Ricardo Piglia’s new novel is a brainy, postmodern, sometimes funny take on the classic detective novel. Critic Michael Schaub says:

“It’s tempting to compare Piglia to any number of like-minded authors — he has the skewed but perceptive vision of Don DeLillo and Thomas Pynchon, and the novel clearly owes a debt to the American noir authors of the last century. But nothing in Target in the Night is anything less than original.”

‘Target In The Night’ Scores A Solid Hit

Los 10 mejores libros de 2015 según Babelia

Los críticos y colaboradores de Babelia eligieron Los diarios de Emilio Renzi, de Ricardo Piglia el mejor libro del año. 

En la lista figura Farándula de Marta Sanz, Premio Herralde 2015, La guerra no tiene rostro de mujer, de la premio Nobel Svetlana Alexiévich, Sumisión, de Michel Houellebecq, La ley del menor, de Ian McEwan. 

Ilustración: Fernando Vicente

A buzz of indignation rippled through the crowd.

‘They’re burning it.’

'They’re burning the money.’

If the money was the sole justification for the murders they committed, and if what they did, they did for the money they were now burning, that had to mean they had to mean they had no morals nor motives, that they acted and killed gratuitously, out of a taste for evil, out of pure evil, that they were born assassins, insensate criminals, degenerates.

Money to Burn by Ricardo Piglia