takes the plant with her to the bedroom, situating it in her bedroom window. She falls asleep admiring the red leaves.


After the poinsettia is the spider plant. This one is born out of necessity rather than happenstance, an intentional addition to her new home.

There’s a story behind this.

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Great Snacks to Eat while Studying

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Feeling hungry? Got a big test coming up soon? Eating and studying are very important parts of a students life. Eating is a good for your health and studying is good for your mind. However, eating while studying is also very helpful for you too. Eating good snacks while studying can help you stay more focused and make you remember what things you studied for later on. But what foods are good while studying? Well, here’s a list of great food to eat while studying for a big test or exam that’s coming up (and don’t worry 😉, junk food is included too) :

1. Sliced Vegetables and Fruit

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I know that some of you don’t like your veggies and fruits, but they are an important part of our diet. Not only they make you big and strong (like mommy always says), but they are refreshing, and make you more focused in your books. Cut-up pieces of fruits and vegetables are quick, tasty, less-messy and of course healthy. Have a bowl of grapes, or eat baby carrots with dip while you study. Or simply eat a fruit or vegetable salad!

2. Yogurt 

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Yogurt is like the healthy version of ice-cream. It is sweet and cold, and rich with mixed fruits. Try having fruit yogurt instead of plain (who seriously wants plain yogurt?), since it has more taste and makes you more energetic to do your studies. And while you’re at it, add pieces of fruit to your yogurt to add a burst of vitamins, colourful taste and energy.

3. Granola Bar

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Easy, tasty and convenient to eat. You can have simple granola bars, fruity granola bars, or even granola bars with chocolate chips, or even dipped in chocolate. They have a burst of energy, and are a great snack to help you concentrate while studying

4. Cheese and Crackers

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Nothing is a better pair than cheese and crackers (and maybe Victor and Yuri), but these two make a simple but tasty snack! They are great at giving energy, and they are super tasty when you put them together. They are also quick to make and eat, so you can eat them while your eyes are on your textbook. 

5. Pretzels

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Pretzels are rich in fibre and carb, easy to eat, and convenient too. They are also super tasty! You can simply eat pretzels from a bag, or eat it with some fruit and cheese (like it shows in this picture here). Add a bit of salt to pretzels to make it more rich to the taste.

6. Nuts 

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Walnuts, almonds, or peanuts. Which ever you want. They are high in protein, and a good snack for your brain. It can help you concentrate on what you’re studying, and keep you up and at it. If you want, you can mix different nuts together to add a creative taste.

7. Simple Sandwiches

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Sandwiches are the key to every meal. Breakfast, lunch and even dinner. And of course, snack time as well. They have lots of nutrition, such as fibre, vitamins, minerals, carbs, protein etc. A sandwich or two can fill your stomach for your whole study period. A simple sandwich for you could be like PBJ, cheese, veggie, or meat sandwiches. Too simple for you? Mix some of these together and make your own combinations!

8. Popcorn

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For some who don’t know this, popcorn is actually a very healthy snack, and it is the best snack for your brain. It has fibres, carb and protein. Also it doesn’t have that much fat, making it the most nutritious snack. However, these facts mostly lie on plain popcorn. But if you want, you can have popcorn with a bit of butter, salt, or caramel.

9. Chips

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They are convenient, and easy to eat without distractions. Usually veggie chips or tortilla chips are more healthier. But you can eat Doritos, Cheetos, Ruffles, Lays etc. for your study diet. Have them with sauce, dip, cheese or veggies too.

10. Chocolate Bars or Pieces

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Who doesn’t like chocolate? Rich with protein, fibre, calories and energy, and of course: they are soooo good! These small pieces can give you a quick boost of energy, and they can be also rewarding after studying for a good amount of time.

11. Gum

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Gum can actually help you stay more focused in your studies, and can also help you remember some parts in what you’re studying. Here is a tip: study something for a good amount of time while chewing on your favourite gum. While you are doing the test or some practise work, chew the same gum to help you remember the stuff you studied.

12. Cookies

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Cookies are also a delicious, rewarding, convenient and sweet snack. They are easy and quick to eat, and some types of cookies are healthy too (like oatmeal cookies). Enjoy snacking on these while studying. Don’ t forget the milk!

13. Ice-cream

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For some people, ice-cream is great to eat while studying. Other people may not agree. But this cold treat will keep you up and focused. And besides, ice-cream  is a great treat for very emotional or sad people. So if you are crying because you don’t know the hell what you’re studying and your test is in two days, grab a canteen, open it, and eat the ice-cream while you absorb into your emotions.

14. Trail Mix

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There are some trail mix that are spicy, sweet, dry or salty. They are also packed with lots of nutrients and energy. They are quick to eat, and convenient too. You can also make your trail mix! Just mix nuts, seeds, dried fruit, chocolate chip etc.

15. Gummy Bears

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Another quick, tasty and rewarding snack

16. Smarties

If you wanna feel smart while studying, have a box of Smarties! LOL, get it?! Okay, I’ll leave now…

Do you agree with this list? Feel free to comment other tasty snacks that will be great to eat while studying!

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hello idk if still sleepover but i need something to do with remus and smut.... maybe thigh riding? idek but damn i need it

Okie dokie, my first attempt at a drabble in a while so I’m sorry if it is shit

It was a night of celebration in the common room, as Gryffindor won another Quidditch Cup this year. Music was drifting in the air, mixed with the idle chatter of students partying around them. All cups held were enchanted to refill with the drink of choice once drained, a courtesy of the young James Potter and Sirius Black. They wanted to ensure that this was a night of fun that nobody will want to forget. 

You tipped back the last of your drink in your cup, feeling the warm firewhiskey burn as it made its way down your throat. It refilled and you stared down at it with a smirk. You hoped that James and Sirius made enough hangover draught for the next morning. You knew that you’d probably need some at this rate. As you set your now full cup to the side, you felt the warmth spread from your throat to your chest. 

Remus tucked you closer into his chest and you grinned in return. Inhaling the deep, rich scent of Remus mixed with the strong smell of alcohol made your head spin and a knot form in the depth of your stomach. You leaned up and kissed his jaw gently. You felt him smile as you continued to leave slow kisses up his jaw and to his ear. Light pecks turned into slow open mouthed kisses, as your hand gripped onto the front of his shirt tightly. 

“What you doin’ there, love?” He asked, and you heard the smug grin etched on his face. 

Not caring, too driven by your body heat slowly rising from the effects of the firewhiskey and a growing desire for Remus, you whispered softly in his ear, “want you, baby. Please.”

You felt the vibration in his chest as he chuckled softly. 

“I think we’re a little busy here, Y/N. There’s a party going on.”

You simply released his shirt that was balled up in your fist and started trailing your hand down his shirt slowly. You managed to reach his zipper and palm over him once before he stopped you, grabbing your wrist firmly. 

“Easy there, love. I have a better idea for you.” 

Remus simply gripped your hips in his hands and lifted you onto his lap as he stretched out slightly across the couch. He looked around to see if they were in a secluded enough part of the common room to be doing this. Nodding slightly, he saw that nobody had even bothered to look his way as the party was in full swing and everybody was either dancing, drinking, or playing games with the others. The two of you were good enough alone. 

You straddled his thigh and leaned in closer to him. “Moony, please.” 

He simply smiled and shifted his leg, creating a small amount of friction for you. He guided your waist gently, rocking you back and forth on his leg slowly to set the pace for you. 

“That’s it, darling. Come on, now.”

You closed your eyes and bit back a moan as you ground your core against his leg. You felt the heat quickly spread deep in your stomach, building the coil higher and higher. 

Remus whispered soft encouragements in your ear, his hands gripping tightly underneath your shirt at your bare hips. He slowly cupped your cheek and kissed you, trying to silence your soft moans driving him crazy. 

As his tongue swiped across your bottom lip, you whined deeply in the back of your throat. Your movements quickened as he could tell that you were growing closer and closer to your limit. 

Suddenly, you pulled away, burying your face in the crook of his neck. “Remus, please, I need you. I’m so close.”

“It’s okay, just a little bit more for me, yeah? Let me take care of you, m’sweet girl.”

Remus shifted his leg once again, raising it so it hit you in just the right spot. Your pace quickened and you bit down on his shoulder as you felt the coil deep inside of you break. 

You panted softly as you slumped against him, contented and tired. After a few minutes you reached up to try and palm against him again, and a hand reached out for your wrist again. 

“Not now, Y/N. Let me just take care of you.”

You simply smiled and curled up against him, wrapping your arms around his torso gently. 

“Thank you, Moony.” 

You felt strong, secure arms wrap around you and a new sense of calming warmth spread in your chest. 

“Anything for you, m’sweet girl.”



Malcolm Turnbull claims the 26th of January is our day, our national day, but what he’s really saying is it’s our day as the white people of Australia. He’s saying that the 26th of January is the national day of the white people who came to Australia and brutalised, infected and enslaved the original, rightful owners of the land. He refuses to change the date of Australia Day because it’s ‘our day’. But it’s only our day. It’s only a day for white Australians to be able to celebrate, and even then, many of us don’t want to.

The PM is not being asked to eliminate Australia Day. He’s being asked to move the date, so that we can celebrate the incredibly mixed and rich culture Australia has become without celebrating the day we came to this land and destroyed so many lives of those who were already living here. But he refuses, because Australia Day is ‘our’ day, which clearly means it has nothing to do with the Aboriginal people, the terrifying brutalities white man put them through, or their claim on this land at all.


Shop Update - Introducing new fragrances inspired by Dragon Age’s Alistair, Cassandra, and Anders by Siren Song Elixirs

First Knight - Strong, dependable sandalwood and vanilla are at the heart of this shy and humble Grey Warden Alistair who is much stronger and braver than most give him credit for, even himself. Comforting, warm, and playful notes of creamy caramel mixed with toasty, fragrant marshmallow give a lighthearted sweetness to this young former Templar who maintains good humor in dark times and who has a love for bad jokes shared with a good friend. An alluring and sensuous musk emanates from him when hugged tightly, as he whispers honest words of adoration, as does the kiss of a single crisp rose, picked from the darkness, as a token of his honest affection for his love. Alistair’s innocence, sweetness, and honesty make him a rare man among many, fit to lead a nation as it’s King or to face the darkness in good humor as a Grey Warden. Either way, he will do so with the Hero of Ferelden by his side, never to part. 

Seeker - Cassandra is a Lady and a warrior, hailing from the ancient noble lines of exotic Nevarra from a famed family of Dragon Hunters but this noble lady warrior has dedicated her life to the Seekers of Truth who serve the Chantry. Her tough exterior shields her soft, inner romantic who dreams of romance she only finds in books and other “smutty literature.” She is a no-nonsense woman represented with beautiful notes of bold, intoxicating orchid and sweet, red pomegranate mixed with rich, golden honey, black currants and ripe pears. Bold florals burn away to reveal dark golden musk, amber, vanilla, patchouli, myrrh, and more delicate florals of rose and jasmine hidden found hidden in the depths of ancient dry woods like those found in the crypts of the Mortalitasi and used in the ancient arts of Necromancy. Honoring her heritage, there lies hints of the swirling pools of dark Dragons Blood spilled by her ancestors in the depth of this fragrance.  Key Notes - Bold orchid, juicy pomegranate, black currants, followed by deep, exotic musk and mellow spices that linger in the air. 

Apostate - Upon meeting Anders, a warm, sweet, sensuous musk lingers with longing amidst base notes of amber, sandalwood, cedarwood, myrrh, dragons blood, patchouli, and ancient woods creating an allure that is indescribable and unassuming and you find it has grown on you before you even realized it, conjuring tender thoughts for the mage even in his absence. Fresh herbal notes cling to the apostate healer of Darktown with faint wisps of rosemary, mint and elderflower from his selfless need to help others. Romantic blends of spices including cinnamon, clove, citrus and vanilla swirl with floral notes of violet, jasmine, rose, and lily to create the slow burn of a mage daring to fall in love for the first time despite the darkness that surrounds them. A splash of playful black cherry serve as a reminder of the sass and snark this former Grey Warden serves with a smile and a kiss. 

Dragon Age’s Krem Body Butter to be released by 03/22/17!

Since I’m pretty much almost done with the Greenwood legacy (generation 10 heir is about to pop out from where I’m at in my queue) I already have a couple ideas for where I want to go next and I’m pretty excited. I think I’m gonna do a short story that eventually turns into another legacy challenge with rags to riches basically mixed in. We shall see!

*Fallen goddess* Jumin Han x bodyguard!reader pt 4

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The clock ticked to 10 PM, and the RFA party was in full swing.

Jumin checked his wristwatch, sighing audibly. Seven turned to him, smirking. “Are you worried about (Y/n)?”

“Why should I be?”, the stoic male rolled his eyes in response. But he was, and he lost himself in thought. He was excited, but nervous at the same time. Something about being near her, put him on the edge.

The redhead clapped Jumin on the back. “With her around, you won’t need to worry about a single thing.” Jumin raised his eyebrow questioningly.

“I’ve looked into her. She’s absolutely deadly. Her clients haven’t got a single scratch on them during the time they were in her care.” Jumin nodded, without a doubt. He knew better than anyone.

Seven’s brows furrowed. “However, there’s so much missing about her. No family details, not even a date of birth. A person of that much mystery is something I haven’t come across in my entire life.”

Jumin was about to speak, when he noticed a familiar scent. The mix of rich vanilla and musk that made him go weak at the knees. He looked for the source of the fragrance, when Jaehee approached him.

“Miss (Y/n) is here, Mr Han.”

Jumin’s heart stopped.

There she stood, in the middle of the hall. Those around her stepped away, leaving a space that merely managed to contain her powerful aura. She turned, and saw him.

(Y/n) walked towards him slowly, her eyes twinkling. Her black silk dress flowed out from behind her, with the light bringing out gold glimmers that left her glowing. His eyes traced over her beautiful curves, and her hair that tumbled down her exposed back in cascading waves.

Everyone in the room was speechless.

(Y/n) came to a graceful stop, and gave a curtsey to the RFA members. Zen’s mouth gaped open, while Yoosung looked faint. Seven was the least surprised, but still taken aback nevertheless.

Jumin stepped forward towards her, which elicited a smile from (Y/n).

“You came.” He said slowly, taking in her beauty. He was at a loss for words.

“Of course I did. Fashionably late, too.” She teased. (Y/n) grabbed him by the tie, and pulled him down to her. “Let’s have some fun tonight, shall we?” She whispered seductively, her lips brushing over his ear.

Jumin flushed, his heart beating fast. This woman was unbelievable.

She gently let him go, and turned to the red faced members of the RFA. “It is a pleasure to meet you all.” (Y/n) said charmingly.

They exchanged greetings, while others went back to their own conversations.

Jumin watched as Zen talked spiritedly with (Y/n), who seemed to like the young man immediately. He felt an unfamiliar feeling stir in his heart. Was this jealousy? He shook his head, and turned away. “She’s not mine…” Jumin thought, chiding himself. He had no right, no reason.

A server holding a tray of glasses with a wine bottle, approached Jumin. He waited, thankful for an excuse to drown out his confusing thoughts. To Jumin’s horror, a woman’s skirt caught on the waiter’s ankle. As the man fell, Jumin toppled backwards, falling on the floor.

“Look out!” A shrill voice called, followed by the shattering of glass.

Jumin braced himself, but felt nothing.

He slowly opened his eyes, to see that he was unscathed. Jumin looked up to see (Y/n) standing over him, holding the wine bottle in one hand, and a bouquet of glasses in the other.

Jumin breathed a sigh of relief, until he realised she didn’t have all of them.

He immediately got to his feet, but she waved him off. (Y/n) picked the shards of glass off her skin without hesitation, causing Jumin to gasp in horror.

He grabbed her hands. “Why did you do that, you got yourself hurt!”

(Y/n)’s burning gaze connected with his. “This is my job,” she said nonchalantly. Stepping away, she left the room.

Jumin did not notice the server apologising profusely, or the waiters rushing in to clean up the mess.

This was mere glass, and he felt torn. Had it been knives, bullets…

He ran out of the hall, searching for her. For (Y/n) to be safe, there was only one thing to do.

Just a few reasons to watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

1. Rachel Bloom.

2. Pop culture musical parody.

3. Broadway musical homages.

4. An Asian bro is one of the main romantic leads.

5. Positive and honest portrayal of a bisexual character.

6. Feminist as hell.

7. Alt-sketch sensibility mixed with rich character driven rom-com.

8. There is no obvious choice in the “love triangle”

9. Real, true, and humorous depiction of mental health.

10. Because you can’t get a ticket to Hamilton.


SHINee 5 as FOOD

Shinee as a food? 😂       -Anon

Onew- Strawberry -Everyone likes them and they have a taste (sound) that most people can’t get enough of.

Jonghyun- Yogurt- creamy and rich by itself, but mixed with other things, it can go from smooth to poppin’

Key- Dragonfruit- looks cool, but most people avoid it because they don’t know what the inside will be like. But once they try it, they either love or hate it. But the inside is the coolest part. 

Minho- Steak- Loved by most of the human population, can be dressed up or dressed down and can still taste good, tough on the outside, but tender on the inside.

Taemin- Pizza- Can come in a lot of different styles, but can look good and be the star of the show in any form.


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6 - “Explain it to me again - why do we need to pretend to be married?”

@cherrytisane sorry for taking so long, wasn’t expecting this past week to be so draining holy hell

Anyway, this fic went on a completely different direction from what I had originally planned. Hope you like it ^^

Spy AU where pokémon don’t exist, but the regions do.

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Would you have any tips on developing a belief system?

Study real-world belief systems; not just the larger world religions, but also smaller religions, historical religions that no longer exist, etc. 

When you have a good background, combine a rich mix of what you’ve studied and your own ideas.

The essence on her lips taste of loneliness. Not that mundane mix of boardroom and frustration, but that savage hunger which consumes definitively.
She had taste desire once or twice.
His pheromone rich saliva mixed with hers, intoxicating from within.
Being touched by desire wasn’t new to her, to feel his warmth, to smell his breath as he whispered, “you’re so fucking beautiful. “ To feel his finger tips exploring her skin.
It’s almost enough to forget how lonely she really was… almost. Never being good enough caused her to do unfortunate things.

She - Tyler, The Creator [Luminate Mix]
Kill4u - Robb Bank$
Persian Rugs - PARTYNEXTDOOR x Solid - Robb Bank$ Mix
Sun Goddess - Hurt Everybody
Playah - Goldlink x Need Want - Lakim
Gettin’ Throwed - Two Fresh
Don’t Worry - PARTYNEXTDOOR x Nuri [MIX]
HML - Robb Bank$ x Nuri [MIX]
Planet Paradise - Goldlink
Since My Dog Died - Retch x O - Nuri
Nightmare On Figg St - Q [LAKIM MIX]
Aye - Rich Gang [LAKIM MIX]
Fuck Being Polite - Goldlink

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