Day 93 - Rich Kids On LSD - RocK n’ RolL Nightmare

Unreal. The way RKL played everything was unreal. Fat Mike was a HUUUUUUUGE fan of them (They tried to get onto Mystic records because RKL was on that label), and this was the album he always wished NOFX could pull off. Here’s a quote Fatty said about this album:

“After Keep Laughing, RKL was the band that we wanted to be, but couldn’t pull it off. A year goes by. Rock ‘n Roll Nightmare comes out. Now we’re totally fucked. Suddenly, the best hardcore band of our time just got one hundred times better. This record is a landmark. No band has ever written anything like it…we listened to it at least twice a day, everyday… Twenty years later, I pull out Rock 'n Roll Nightmare and put it on. I realize that after all these years of touring and recording my band still can’t pull off any of this. I can’t play these bass riffs, Melvin can’t touch the guitar, and Smelly—who is a great drummer—can’t even come close to what Bomer can do”

He said this in 2007, 24 years into his bands career. Seriously, if that can’t get you even a little curious about RKL, you’d have to be on drugs.


R.K.L. - Think Positive

Keep Laughing, 1985