My beautiful Communist son
  • Arcade Gannon: *Upon entering the Strip.* I'll never understand the allure of giving away your money to the rich.
  • Arcade Gannon: *When the Courier says they want his help putting the Legion in power of Vegas.* My political beliefs are a bit more progressive than outright fascism, so I'll pass. Thanks
  • Arcade Gannon: *When asked if he always deflects personal questions* Only to obfuscate my past association with a fascist paramilitary organization.
  • Arcade Gannon: *Upon being told the Courier is interested in knowing about him and not to put himself down* Oh... and I like medicine and reading books about failed Pre-War socioeconomic policies.
- CONNOR BARWIN ON JOINING PATRIOTS: ’THAT WOULD BE NICE’ -    During an interview on SiriusXM Radio with Rich Gannon and Adam Schein, Houston Texans defensive end Connor Barwin said he would be willing to take less money in free agency if it meant he signed with a competitor. Barwin said no matter where he goes, enjoying playing is a priority and winning is a big part of that.

Barwin said he has a short list of teams he’d be interested in playing for, but said where he goes would be determined by who showed interest. When specifically asked about signing with the New England Patriots, Barwin said it would “be nice.”

He was also asked about the Indianapolis Colts, the Texans’ top rival in the AFC South. “Yeah, they would seem to have a lot of interest,” Barwin said. “So we’ll see. That would be very interesting. … There’s a lot of factors that would have to come into play to make me do it, but I think that it would be hard to go there and play. But I’m sure they could change my mind with a couple of different things.” (Photo: Brett Coomer /Houston Chronicle)